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Do my define capstone doctrine

Do my define capstone doctrine capstone communities for money job cover letter sample email resignation ´╗┐what's up guys it's your boy AJ and welcome to another video and before you guys start I haven't been uploading lately between working a full-time job and now going to school full-time and also a part-time job I just haven't had the chance to upload now I've been scratching off camera and I've been winning some decent wins some nice 20 wins $20 wins here and there some pretty even wins but that happens scratching off camera but the game guys like I said we're gonna working a full-time job going to school full time and working part-time so I decided I wanted to upload today to make up for the little passions that I've had and a little time frame it was like a week maybe we're gonna have and also I just want to make it and now it's me that not this month but next month if we could make it to two into subscribers away from 200 if we can make it to that Swindell mark 200 subscriber mark I will be doing a nice little livestream doing some giveaways have some fun things going for that also if you guys want to either wouldn't see me some fan mail I will be doing a fan mail live stream as well if I can do something else it to me so everyone I've seen some fan mail feed address to my peer box will be at the beginning in the video as well as description below so my information for my social media and email that I've used to donate to my channel cuz you want me to buy some tickets for you if you have alright so without further ado I have three of these so you know like after multipliers and I have one of the two dollar cash word doubler somebody's going to start with this just to tell her chest with doubler if anyone should take our letters include the word here and the more words you make the more we win with the top prize being $20,000 alright so let's go ahead and see what our letters are mommy yeah just go ahead thanks to our song hopefully you guys had a great weekend I didn't I worked that's the life of working two jobs and one school full-time but I'll be having fun this week so we have a e I owe you but no why so go ahead and see if we have any any words completed so there's no y that's L know why what about mouth M oh you T no H I see no why no H do we have a cert a SS Oh Oh II know our no H tuna tu n a so we do have a love the word so we do have tuna so also you see these little stars with a you any words with that the price is doubled so this could be a winner what they don't probably do possibly have a double prize do we have arc AR see I believe there's no are you still check a there's no r fo f co e f o e also a little quick shout out to everyone who has supported this channel this far everyone that is new here that has subscribed recently I want to say welcome hope you enjoy the content that I will to my channel you know all right sorry about that guys just do me a little bit I was recording on my phone and then all of a sudden the stores was full and that's the break in the video so now I'm on my cannon everybody shall continue with where he was I believe we just had flow that I was going to say something but I could believe forgot what I was gonna say so let's just keep going let's see do we have ashes a s no H do we have silo s I L so we do have a winner so far we had four dollars because of that word that is with you that is double do we have so our buddy here me sniffing it's kind of cold so you will hear that so I do apologize that I see do we have outbreak oh you t be that's right there's no R days II a nosy do are do we have yes there's no why do you have dim di M so I believe we are at get forwards one two three four four $10 $5 to double so $10 I invested a lot of bucks missing right now we are at $10 so this pretty much paid for a majority of ticket and then we have no our four rub probably that's it yeah that's it give me one second guys that was also ticket number 103 good question take it 77 there is 76 all right this is the same premise taking the letters maybe the words at top but you also have the fast 10 and a chance to multiply so let's see if you have this 10 symbol nope let's go ahead and check letters so we have AE o Y so a e io + y so let's know you anything with you this is the one word all right let's see what we have do we have one L a no W what about admire a DM I know our know our we have Island I know s know s know s do you have taxi ta x I yes we do have taxi let's see do we have note no n-no our know our do we have IV I IV what about orbit oh I know our lipstick L IP I said no s so s yard our metric and our are no are no are high 8h 8 each a if you do have that and then the s so I believe that is it if I miss anything do let me know how obviously the scan is make sure the loser but that does seem to be a loser I'm using more tissue really quick almost like it guys I'll be right back in one second all right guys I'm back once again I want to go check out my dinner and it was actually finished so I had to put the subside by dad to pause the video really quickly to go get that so you have to get one ticket one ticket 78 scratches see we have a tin symbol for $10 automatically nope we don't have anything so go ahead and sketch it out letters are thanks let's go ahead and see if we have any words we do have a e i o you know why I just let see what we had anything I said you have try no tea I didn't miss anything guys do let me know obviously I will check I scanned my ticket make sure that it is a losing ticket so we have even evie e n so we have our first word so you have aid a I know D do you have a spider SP I know D first time yeah leeway no L do you have recreation ar e C R yeah there's no T same recreation is recreate do you have bloom no L no T no he you have a go a no G no L code C oh no D no L know L know T so I do believe that this is another loser from Michigan guys to let me know all right we have one more see if you have the ten dollar symbol the fast 10 and nope now let's see what our okay so we have note a note e but we do have I owe you and why anything with the a is out anything with a and it E is out I think might be pretty much its entire actually not not really a DS and E's okay okay do you have must muslin and you nope what about fry no F do we have orchard o rch ID we do you need at least a minimum of three words to win so we do have your chance to multiply up here what about I will do we have owl Oh nope do we have dig the G we do have dig so we have difficult D I know F do we have conflict see Oh nope what about Wingo I owe I owe I know in and I believe this is also a loser know which I would have been the multiplier ten times alright what's up guys it's your boy AJ back again with another video more like an update as an oil to you guys I'm always missing words I'm always missing letters and not surprisingly I actually missed the word I was sitting here I was going over my ticket and I decided let me double check to make sure I miss any words and lo and behold I missed often so with that that gives me a total of five words for ten dollars and with the one word with the double that gives me a total of twenty dollars back eleven dollars invested with a nine dollar profit alright guys thanks for watching forget to Like subscribe comment and share peace write for me capstone homes burnsville mn John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

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