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Do my capstone urgent care hours

Do my capstone urgent care hours history capstone unimelb ei login report internet scams ´╗┐hi-oh I have another amazing game show today from the US Chess Championship of 2017 Yaroslav zero book the scooter pronunciation issues was playing white against the coroner camera so zero book was actually originally he's Ukrainian he was a member in 2006 for the Ukrainian national youth team and he won the under-16 Chess Olympiad in Turkey in to 2010 he won the cap on the ground in France ahead of 82 GM's and 61 IMS of seven half out of nine and in 2010 he also scored 8 out of 11 20 on stars of the world torment so yeah he he qualified in 2016 for this US Chess Championship because prior to that in 2015 he switched his affiliation from Ukraine to United States so an amazing new player for the US Chess Championship efore from zero book we have like a bro plane the car con ok night see free here D tanks and our Bishop f5 pretty mainline stuff so far but now this moved in ith 393 looks a little bit quirky you might think it's the fourth most popular move in the position usually H for like this for example with age six this is like very popular path of course so H 98 for a bit of a surprise move also Knight f3 Bishop c4 I've been used before but Knight age free so one of the points try and get this Bishop you might think there's a little bit of a downside surely if even if white gets that much I'm sure it is a file might be changes just intuitively but ah it seemed like f6 Knight f4 quite often 'if I've is played in this position but maybe nakumo didn't want the possibility of well this possibility I don't think he wants to take the Queen's hair well that's equal as well but if he wants to keep the Queen's on yeah they get swapped off anyway potentially so that's move e5 maybe Mac Americas higher rated player doesn't want to play the e5 line keeps more tension lately with this move might be these seven now Queen c7 white castles and quite often be six it's played here as it is in this game it's fairly logical Bishop d6 now fretted in the night that's usually protected with queen f rate so this is a known position no musician now it's here that black usually castles King side and that aforementioned downside of 96 you know that this this rook Miami activated would be neutralized to some extent black did the main move which is in lie book which is castles and it's fought to be equal actually in 98 g6 as also it should be free and then nine takes g6 and it's about equal and usually you know black takes for the Aged pawn but in this game Nakamura actually keeps the the hack attack aspects going to recall them the hack attack features going with c5 so if there's any Knight takes you might feel this rook could be useful for some sort of hack attack the tempting the King in the center you might think what about bishop takes east sex this doesn't quite work out in this line for example with queen c6 challenging the Queen this position if the Queen's come off it's not such a big deal this position black slightly better so it seems Bishop takes c6 is not completely crushing we have D takes e5 Bishop takes e5 taking the pressure off the knight of course but it is actually fretting Bishop takes f2 by the way hitting the bishop here bishop drops back now black castles Queen side yeah and whites maybe not feeling the danger does actually play night taste g6 so a very very interesting decision because surely you might think that is intuitive oh you know bats got a bit at play here on the h-file let's see if Queen e2 this might be a way of having a stable position as well or make Parliament a more stable position without this route active rook example Knight e5 and in fact here that there is a slight snag with the bishop pointing at d3 and maybe it's about timing really that if this can be extinguished now then there's Bishop f4 and this seems safe enough for example like this even if there's my f3 it's not such a big so this position seems about a call actually it's perhaps quite stable but the way it was played in this game if the knight takes Bishop f4 black hasn't got a knight on e5 and actually plays Eve 5 and this is actually a little bit dangerous for right now to say the least we see Bishop e3 but guess what nakimura plays in this position if I give you five seconds starting from now it's pause the video well the rook is rearing its head hair with the movie for yeah because the lights kind of pin now - H - you know if Knight takes Queen takes Knight thanks very much so the Queen goes to e two alternatives it's of a quick look at alternatives if Queen F for Bishop d6 of Queen g5 95 this is starting to be a bit vicious because here my FG for hitting 82 hitting the bishop it's looking a little bit vicious we're example like this but um it's plausible non lest I mean it's scary it's scary but it's plausible okay but Queen e2 was played and now this is actually maybe technically inferior because Bishop takes ev'ry Queen takes a key phrase played and now guess what now cover up the place so it's a seven-point hanging so you might be concerned about this you might also have a concern about Bishop takes in conjunction with check and Bishop e6 check if the Knights put back on b8 so this is an issue in an issue here but that can replace nevertheless or directin play every five seconds okay rook takes h2 so if King takes then there's Knight g4 check nice fork we have rook F d1 and now the rooks double threatening well not quite there's not yet amazing it's it's close it's getting close I got to say so let's have a look at the game continuation Queen takes A's a 7 now here a key move but actually there's two really dangerous moves for white in fact so Nakamoto plays one of them black to play okay the move III it's pretty devastating stuff III getting another key tempo really giving the Queen back away from the king if the Queen plunges in then there's just night beat eight and then what you might think the four aforementioned Bishop takes on Bishop e6 let's have a quick look at that is there time for white to do this well no actually the Queen's just protecting f7 anyway we can just take care of nothing else and there's nothing going on there it's it's not happening there and blacks getting torn to shreds over here surely you know the night hanging there so this is this is not particularly healthy for the Queen to be stuck on eight eight so the Queen did actually just come and take that pawn come back to take that pawn but alas now Knight G for the game ends here it's there's a crushing tactic available to black let me see if you can spot it good tactics test say the game continued quinna free which you didn't can you see what black has in this position which actually forces mate it's pretty cute it's pretty cute and it's a resources pattern we should all be aware of I believe in our own games it's definitely a useful attacking mating pattern so black to play if I give you five cents for the video there's a forced chat main-sequence okay we'll catch one check and the point is can you see not queen h2 Kings got an escape potentially no just rook takes h1 dragging and dropping the king - h1 for Queen h2 checkmate yeah a crushing game yeah only 21 moves Knight g4 yeah okay I hope you got something from this game it shows yeah you can have a bit of a hack attack action even the US Chess Championship it seems we've a rock on the edge for commerce questions like shares appreciated very much nursing capstone project ideas home health order Queens College, Flushing.

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