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Do my e paper technology wiki

Do my e paper technology wiki capstone dental downtown columbus for money proofread my course work on geography for cheap ´╗┐toy tractor x comm is at the 2013 lafayette farm toys show in indianapolis indiana or visiting with chris Steve who is one the display contest for the 2013 show congratulations Chris can you give us a little tour of your display and tell us about its name sure it's name is where corn don't grow good friend of mine as a beautiful display that happens to have a lot of real agriculture on it didn't know that there was some ranch land that happens to be west of him so I thought I'd build a display to kind of show that off we do have a little chunk of a field going on here with a gorgeous one-way disc earth at a guy buddy one of the members by the name puts you up in Canada made for me hooked to a Massey 1800 because it's Massey you know it's got to be my collection we're running over here on the fence row we even got an armadillo and such just like we'd have an Oklahoma or out in Kansas let me take a look at these the one way again cuz that's a that's a really detailed piece and yeah I love how that turned out he actually made it so that the disc errs will even actually go up and down and the wheels do golly the way they're supposed to as the thing would turn around former baa we got it he's actually getting ready to pull up to what I call grandpa's old Chevy to put some fuel into her now this so this soil is very red looking and though you actually had this brought in from Oklahoma Caleb stone shipped me 15 pounds of good Oklahoma sand to make it so it was authentic we tried looking for sand that would match from Woodland scenic and such like that and there's just nothing like there Oklahoma right here it to give it that good call that's a I think a 72 Chevy that I had a railroad guy whether up for us I think it turned out real nice he's actually got rust and everything on it she's got the 50 foot on the guy was too cheap to get himself a real L tank so he put a 55-gallon barrel with a hand crank on the back of it so that he could move his fuel arrest come around this way and my cattle are provided by Russ Pryor he did me up a baby bull that's telling dad that it's time for him to move on he's now got the herd taken care of looks like he's got a little way to go yes he's got a little way to go but I think he's ornery enough to make it happen you know the gate has got a lot of detail in it yeah that's a cattle gate like you see in Oklahoma Kansas and even all the way up into Montana and such about the only thing they do catch is a human they do a pretty good job keeping them in but I've known cows that they get rowdy enough they've jumped over them I've got our oil filled sign which is required by law for to tell you the emergency contact and such like that on who the rig belongs to got our Cattlemen's Association sign like say we even got the tire on there to tell her it hears him to stay on the right side of the fence now what were the two Cattlemen's Association is on here we have the Oklahoma Cattlemen's Association and then Texas West Southern which is a lot of the guys in Oklahoma and Kansas or members of as well we're running cold Herefords on here in one of their other pastures they do run some eff ones and some black coyotes what do you use to make the fence the fence is actually just simply I was at Hobby Lobby and found some silver string they use for making wedding dresses and it's strung on there real nice and then they're just into just into basswood posts that jason krauser told me how to a weather up so they look pretty aged I think it turned out real nice and it was pretty simple to do it takes real good pictures of nice silver in the background kind of looks like it could be barbed wire sure does now we were talking about the oil yeah we got a pumpjack out here it knows they're all over Oklahoma in Kansas and such like that this one would be more from in the display itself is kind of from the 70s law now requires that they put fence around them so the cattle don't get hurt but yeah they're commonly just seen in pastures and actually the oil fuel company would have been the one that put the nice road in and that's why it stops and turns into weapon guys affectionately out west called cowboy cruise control all the rust that's some really detailed I mean how do you make that because it looks like you know over here we almost have some blood where the footprints are around the water and trough yeah the mud itself is actually I just mixed woodland scenic smooth it with their realistic water and then took one of those cows and stopped the footprints into it and let it dry that way the tracks and stuff kind of came in natural that actually dug beer since I want to came up with the idea for me to turn to make mud like that the ruts I've done on a couple other displays of mine where they were supposed to specifically track your lawns what I actually do is just take a hot wheels that are truck that I really don't like to you know keep around and such like that and dip the wheels in water and just keep running it through drywall mud I say you think it turns out alright it looks very realistic yeah you got your Corral over here yeah I've got a little working Corral got a couple different gates on it one was made by my good friend Chris Delvaux and then one by Dan Meyer of Dan's farm toys and I made the silver one in the center Caleb made the beautiful head gate at this in that feeder is actually by Caleb stone as well the windmill is one of tracker fabs kits put together that's a real nice thing when they get done their little tedious play with that they turn out sweet that's got the pump for everything yes yeah and one thing that's got the only thing I've added to that from his kit is just the water chute putting it right into the stock tank something a little different that I do on my cows that you don't see on all the helmets I actually go to the bother put near tags on them and then he actually I don't know can't make it out in this one but I put little Brandon marks on them as well something I hadn't seen done and it's common you only have to do it every detail counts yep and then just kind of like the landscape here yeah that was one thing I really wanted to take on a little more is most land I have seen is you know a lot of guys they do a nice rolling to it but Oklahoma train is so goofy from the factory we get droughts and then we get real water and such like that but no it's kind of flat in the rough Rocking yeah that's so now this is a cake truck over here it looks like that yeah ranch truck that they're following the cake cakes like a giant rabbit pellet that you feed on top of your hay commonly when you're coming out of the pasture even if you already unloaded nothing pile somewhere you'll have a half dozen or more so following behind thinking that there's more goodies come out of it now guess what come over and take a look at from this side your how big is this display this is actually roughly 30 by 36 inches it's actually designed perfectly to fit into the trunk of my wife's Passat so we can bring it down and I think that's up they were seeing more of is it definitely the big displays are nice but it's portable and it's portable and you can put a lot more detail into a small area and what what I like to think of Maz is just like a pitcher in time you know it just a quick shot of what you saw as you were driving down the road well it sure looks good up I guess we'll come back around here to the front and take a look at the trophy this is the first-place trophy for the 2013 show it's got the toy tractor x versatile custom 1159 throw them stacks and then Jeff more yeah for more farm toys built the Ripper and the the nice placket so we get that real shock that's a nice piece well congratulations and we look forward to seeing what you come up with next all right thank you internet of things pdf 2018 for money City College of New York.

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