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Do my capstone turbine corporation bloomberg oregon trail game an essay concerning human understanding tabula rasa private ´╗┐welcome back ladies gents I'm going short I'm going to do a preview for the ball of game we got them in the core finals of the car back up and it'd probably be a chance for us to rotate the team from the team that played against Southampton on Saturday and just give us a rest before they're ever in game come up on Saturday as well so I figured be a chance for players to impress Antonio Conte and try and come into the start living if if there is a place where no player comes out injured or suspended up marks and on Zoe's but yeah I'm hoping that a couple you praise do get run in our fears could be difficult cuz Bournemouth they got talked for nil by Liverpool and they're gonna want to be able to come out and try to get resolved and saw some progress in there in the competition as far as they can go and I don't feel it's going to be easier everyone says so we need to pick the right team to try to get past Bournemouth without without getting knocked out and looking sitting knocking as light into the semis of this competition because really the league is going to be difficult to win the treble is going to be hard to get past Barcelona the FA Cup is coming up against Norwich and really we want to be winning try winning both of these competitions are coming up his DeCarlo back up the FA Cup so yeah we do want to be getting possible muffins we got to play a strong team but also rest players and try to give youth and second stream players a run into the team don't get me wrong they've got some really good players up on once I got jermain defoe who's gonna be a fret I don't know if he's gonna start so yeah this is my pretty to started eleven to one happy Antonio Conte's gonna go for I think in go he's gonna but Tebow quartz while he might go really carbo but I think if we want to progress in his competition we need to keep Tebow and got I think the backline is gonna stay roughly the same I think and I've a Spitak well maybe Clark sort of might come in maybe I'm too in the middle but I do think Antonio Connors gonna go with a spurt of credit Christiansen and Rudi guards are back free I know it's a strong free but if you keep them as a strong free then you could put the youth in around and just to have had that cemented backline where they're not going to break away you know I'll know we got you how to back so I think we're gonna go over that back free of a spinnaker Christiansen I'm really go then as the left wing back I think we're going to go if Kennedy as I left wingback I know because Marcus Alonso is out suspended so after he picked up a yellow card against Southampton so it's gonna be I think Kennedy is not a left-wing back but going forward he's absolutely fantastic he started the other two rounds in a competition so yeah do you think Kenya's gonna start I think on the right wing back is either gonna be supper cost are I think pick the most he's going to get rest it might be sterling might be starting there but I think Renee's gonna go supper Costa I hope he's going to put put too many youth players in where we're going to be at risk of going out to competition so I wouldn't mind seeing stone and start but I do feel sad because his co-star as our right wing back I think in the middle of the pitch I think we're gonna go down a drink more and Ethan ampere do I think they're they worked well in the loss in the last round of the competition so don't drink water so after our last game in them in the last round that he was trying to help undo through the game and he said about amber to been fantastic play so you didn't have to do much but yeah I think danger drink more he's a good person to learn or for if and I produce often those two will start in the center midfield roles a front line is going to be William patron but Chewie Conte did say that batch way he's gonna start so I'm happy to see that I think that's right he does need to stop and he needs to impress he needs to get two or three goals just to really impress Collins say whenever air is not available I should be in this team so I'm hoping he does because I rate that sure I think he just needs time he needs time to learn his trade he nice we need to play through his chance run down to the bar line get across in because he's more of a gold Potro he's more run on sort of bull would hit first time not hold up the ball and bring players in around him I think he's more of a chase to pull down and and really come play the ball back into him so he could just hit first time and die so he gets most of his goals so I would like to see us play two bachelors shown for not trying to make him into a play that he's not so and also I would have liked to see my son's a star but that injured unfortunately so he won't be he won't be starting against Ballmer with those free I think Pedro and we didn't got a staying because they're not they've not had much game time so I'd only been sign of late but I think they they haven't played many games so they can start game and give Eden house on arrest whoo-hoo looks like he needs one I think the last two games against Huddersfield and getting Southampton he wasn't at its best so I do think we need to rest even has odds that will be our starting 11 so if you agree my styling but let me know in the comments down below if you don't put your predictor start 11 and who you think should come in whether it be Clarke salt are sterling or anyone else who you think who I've missed but yet let me know in the comments below but yeah I do think we need to we need to progress we need to pick the strongest team that we can pray like a couple youth players a couple of development players along with a strong back line of r├╝diger a spurt of Quentin Christensen because I think they look solid against Huddersfield when they play together so I do think notes very gonna start out of back ba we need to progress we need to get into the next round we need to get into the semi-finals and progress in this competition I know not many teams are taking it serious and it's only the English League Cup but it's still a competition today it's still going to be a trophy in the Cudney if we get if we progress in this in this competition so I do think it's one we need to go for unfortunately I'm not gonna be at Stamford Bridge tomorrow it's kicking off at quarter to eight but unfortunately not gonna be there because I just couldn't get a ticket and I've got a couple of other things on my try go dance to pub watch it see there's some if it's on down the pub I know that was something that you like last time when I couldn't make it so Huddersfield so yeah if you want to see me flog it from the pub again leaving down in the comments below and I will try it and find somewhere to go watch the game by my score position I think we're gonna I feel me are going to progress I feel me I'm gonna get past ball my bar fees could be a lot more difficult and people think because balls need to come out and get a put in the performance heads in putting against Liverpool and that I think the fans are gonna want to see that from from their team so I think we're gonna win two nil I'm hoping that we keep a clean sheet I'm hoping that batch I get some cool I'm hoping that maybe Kennedy gets on the score sheet as well I just want players who who are not really are starting 11 - to impress contains give them something to think about going into roaster Cesar but don't forget to hit up scribe I leave some comments down below and what you'll bring it to the Leben are what your score prediction is leave a like if you liked this video don't forget to scribe don't forget hit a notification bell leave your comments down below on your predicted 11 on your score predictions leave a like I'll see you all next time last but not least come on you blue write for me ucf great capstone case competition New York State College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS).

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