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Do my capstone turbine blog

Do my capstone turbine blog capstone turbine corporation careers for money domotique reportage definition ´╗┐as-salam-o-alaikum welcome to the LD M show on today's show we're gonna be discussing a really amazing topic the topic of is belief in a creator natural or is this something which is taught by society so how would you summarize this this argument from nature argument from physical so what we're basically saying is that we don't need any arguments to prove the existence of God point number one because it's a properly basic belief right now let's break down what we mean by properly basic belief when we say a properly basic belief what we're saying it's a belief that doesn't require any other beliefs it's not based on any other beliefs okay and also it doesn't require any information transfer now we look into this just to explain a bit further as to what we mean now to in comparison a properly basic belief that we believe in that science uses an assumption that science is based on is that the real world exists the old world is real yeah and you can't prove it right but you have to accept it to do science yeah okay another example is what Bertrand Russell shared what he said was that you cannot disprove the this concept that the world that we live in began five minutes ago and it has this is in dual memory memory of showing or making me appear like that the history has age to it history has age to it you can't disprove this yeah but the same time you won't believe it because it doesn't make sense you will believe that the history of the world is very very long it's it's old in age right that's improperly properly basic belief right and you're justified in believing that why I am arguing is that the belief in God believing in a creator is a also a properly basic belief just like these properly basic beliefs basically okay right so what do I mean by information transfer what we're saying is that this these beliefs their base core beliefs which don't require any external information to come in right so there's no one has to come to you if you are on a desert island known as the company have told you that God exists naturally you will grow up believing in a God that God exists there's any sense it makes sense what if somebody says I have a belief that there is a pink elephant right and this is the properly basic belief good point and they try and refuse the point ok let's go back to the scenario of being in a desert island right say you you are a desert island you grew up there without any external influence any other was anyone coming in and teaching you or telling you anything right like I said you'll naturally and this is a point evidence which we're going to go into at the end naturally you'll grow up believing in a creator sure right but you won't naturally grow up believing in a pink elephant that created everything or blew it or a blue rhino right you're saying this must be something somebody has to come in from the outside world and say hello support you know there's a pink elephant or blue rhino that's created everything someone has to tell you this for you to believe this you all naturally come up with this concept right so it doesn't require any information transfer that's why it's a properly basic belief okay thank you for clarifying that and actually when we speak about properly basic beliefs something it reminds me of this in the Quran Allah asks all of mankind all human beings even the people watching the show right now and Allah asked am I not your Lord and we all said you know Richard Dawkins Hitler humne everyone read yes we have testifiers and what's really amazing is that every single language in the world has a word for God yes it might not necessarily have a word for demons or Devils or vampires or something like this something strange but there is definitely the word God Allah yes it's very interesting because there's many communities tribes around the world that we don't even hear about but when people have gone into these tribes and they've seen that these people believe in higher power the Supreme Being a creator because it's natural right it's a natural belief that is a core belief like we were saying and there's some supporting evidence is all before you go into that I'm gonna quote Hadees which I actually have here the prophet peace be upon him said every newborn child is born in a state of fitrah then his parents make him a Jew a Christian or a median just as an animal is born intact I know it's amazing here is that this was mentioned when 1400 years ago that's natural recently individuals like Justin Oh Barrett from Oxford right and he studied chokes with Oxford University okay right he studied children for over I think ten years he's published several books on topic what he said born believers being one of them what he's showing is that the belief in God is absolutely natural atheism is unnatural to claim that God doesn't exist this is unnatural and he showed the example of children being left on a desert island hypothetically speaking and growing up themselves they will naturally naturally grow up believing in a creator and this is this is a scientific study right is he the one who's written why would anyone believe in God I think yes and is really amazing I think another developments like another psychologist dr. Olivia Petrovitch and she says that atheism isn't a quiet position right meaning your default position the position that you're in before you change is theism yes and interestingly enough she is actually an atheist and also we are gonna put the link for her all the references so - I guess - summing up what we're trying to get across is that we do not need any rational logical arguments to prove the existence of God we don't need this thing to warrant us in believing in the existence of God okay before we end the show say if somebody watching this video goes and they speak to a friend of theirs a colleague of theirs say someone who's agnostic on atheist yes and it's said they say to them you know belief in God is natural and give them solve explanations that we give and the person says well that's just based on blind faith you know you're just you're just basically coming up with a concept and saying always just something I don't need to prove and anything else that we have in life has to be proved yes right how happy how would that person respond well you can tell that this person has a scientific sub inclination they go from that perspective right you could say let's tell them this look you believe in science or you follow science it's a good method do you know that science is also based on an assumption a properly basic belief which you can't prove the real world exists this is an assumption and axiom that science accepts can't prove it it doesn't have to prove axiom actually meaning an assumption based assumption that doesn't require any of it official right so you can't prove this by accept say and it's completely rationally said that in the same way it's completely rational to accept in the existence of God ok very it's a properly basic belief is all just very good believe so jazakallah khair for the explanation on that for anyone watching if you want any more information on what we just spoke about please go to the links that we've put in the videos and tune in for the rest of the shows we're going to be going over more arguments for God's existence and other related topics see you then Salam alaikum capstone project uw order Nyack College, Nyack.

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