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Do my enterprise risk management and coso a guide for directors executives and practitioners

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you know I've been here three years and I expect probably more out of myself than anyone else but as far as numbers are concerned they always take care of themselves I do look forward to the fact that there's a lot of my shoulders and and I I want one person to enjoy it and and I just love every minute of it one thing could be a factor that says health Crispin's been bothered by a stomach virus he did not do much today at the shoot around today just didn't feel well couldn't do much but you get a feeling he's a great competitor when the lights go up the ball is tipped you'll be ready to play Steph trying to set a pick for crisper duplo's Matt Smith and lays it in nicely done Joe Crispin stone has been playing with some tendonitis the plums on the right knee that's a three from the outside a Chris in the last couple of minutes that's what Penn State has been able to do as Chrisman fires another three and knocks down another three this time it's John Crispin and so the Crispin gang has all eight points today in Penn State a chance to draw a little basket Christel : jon-christopher with three this is John with an open look Perry the jumper head state looking good from the three Kenna Crispin tries to beat his band around the basket and does side you opened at that time Penn State trying to force that type of shot das ich line heard through the double but got inside position and he finally is allowing somebody other than the crisper you guys to score Cincinnati Eric Daniels on the other end ends tape trying to beat the Kentucky Wildcats in a basket able to come up with the loose ball here's John Crispin blowing right past his band of the home for the cats tubby smith glad to have him back crispin how about the hands on his face long range he will make a few plays tonight that will make this basketball knowledgeable proud of our Purina whoo in awe and that was the first one there crispin pretty good-looking right-handed shooter it's wonderful watching him shoot the three tonight critical point in the first half is Penn State trails by 11 but back to 8 and finally somebody other than the Crispin gang Nick to keep them off the black Kentucky killing since dana's Ward's 27:12 what I heard some of those booms and Hodges temple starting to pick up and an easy miss there for Kentucky and Penn State capitalized Christmas get back three and knocked oh one well again John Crispin has just been sizzling here in the first half you make based on that a very winnable game tonight for Penn State if they could continue to put Kentucky Anette problem now is steel Chrisman with the layup Penn State Ross within shoes early in the season go Kris Pearn trying to work against all spent his step-back jumper is good in a game is tied physical cats back three against three stolen away there's ivory again what a great defensive play Kentucky has the numbers Penn State for the lead got it John crispin with three and the Lions go ahead 42 39 all right this team is feeling much better about it's out for the second half Wow if Josie Klein heard is going to hit that shot that's a great sign for Penn State to crisp in a very tough three knocks down a three joke crispin loss to Penn State lead to aid and Joe has got 20 a month at take him out back the other way the shooting is really starting to pick up another three for Jo Christman with his scoring at home and he probably had in trouble keeping up he's got 23 we recruited by some people to play collegiately decided to go to basketball room why other three from the corner from who else's when Kentucky missed its first eight three-pointers since then has come back nicely and the other Crispin brothers we have Joe's done a handful how about John the game tied at 61 ball is loose still loose picked up by Penn State open court for Crispin a pull back three off the mark but John gets the rebound Penn State's got numbers the only time symbols for the three the only number John was thinking about was three and it's a big one I guess that's like a layup to them sometimes when I close Penn State's going now running some spot so they could take the Lord harm by Jo Christman who is that cooled off tonight he's got 29 Kentucky very uneasy and again you see they move Joe Crispin over from the point deep onto the wing and he buries a jumper file situation five team fouls Kentucky or for Penn State Penn State obviously the better free-throw shooting team if we get two free-throws making a difference ivorie penetrating I agree scoring Titus ivory nice flow ball they answered the best free-throw shooter on the court bill Crispin Crispian is she waving everyone off he wants everyone the 12 on the shot clock this is a huge possession for Penn State Crispin goes against Smith Soares he lives for plays like that and moments like that biggest basket in a game Joe Crispin lives for deciding shots we sought the consolation game the night scene last year at NC State and we see it here Kentucky he dreams about moments like that he's been drinking dreaming about that when all his life said what a big basket by Christopher we mentioned earlier how this Penn State bitch has been reacting from the moment this game started and the feeling as the game went on is that maybe right now Penn State's the better team than Kentucky well they've had great leadership tonight they kept their poise they played very well this is not a fluke I mean 15 states played extremely well and look at the numbers by the Crispin's 55 points the brothers have come in here to the Bluegrass State and made quite a name for themselves they put on a great show Levens can shoot the three but he's walked by Crispin 15 seconds left in the game Kash need a three to tie bogans block kicked up by John Crispin and with nine point nine seconds left Penn State may be a free throw away from winning it big time defensive play by Josie Klein heard that is very big that many time but he hits both he's got 25 Kentucky needs a miracle Estill fires up a 3-1 point two seconds left in Pitt will be a great win for these Nittany Lions as we mentioned they serve a little notice coming in here tonight and this game is over Penn State celebrates in midcourt and Jerry Dunn's Nittany Lions down by 11 at one point Frank K been one of the biggest wins in Penn State history Jim no question about it great knock on for third win here at a storage against a storage program like Kentucky what a big win well that's it from Rupp Arena in Lexington Kentucky our final score Penn State 73 Kentucky 68 a big win for Jerry Dunnan Alliance who are now two know on the Wildcats fall one and three a reminder our next televised game Saturday December 2nd two o'clock Eastern as the Nittany Lions face Pennsylvania hope you enjoyed it we did Frank gardenia this is Jim barber saying so long from Lexington Kentucky android nanodegree capstone project for money Reform Judaism.

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