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Do my capstone urgent care phone number

Do my capstone urgent care phone number capstone games the climbers Australia drought article ´╗┐okay I'm gonna shoot a quick video here on how to breed leopard geckos or pretty much our method that we use here at our facility slash house first of all obviously you want to have a female and a male learning how to sex them pretty easy but you'll be surprised how many times people make mistakes I have had guys email me saying my mail won't mate with my female and he has the little spores on his stomach and it turns out that same male ends up Ling eggs for him so I'm going to post pictures at the end of the video with illustrations of males and females sorry for the noise and my dishwashers is running on the side but yeah what you want to do is make sure you have a male and a female male is going to have femoral pores in the backside of the hind legs pre no pores and a v-shape right before the vent and tell-tale sign you have a male is two bulges the base of the tail now like I said earlier you can actually have a female that shows small spores they're going to be smaller than the males but they will still have them and the one thing you need to look for like I said is the bulges two bulges at the base of the tail because that a female could have small tiny pores but a female will never have the bulge it's like nuts okay female can't have nuts period alright once you determine you have two opposite sexes male and female you got to make sure the right size now people would ask what's the breeding age well it really isn't necessarily an age it's more of a weight a healthy body weight I don't know 40 45 50 grams or whatever is usually the safe bet the males will mature quicker than females obviously I had enables like six months old trying to to mount one of my females during when I was cleaning cages one day so yeah but once you get its here your sex is determined you got to have a cage set up similar to this or whatever works for you it's a 28 quarts their light tongue basically we have food calcium and vitamin mixture and then some water inside we have two sometimes I put three depending on the females lay boxes all it has is that moist coconut fiber stuff and then we have obviously the animals as a female and start about the street camera another female and then get off and then our male when you have those components a male and a female they will should breed breeding season there it's pretty much a range of months I think it's like February some like that to October my animal started breeding very clearly excited like in the end of January and it's middle of August here and they're already tailing off breeding I'd only have a few animals that are still producing eggs you'll notice the male when you put him in with the females if the female is ovulating which I'll taps a picture of ovulating female as well you'll see two dots on her stomach white or pinkish he'll try to attempt to mate right away if the female is ready she'll reciprocate it and she'll lift her tail allowing the male to get under there and and do his business but she's not ready she'll fight him off and it could look pretty brutal but you got to let him do it because that's the way nature works and sometimes you'll even notice some war wounds on the female she'll be all cut up but it's the way it's supposed to go down there's no romantic candlelight dinners with leopard geckos they've pretty much just tax so anyway you could leave them in there year-round but I don't like to do that because then I don't know who's laying what so once I'm pretty sure they've made it they've been in together for like two weeks three weeks or sometimes I leave them in there until I noticed the female starting to dig I'll separate them like I have some females here basic setup still same thing hide box food water vitamins calcium that way I know the male's not stressing him out trying to over breed I'll see she's digging so I'll probably have some eggs from her again yeah that's that's saying you'll see dirt kicked out and you'll see a lot like a shitload of dirt Ochopee kick out that's when you start looking for eggs because a lot of people cut their holes on the top of the labels as opposed to the side and you know that makes sense because they don't kick the dirt out but I I get on the side because I know when to look for eggs if the dirt isn't being kicked out I don't know when to look for eggs I'm not going to check every day so when I have another side yet it's a bitch because I got to clean up the dirt but least I know when they're gonna legs cuz I'll see all the dirt kicked out it's an empty one my Raptor female she's ready to lay again probably now but um you know what you'll do is you'll check for egg once you see the dirt kicked out and then when you have your eggs you want to put them in the incubator I'll attach a picture of our incubator because it's up in my closet on top of my safe and I don't really want to video my closet so um most time you can temperature sex your geckos by incubating them I think it's like eighty one day eighty three or four is four females four to eighty seven ish I guess is half and half and then 87 to 90 or whatever is male I always need to beat for female I keep it real low 81 degrees it takes a long time for them to hatch well not long but it takes it's longer than four males but at least I have most majority of my animals or B female that way if I don't sell them I can house them together you can't put two males together obviously um but a lot of our stuff we have is snow so when you deal with snow you don't get that temperature sex it's a coin flip it doesn't really follow that rule so yeah I keep the females together I mean together with the male for about a month until you drop the legs I separate them the females will continue to lay eggs from the initial breeding you don't have to breed them each time no they do the deed one time they should lay eggs for the rest of the season but what I like to do is after like their second or third clutch I put the male then with the male again that way they can get get another dose you know what I mean the eggs usually come two at a time sometimes you get one or you get one good one in one in fertile one and you know every two weeks three weeks I've had some females one female laid two eggs and ten days later I got two more eggs that's not typical usually it's two to three weeks throughout the course of the season you know like I said the season is like late I don't know late January early February ish until October but I've never had females lay the entire time they'll usually lay three or four months out of that range of months and like I said earlier my female started real early the very beginning or end of January and they're starting to taper off here in August so it's pretty much it incubate your eggs 30 or 60 days and then you'll have a rack full of babies that is another video at another video I'll do but anyway yeah that's pretty much it doesn't require anything you know they don't require to be cooled down or taken off food or you know any soft music and red wine or anything like that no put the male in there he'll want to do his thing that's it mixing you know you're gonna have shit ton of geckos that's not even that much we just traded off three and then sold three cuz my rack was getting tapped out but pretty much it any questions comments requests for videos comment below and I'll answer your question thing you enterprise risk management audit report for money Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy.

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