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Do my capstone test questions wa

Do my capstone test questions wa capstone management email old feature presentation a lot of things that I think are really fun and it's thirty-six dollars and it's on Eazy pay by the way don't forget chatting on my facebook page leah williams QVC like the page and then join us for the chat Kate who is our Associate Producer 4am style she handles the chat that's what she's here doing every Saturday you get to see you you know where to go because you see her picture she and I are standing there together i'm in this sweater so you know it's for today and so we're asking what boots are you wearing this winter kate wants to know I want to know we're going to put some information up so that perhaps we could share a lot of you are saying things like cowboy boots ugg boots lamo boots yeah the lambo boots yeah better value than the other ones I'm just saying and we're going to talk about the boots i'm wearing coming up later but let's talk about the sweater i'm wearing and here's what i love i love this I called it my hip zip because ladies if you got a little more hip I you know I do i own it yes I do you can zip or unzip this it's decorative but it's also functional and I love that I love you know cuz sometimes stuff is cute to look at and you think well that's great but why didn't they just let me unzip it if I want to they did so let me show you all of these colors $36 it's on Eazy pay and it's a nice length you'll wear it over your leggings and your skinny jeans and with your riding boots and things but you'll wear it with just you know your bootcut jeans and all your favorite pants and you'll love the softness of this so it's a marled sweater I love that they did I like a marled yarn it's where they take two different colors of yarn they and it's woven together and it gives you that Marla but they grounded it with a solid ribbed neckline and also sleeve cuff and then just a little touch of a solid at the hem so it's not too big of a border they did it just right and high-low hem which is terrific so colors we have it for you in what the gray so there's your gray oh if you got the today's special value bag you put that baby over your shoulder you put this on maybe you got the Isaac boot in black oh you are looking good here's the purple isn't marled yarn and purple pretty and it's you know I say pretty but it's it's sporty it's kind of casual it's easy this is kind of weekend dressing this is what you wear go to the movies this is what you wear you know running around with friends this is what you wear you know taking your kids and you know you're the gear the cool looking mom because you've got great fashion sense here is the green the green is kind of a moss green cut them an olive green in the solid here it is in we're calling this pink it's more of a berry tone so it's a nice alternative to red but not as girly as a pink would be really pretty kind of matches my nail color here is this is the one I decided where I was feeling kind of like neutrals today I was because I was kind of gravitating toward the today's special value frankly in the caramel color but I love that no matter what color I could choose in the today's special value it had that that butterscotch vachetta so it kind of kind of gravitating toward that and then I went for brown boot so it's that easy and then here is look at the blue yeah if you've got a pair of blue jeans this is your denim & Company sweater to wear over those jeans this is it two payments of of nineteen dollars when you use your credit card so let me talk about this first of all that it is a marled yarn and again what that means is they simply took from the put put the blue in front for a second they took the two yarns and that's how they get that that wonderful sort of combination of lighter blue and darker blue I like the way that this is can you see the sort of openness it's not open that you need to wear anything special underneath it but it's not so tightly woven that sometimes those kind of sweaters can feel sort of bulky and restrictive the other thing that's nice about this is that this is a cotton acrylic blend let me show you look at how soft and cozy that's going to be I mean this is just this feels like your favorite the old comfy I've been wearing it for years and that's why i love it sort of sweater and yet it's the look we're loving we love the longer tunic sweater and here again let me show you this part i call it my hip zip because they've done these two decorative zippers that are just there on either side and if you like having that you know we always talk about the side slit it's like having your side slit that can slip if you want to or you don't have to slit it if you choose not to it's really up to you really really cute and a hi-low hem so it's longer in the back it's shorter in the front but it's not short in the front it is tunic length for most ladies of average height now when I say that most lady if it does of average height the petite ladies just all of a sudden went into a panic right you're thinking oh no that means it's going to be a dress on me Leah no it's not because we have this in petite yay so simply choose your size extra extra small through 3x and then if you're petite it will be proportioned for you ladies of average height you simply order the regular and that will be proportioned for you okay let's go to the phone and say hi to Ellen Ellen it's Leah welcome to am style well good morning thank you how are you I'm good thank you and yourself I'm terrific terrific glad to talk to you this morning well it's nice to be able to get on air I watch you every saturday morning and enjoy all the fashions that you share oh I appreciate that what did you think did you like this sweater I did I did I thought it looked casual and comfy and I just had to have it I got it in the pink you got the pink let's put your color in front and now do you have much denim & Company Carol in your Ellen in your wardrobe oh yeah lots of that yeah it's wonderful i love gen'l'men company i had yeah and that so this color kind of spoke to you do you like the tunic length how do you envision yourself putting this outfit together um pair jeans most of the time and I love the fact that the zippers on the side as I was watching you and thinking zip it down a little more formal yeah I'm stepping a little more casual it's so funny because when I when I got it this morning and I put it on and I thought oh that's cool and then I thought at first I thought oh I'll bet that zipper is just decorative you know it's just there because zippers are a nice decorative touch and then I thought I can unzip it if I want to and it sort of creates my own little side slit so I just started calling it my my hip zip there you go oh well I hope you love it really is so soft I think you I think you'll be very pleased well good I can't wait to get it oh well it was such a pleasure to speak with you well it's nice to speak with you and you enjoy your Saturday has the snow starts to fall in our area well we had a little bit yesterday Alan I'm keeping my fingers crossed that's not a sign of a really bad winter yeah yeah all right thank oh well you stay warm and dry and enjoy the rest of your weekend as well oh thank you lit you have a good day bye bye bye bye let me show you all the colors this is cute right this might be one of my new favorite denim & Company sweaters ever okay so the colors we have really fast Ellen's pink love that we have it in blue we have it in purple who by the way plum today's special value we have it in green this is a color I decided to wear that's the brown and then we do have it for you in the gray and petite or regular sizes are extra extra small through 3x let us know if you want it a 260 544 is the item number okay so here's what's going on I am wearing the denim & Company sweater that we just talked about I have write for me ati capstone comprehensive assessment a Ithaca College.

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