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Do my data science capstone project rpubs

Do my data science capstone project rpubs enterprise risk management framework pdf for money conners 3 report template ´╗┐hey this is Dan welcome back to real cig review and I have a little cigar to review for you guys today and today is going to be the union 100th great now once again this is from a guy who sent me a whole box full of goodies and this was part of the 21 packs or 21 cartons that the guy sent me with four cases of cigarillos I've been waiting for you to contact me by email Facebook something contact me identify some of the items in that packet and that box that you sent me I would love to give you credit for them but I don't know who you are I lost that email and I apologize sincerely but I'm gonna go ahead and review so Union 100s grape made in America and yeah so these are little cigars and they're filtered little cigars says natural blend cigars Union 100 100 great and underage sell prohibited American cigarette company made in USA Fort Lauderdale Florida and a certain general warning on the other side here so yeah pretty decently compact design all the way around looks alright so and I'm not gonna pack these you generally don't pack these little filter cigars so I'm just gonna go ahead and pull cellophane off standard silver foil nothing written on it wow they smell good now they look a lot like primetime it's got a gold wrap on there and it's got one brown bar around there nothing real fancy about it it's got a blunt style wrap around it and yeah it looks decent it looks like quality build on there it's got a medium color tobacco on the end on the inside and a white compacted filter let's have a smell I know it's creepy when I do that but smells really good that grate was great on the dry pub I definitely is coated on the outside for sure because I got that flavour on my lips now so it's definitely got a decent flavor coming through yeah all the way around is definitely a decent smell definitely a really nice strong drape so it's quite a fire don't see how smokes [Music] your perforations in it there are two lines of perforation so I am going to try this again and maybe we can get her to focus I don't know yep it focused two lines of perforation you can see that right there two lines of perforation going around that's what the perforations are are they little holes that are poked all the way around there it allows more air to come into the cigarette thus making it a little bit lighter of a cigarette and allowing more air to come in with it so anyway let's go and check the body on this really light weak body really airy wow there's a really tight little cigar it is really tightly wrapped I am gonna roll this just a little bit try to loosen it up just a touch see if I need a little better draw through it still not getting much you can see it's really light and airy it definitely has a good flavor though let's go ahead take your track now and inhale it and see how it goes down goes down real smooth really no problems with that I'm just not getting a lot of body though it's really weak on the body I'm almost tempted to cut that filter off just a little bit and get a little bit smoke production and get a little bit more smoke and body out of it but yeah for a second we'll go ahead with it here yeah it's got a really nice white rich tobacco on the inside but that grape is actually coming through fairly decent you get a nice grape flavor grape sensation that's coming through definitely a nice blend of tobacco yeah definitely definitely a nice little cigar now getting a lot of body though but definitely it goes down smooth let's take a drag now blow back out of my nostrils unis coming back to my nostrils a lot of times with these little cigars you'll get kind of a dirty flavor or kind of a dirty smell coming back out of your nostrils this one still tastes pretty clean it does have a little bit of that greediness to it but it still tastes pretty clean coming back out of my nostrils it's got a decent flavor a decent aroma to it blown her back out of my nostrils I didn't get any the great great smell or great you know sensation to it but I got an eye I got a good feel for the actual tobacco it's got a nice clean tobacco nothing real gritty nothing real dirty so far so good I just wish I'd get a little bit more body out of it I am gonna take my little Swiss Army knife here thanks Jeff and I am going to actually if it's sharp enough I'm gonna actually cut this filter off a little bit and I cut it off right in the perforation right in the middle and that is actually a really sharp knife I'm kind of surprised how sharp that is alright now I cut that filter off down down little ways here sunlight coming in anyway you can see the filter how far I cut it down there cut it in about half let's see how can I kind of body I can get now much better body much better flavor even as well yeah I got both windows in here trying to get a little cooler you can see ice on two coming in it's getting too hot so but yeah this got a really nice flavor to it cutting that filter off you may want to do that if you get these Union 100's you may want to cut that filter down a little bit or if you like them if you find 100 you probably want a little bit lighter so you're it anyway so you might might want that definitely a much better body cutting it off all right as far as the ratings go before I cut the filter of the body I'd give it a 4 out of 10 really hard to draw through really weak after I cut the body I'm gonna give it 8 out of 10 or cut the filter off I'm gonna give it an 8 out of 10 on the body massively improved it in fact let me show the window here yeah you can see how much more body I got now it's almost overpowering how a little bit too strong yeah so flavor tastes our body on that after cut filter made out of 10 before 4 out of 10 flavor taste aroma I'm actually pleasantly surprised even though I would consider these probably a budget little cigar you pick up probably your local smoke shops for gas stations even though they're I consider them a budget one I don't know what the price point is but even though it is I still think it's a pretty decent decent cigar especially that great flavor it's still coming through nice and strong but I get a nice cigar taste or that nice cigar tobacco coming through as well Wow much better body little greater now after I cut the filter off a little bit more greedy coming up back out of my nostrils but all in all still made it a much better little cigar so yeah the guy that sends these over to me you got to email me bro you got to email me and let me know what's going on I don't know who you are I want to give you credit can't give you credit if I don't know who you are so anyway guys check out all my other links I got going on down below overall ready for the Union 100 is great I'm gonna give them a solid 8 out of 10 probably one of the better ones these are right up there with prime times in my opinion Brian prime times a little more expensive but these actually have a decent flavor decent body after I cut that little chunk of filter off I could I cut that much of the filter off so yeah take a look at the filter here now I got so much light coming from different directions it's not even focused at all but anyway checking checking the filter you can see the goopy goop Skanda sorta anyway it's nice and dark discolored you can definitely see that it's catching all the crap alright guys that's it for today appreciate you guys watching appreciate all the love and support I get from you guys it's been fantastic roll and we're gonna keep it rolling so we'll catch you guys on the next review check out all my links down below I have a lot of them and you'll probably see something pop up over here over here somewhere anyway well public popped up that's just showing you my newest review I've got going so all right guys look a gentle next review stay with it smoke gone capstone business simulation cheats for money Reform 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