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Do my capstone simulation reddit

Do my capstone simulation reddit capstone kids science marche verte reportage ´╗┐Shaolin guys I have watching this today [Music] as you guys can see I'm dressed for fourth of July red white and blue I'm all swag and as you can see I have this cute adorable puppy here this is Frank look at it dude cute face you kids a puppy he's only like 11 week though do you as you guys know I'm more of a cat person on a bird person but if you guys have a really cute dog comment their name down below in the comments alright guys I have a challenge for you I just want you to look at him and not smile [Music] speaking of love you guys so a couple weeks ago I went to VidCon and I met a bunch of you guys and I didn't get a little bit of footage I just wanted to live in the moment because I was having so much fun and I got to meet so many of you and I'm so excited because I love you guys so much and Pablo just loves you guys too I love waking up and seeing all of your edits and your videos you guys don't get it like I'm just a normal kid like literally a normal kid at new school I'm basically a normal kid but I get to do this stuff because of you guys so I'm just going to show it stop talking I love you guys so much roll the montage [Music] [Music] [Music] I just wanna thank all you guys thank you so much a flashback in Anaheim and I got so many of you guys and I'm actually going to do another meeting in Anaheim City is right all of you guys let me know in the comments if you guys are going to come it's called Piper Palooza it's gonna be super fun cool stop there if the tickets are available by the time this video drops there'll be a link in the description below and you can go check it out and all I'll keep you updated on Instagram all right back support so fourth of July is basically about like eating and with your family and friends so super cool I'm gonna go upstairs with my brother Hunter and I'm gonna give you cute montage of Oliver [Music] laughing is that the name [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] there's gonna be three items under each Bowl and they could be good it could be bad items like marshmallows ketchup mayonnaise their salsa like it's gonna be gross like I'm not excited for this are you a few moments later [Music] all right so we don't know if there's something good or something bad under here I'm gonna go ahead and man [Music] I'm so happy I did not get that many oh my god no all of it dude I'm calling so that's like not good I also got a blue snowball and I got strawberries for my red cool with this movie let's go round to round two soon after I decide whether to keep it or pass it I feel like galaxy smoothie DIY I have marshmallows going in or not there we go alright next I have blueberries need your help lastly I'm not excited yeah that's disgusting the ketchup ruin it smells like ketchup nouns Oh Piper's looks look at how good mine looks compared to Piper's so we got our smoothies ready we got the lids on we're about to blend it up yours looks disgusting I don't feel like it's gonna look like a really nice blueberry like strawberry it's not alright but I feel really bad 400 because he got milk and lactose intolerance okay he's gonna be in the bathroom for a long time tonight so for this round I'm actually kind of excited cuz Piper like literally hates mayonnaise and I feel like she's gonna taste it plus my smoothie actually looks good my bris looks disgusting I also am lactose intolerant so I'm scared about that because milk is my only liquid well we'll see how it goes I think my swim is gonna be ten times better than Piper meanwhile [Music] mine looks disgusting oh my god oh my god we're gonna taste them now yeah I'm not excited about this you have to take beautiful [Music] oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god [Applause] [Laughter] okay okay okay not gonna be a good run I'm really excited like all of the stuff is really good like hamburgers not good in a smoothie hyper way we're gonna make this smoothie is playing it round by round so each of us are gonna have assimilating under our poles resentful hot dog and a hamburger the next round may be a desert it may be a next round maybe like a side like our mouth but we don't know we're gonna get it might be good we don't know what order it's gonna be interested Pablo quit messing stuff up see in a second we're gonna go ahead to decide what you to be under the Bulls not exciting a few minutes later - round 1 you know what I don't let go first because I'm such a good brother like you know the basket of existence no no I did it first so I'm a good brother no I'm a way better really like you are sister alright I'm just gonna keep it [Music] alright drum session [Music] all right three two one I hate this I feel like I got some good barbecue sauce going in lemonade I feel like that's a gross combo oh it's so disgusting I don't want to smell your freaking mustard I hate mustard get out of my face out of my face I'm putting your hand running the next round we'll see you guys in a sec a thousand years later quick decision okay all right surround three we're making our second smoothie scream two one my honestly looks disgusting all right guys so we have three rounds left of making our smoothie this is not gonna fire his eating chips out gross you you stop here you go alright I don't know if I'm gonna keep waiting really quick everyone in the comments is a hot dog a sandwich I don't know you you it looks gross you smashing it in there it is disgusting here we go I'm not excited I'm Shake Shack so I actually like that very day hey not excited for this at all guys we'll see you in a second for the final round it's time for dessert [Music] all my food like this like oh good spaghetti noodle just mix it up and I don't even have to chew it a grade doesn't work like that Wow nice how is yours green of mine it's totally like never like to catch up in the first place in spite of your hand I don't want to do it cool down I put a lot of mustard in here so hopefully like it kind of over packs it now we're going to do the pre round interview let's go Cena sighs all right I think this is very exciting all my favorite foods into one little thing and I can just drink it I don't even have to chew it's just so easy and I really love it so uh not excited about this round it's gonna be really hard I'm not excited okay a few moments later I'm not excited I need hunter pink straw because he's a wuss this is disgusting if any of you guys have done this challenge and agree with me on this comment Viper's clearly insane or you're about to see how disgusting that's gonna take why I'm literally having a hot dog and smoothie it's like a hot dog hot Ivor's gone crazy guys comment down below if you think Prime is crazy I'm literally sweating I'm not excited all right here we go [Applause] [Music] oh my god so bad so add alright so if I wanted all the animals to try the food so I'm starting with 13 hyper smoothie first be if he likes it on his nose 13 pizza oh he lifts it he likes it okay fine smoothie must've really not be that bad guys now we're gonna try mine d does not approve let's run Piper in the next so now we have Frank he's gonna meet you then you are to meet me [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] we in the show and then make sure to comment down your favorite part on this video I want to make that look a new thing do my capstone oral presentation rubric Barnard College.

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