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Do my capstone x86 h

Do my capstone x86 h do my research topics in human resource management for bba essay about environmental sanitation meaning ´╗┐hello and welcome all to the mission editor from Ship Simulator extremes today I'm going to build a very simple and small nation because I want to keep this tutorial short and in this tutorial I'm going to refer to the mission editor guide this one and it's describing all the functionality in detail but today I'm on today I want to show you how you can make it a simple mission very fast so the first thing we have to do is add an environment because we only have a sky sphere right now with some high clouds and we need to say what environment this mission is going to take place so we have a list I'm going to select one city okay then we still don't see it we have to click on the switch to environment button and it's loading the environment it can take a while it's a big environment so be patient okay there we are in Sydney center skyline Opera House the Harbour Bridge our mission is going to take place here in the city center and we need a player ship so we have three tops here player static and ai-ai-ai-ai ships for animals static is for other objects like all arts and area as it is but first we need a player ship so I'm going to select one it's the artificer and I'm going to place it nearly sure if your camera is not focusing on the UH no correct spot you can select the entity you just place by double-clicking on it and then move your mouse to the render scene and it's focusing on that entity so it's waiting here so this is the start of the mission one player ship so now we have a player ship in the sea and we need a target where where do we want the player to go okay let's say a cell past Opera House so I'm going to place an area entity sphere area entity like so and placing it in front of the Opera House okay now we have two entities in the scene entities in Mission just an artificial player ship and a sphere at the entity mission properties or go to options mission properties okay let's give it a title mission editor basics creator rather sweeteners and difficulties deck mate it's going to be very simple mission start ship there's only one in the scene so select artificial I'm going to make it in English damages there eight briefing and well it's a harbor mission and cool action machine ok so now we have to measure properties now we can save the mission choose which follow you like it's I'm going to save it here mission editor basics we need to give the user an objective to say okay sale to the Opera House or sale to this area and do something so we're going to open the logic editor you can open it by it two ways on the options menu or here in this toolbar there's also an logic editor button and as you see this is totally empty the first thing we need is a start signal here we have three different nodes start event and trigger and a state so start event we need that one mission started and what this one do is when a mission is started in game it fires a signal and the signal goes to all the notes underneath so I need a trigger we can connect this start event to the first trigger that is by hovering over the middle circle but what I had rather do is use the shortcuts and they're all described in a mission editor guide ok I'm going to rename this one start inference after the start offender is creating the first trigger and this is going to be my initialize in it there's nothing in the initialize yet but we probably need it later on so this is a good start and after the initialize we need a new state and that trigger hello let's link it up already it's like a state new trigger ok this state needs no name first trigger this is going to be rename it in start objective one so this is a good start for my mission so in here in this in this note in this trigger I want to start the first objective go to the variable top and click on the add new one then you get this pop-up window I first have to select a variable type there's a long list boolean entity float difficult names but they're described in the editor guide we need an objective so create one name it checked if one and give it a description this is this description is what the player is going to see in game when we say start objective it will pop up a window with this description so the first one is I know you go to the area when I go to the Opera House well here you can give it user more precise description like earn more your ship and sail to the mooring thing I will do later but ok this is the first objective objective one with this note selected we have here two buttons add condition property and add action property so we don't need two conditions because this is the start of the mission so it's just starting the first objective click on the action button and fight the objective access objective start objective feel your body start we need to start never get an objective button we have to select the right objective I only made one so objective one okay so this is the first logic of the mission I'm going to save it and test the mission see if it works go to the Opera House works and when we click on a little white arrow on moral ship sail to the Opera House stop stop testing set sail to the Opera House now we need some logic to check if the player is actually there so I'm going to place a state and a trigger and then link it up again I'm going to rename the state and rename this trigger this trigger will be clear objective 1 and when is the mission cleared if this player ship the artificer is in this very entities away okay now we want to want to check if the artifice at the player ship is in this area because that is the objective cell to that area that is there the objective is cleared so we select the right now the clear objective 1 and add a condition the condition is area contains entity is the top condition this list there are loads of conditions well we're only using one right now but they are all described in the in the document from Michael boost a mission editor guide okay area code aids entity now select entity a lets the player ship select from scene you can click on it in the 3d scene or click 'add of the entities in mission this our official and area be well that's the Opera House building area okay it's a DF is our official in sphere area entity one ok the condition is set now we want to perform an action if this condition is true action is objective cleared go to the objective clear we have to select which objective well objective one and the message is nice job cap and click OK ok ok and if this objective is reached then we want to perform another action and that is mission clear because this mission is over after this objective mission mission clear win loose fill will choose clear with with also a message great job you can lead the mission okay okay so that's it this is a very simple mission with only one objective let's test it click on a test mission button go to the Opera House and right now I can't sell in a mission editor so I'll have to track it into the area over here objective cleared nice job so this is a very simple mission it only took me 13 seconds to to reach the objective and this is also a small test this is a mission editor test if you really want to make a good mission you have to test it in the mission editor and in the game itself enterprise risk management courses in india order Rochester Institute of Technology, Henrietta.

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