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Do my capstone what is the industry newsletter called

Do my capstone what is the industry newsletter called write for me capstone colloquium course application bottlerocket movie review I have struggled with this my whole life just maybe so insecure life changing thank you dr. Woods good morning this dr. Jonathan Lee boats at the Long Island gynecomastia Center the male chest specialist center extraordinaire and we are doing Vaser High Definition liposculpture lipo contouring power X the the just chest transformation this young man he's in his mid 30s he's from PA Pennsylvania where pretzels go on vacation and and we're gonna do laser he's it just got a naughty I mean he you know does he have gynecomastia and I get about dr. do I've gotta come ask in God God commands just like you know it's it's kind of like what you have it's the shape of the chest its fat its gland like Zack it could be fat no it's no I've said it could be fat it could be gland he just has a nondescript kind of a blob of a chest here he just recently I saw him about I don't know six months ago maybe I don't know and he lost he said he lost 20 pounds he's actually down a size he was a size large for the garment and I measured him he's kind of on the high medium so I'm gonna put him give him a medium garment but he has no shape so does he have gynecomastia no does he have gynecomastia yes because he has no shape to his chest and he wants shape to his chest he's gonna work on his belly he's gonna lift weights but he's got some shape here look at his muscle not not too shabby not too shabby right there so we're gonna sculpt him we're gonna contour him we're gonna itch him we're gonna define him so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna get rid of this get rid of this from the edge of the pectoralis muscle here down to the lats down to the upper abdomen up to the Delta pectoral groove give them some definition all around here so most doctors when they do guy to come out it's just here that's all it is but with me it's everything it's a delta pectoral groove it's the lats it's the edge of the PEC muscle the lateral and the inferior it's the upper abdomen the first two to four 6-pack of the abdomen all the way down all the way across I mean just just everything this I feel kind of calm Astia or people who wants gynecomastia treatment is they just really want especially with my patients they just don't want an ordinary result they just don't want an okay result they want extraordinary they want a phenomenal result and that's what I get him so I'm gonna define his chest that's just Jesse's gonna continue to work out diet exercise muscle bill just shoulders everything and I stand by my work if he comes back to me says doc I want a little here no problem we wait you know obviously 6 8 12 months but we do it so we're gonna mark them we're gonna numb them and off to the oh are we go so we're gonna mark them like that the breasts II dire we did this right are all right PEC muscle by Darth like the heart muscle of my dog that's my dog that's right dar Delta that little groove right the arse Delta factor groove right darling right there all right let's see all right so now make a crutch let's let's see we were packing we're okay so this is maybe but sometimes if I do this they they kind of twitch they twitch so let's see here this is the third one I think that's the third one there or this are all sorts much yes okay should do a little mini tummy tuck on you one day you know let me see and that the fourth leg is if this is where of course I think that's the way it goes so let's see what we can do you suck it in suck it in suck it in that right here so this is Delta Petro grew my transition space my transition here we go we go empty all this out empty all of this out lift up the are empty all of this out go and here we go we pump you up [Music] so we're on to ring 70% [Music] so we go down so this is this line this is the semilunar line I really want to get this down here let's get that beautiful shape and again I'm revealing I'm just not liposuction but when I like with something yet anyway [Music] you got buttery fast you've got buttery fast so look up far down I'm going guys this is gynecomastia and this is why more money than other people I know apologize but I do so much more and my results are so guaranteed forever that it's it's we're efficient that's just [Music] Diane to meet you [Music] [Music] so are we finished lasering that side now when it's laser this heart which is melting the gland melting fat I'm revealing certain structures going deep in some structures going more superficial and some others look look where I am nipple look where I am so importance that's the nipple so important so Powerex we can hit you with this hey it twists and shouts are you ready ready to suck you out liposuction data we sought you out [Music] [Music] [Music] so this is guy no-look nipples where I'm going the Hercules chest [Music] so now this is the non-powered one is fine-tuning certain areas [Music] because well field bench [Music] [Music] cookie cookie cookie [Music] that's nipple there's the other side of the nipple [Music] get that out [Music] Lillith the top Suavecito [Music] never see fresh prints this is the song Carlton dances to this different call to dance this is important to the other thing [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] so okay a couple hours later we have the Hercules chest and let's look at his pre-ops right now and now this is a couple hours later he's still swollen I used three liters of fluid on him to numb him up he's awake not really any painful whatsoever and I I did it to perfection look at this weight and negative space here from the lateral aspect of the pectoralis major muscle to the lacks the delta pectoral groove I even did the deltoid here a little bit which I'm gonna I'm gonna investigate about adding that on a little bit over here that may be a nice new thing for me to do did the inferior part of the pectoralis major muscle I did the upper abdomen you can't really see it but I did the midline here and the semilunar lines laterally really scooped them up I got a bleeder one liter three quarters out of them this is 1250 and that's 550 that's 1800 1800 that's shy over two liters of fat from him which is amazing here the glans you just rubbery glance one side rub Legrand's on the other side but he had pretty much pseudo gynecomastia and this is just gland kind of kinesio always remove that never have anybody say oh I could do all everything by lipo you gotta you got to make a little incision and get that out and again look at this beautiful negative space now make make a muscle again there you go and he's still swollen so he's gonna work out he's gonna diet he's gonna live it he's gonna exercise he's gonna do everything right I'm gonna dress him up now send them off feed him something first send them home and then actually staying at a hotel B C's from PA and I'll see him tomorrow do the first dressing change make sure everything's perfect and he can you know stay for one more day I like people say about 48 hours just to make sure everything perfect so this is it this is my Hercules chest looks amazing guaranteed results perfect results almost 2 liters of fat beautiful glands removed was a pleasant experience yeah yeah it was you know worth local rather than general yeah yep yep and we did everything right so you got gynecomastia you need me I go way beyond everything else stole it a gynecomastia surgeon just do this you want to the upper abdomen you want to the lats you want to the deltoids you want the glands removed you want sculpting you want Vaser you want everything so if you have gynecomastia call me dr. Leibovitz Long Island New York 6 3 1 4 2 4 0 1 0 1 6 3 1 4 2 4 0 1 0 1 thank you and hope to see you soon [Music] career capstone course order Downstate Medical Center.

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