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Do my dnp capstone projects order

Do my dnp capstone projects order write for me nara capstone approach to email make case study on school dress code plz [Music] hi guys I'm Caroline Scott Hamilton the healthy Voyager and welcome to the healthy voyagers global kitchen today we're making lasagna rolls and what's great about it is it's totally vegan which means it's dairy free which for lactose intolerant people who can't enjoy lasagna anymore they can at home in a really healthy way this isn't a soy based cheese it's made with cauliflower we're making our homemade ricotta cheese so we're gonna start by grating some cauliflower and then I'll show you the rest of the ingredients we've already graded some of the cauliflower because what you want to do is grade it too with like a little bit of like a rice texture and then you want to steam it for about 8 minutes so it gets nice and soft but it's really easy all you have to do is just use take the whole head of cauliflower and grate it right into your bowl and you get that nice little rice texture super super easy we've already done that and what we're gonna do is we're gonna make our cheese so I'm gonna show you what you need for the cheese first you'll need 1 head of cauliflower graded and steamed a cup of vegan cheese this is a cassava based cheese so again it's soy free salt and pepper to taste some dried oregano some dried parsley and about 2 to 3 cloves of minced garlic so what you're gonna want to do is just toss everything into the bowl and while it's nice and hot you want to put the cheese in and the garlic so that it just melts right into that and you can use any other Italian herbs that you like rosemary thyme oregano I like all all those guys in there and then we're gonna do some pepper and some salt to taste so immediately because the cauliflower is already hot you're gonna smell that garlic and you want to make sure that everything gets well incorporated and it's gonna have the consistency of a regular ricotta cheese and that's what we're gonna fill our rolls with once we get this done we're gonna set it aside let it cool down a little bit and we've sauteed some spinach and mushrooms you can put artichokes in there whatever you want to fill your world with I like to kind of do a simple spinach in mushroom we chopped it sauteed it and we're going to toss this into the cheese for the full on filling of the rolls you can use any lasagna noodles that you want we're using some precooked vegan lasagna noodles I know it's really hard to make lasagna noodles stay together so we've put them down on plastic paper wax paper so that they don't stick together and break because otherwise you only get like two or three good rolls the rest are all kind of janky and broken okay so we've gotten our cheese ready to go we're gonna set this aside for a minute get these guys out of the way and we're gonna kind of prepare our noodles for filling so what we've done is we've taken the noodles they come single or if you get the sheets just make sure you slice them in half so you can roll them so you get nice little cylinders and we're gonna prepare the bottom of our pan so in order to make the lasagna and make sure that your noodles don't stick we're going to take a little bit of pasta sauce you can use pasta sauce of choice we've got tomato basil and you're gonna want to coat the bottom of the pan before you start putting in your noodles that way they don't stick plus it's just some extra flavor for the bottoms of the noodles and then you save the rest to put on top all right so make sure every little corner is done and then we're gonna save this for later all right now we're gonna take our sautéed veggies you can use anything you want or you can just fill them as is but we did spinach and mushrooms real quick and this is gonna be your filling for your rolls now when you're filling your rolls you don't want to overfill them because they'll get too fat and they'll explode and the noodles will break down so you want to basically just kind of put a nice thin layer of your filling into the noodles and then when you roll them up they're nice and dense but you don't want to go overboard Plus this way you can make a bunch of rolls all right so we've gotten our filling mixed together and we are ready to help this is also a fun project to do with kids so we've gotten our noodles ready we're going to take about a spoonful of filling I'm going to lay it down and we're gonna want a thinly layer try to Pat that down probably about a tablespoon maybe two tablespoons not heaping tablespoons again you don't want to overfill and the great thing about these lasagna rolls they keep really well and they transport really well so if you want to take lasagna to lunch for work the next day or something like that because they're in the rolls you can put them in a regular sandwich box container instead of like a giant tub and it all falls apart and it's painted but so once you've gotten a thin layer we're gonna start at the bottom and you're just gonna carefully roll and make sure your noodles are fresh because if they're too dense or too not al dente they're gonna break if they're too tough or they're too soft they'll break so you want to right in the middle so you've got your nice little roll you just place the seam down into your pan just carefully roll and see we haven't overfilled them but they look like a nice nice size okay so we're making a single batch a double batch would fill the entire pan and once you're done with all your rolls we are going to just put some tomato sauce on top to make sure it gets nice and encoded with delicious sauce and then of course have some for later for serving but this will moisten the pasta noodles and really bake in that flavor we've preheated our oven to 350 I'm just gonna bake these until the cheese melts about 20 minutes or so and then they're good to go let's just sprinkle a little bit of cheese on top so that they get nice and golden crispy on top and a nice little trick if you want your cheese on top to melt a little more quickly and Brown more you can put little pads of vegan butter on top that helps kind of brown it up all right so our rolls are ready to go let's pop these babies in the oven smells so good you will fool anybody at your house that this is real asagna cuz it is real as anya it's just not cheesy lasagna alright so now that they've been baked and they're gonna cool down for a little bit we can go ahead and serve these guys up you want to make sure that you serve them from the steam side the closed seam side because if you take your little spatula and you dig into it it's gonna fall apart so make sure you you remember which side the seam side is so that they come out in perfect little roly's and let's get this nice fat guy yeah and there's plenty of sauce on them now however we're just gonna add a little bit more just because everyone always likes a little bit more sauce little to us and there you have it your vegan lasagna rolls made with cauliflower ricotta cheese delish you're gonna fool everybody with these guys single serving double serving whatever you want if you like this recipe you please be sure to give me a thumbs up and make sure that you follow me on all social media platforms Twitter Facebook Pinterest Instagram everywhere just look healthy Voyager as well as healthy voyager calm for weekly recipes and other fun information also be sure to subscribe to our channel if you haven't already and if you have any questions or comments or anything that you'd like me to make by a request here on the healthy voyagers global kitchen make sure to leave it below on the comments section I'm gonna go devour these and I'll see you next time on the healthy voyagers global kitchen bye [Music] [Music] research proposal topics educational management Culinary Institute of America.

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