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Do my capstone search group chicago il

Do my capstone search group chicago il write for me example timeline for a capstone project writing a paper in apa style ´╗┐paper in people's windshields I'm gonna try to find him right now and get them in the act just play our visto in the parking lot all the way I'm going to read to you the paper that I'm finding on people's windshields here in the parking lot of Walmart okay here it is right and it says it's night clothes from Walmart save money live better entire onic to whom and making sure primary purpose of our firm can i disturb ride safe and convenient parking for our customers while they shop in our stores in the store have created safety noise and property damage we are asking that you remove your camper vehicle or motorhome within the next 24 hours regard the posted signs and this notice your vehicle will be towed and impounded your cooperation in this matter you heard it here first occupy Walmart what's going on they do know shit and you were you sleeping here where you hang out here man it's not familiar I'm sleeping in a van to my buddy over there's got that tighten not that motorhome with the one on the other side huh uh-huh keeps gaining that with three friends well you know you're allowed to stay until and having the cop pull in here the Occupy movements over hey good luck to you I'm sorry to hear that but uh well you know you'll land on your feet now all right peace out peace out YouTube world okay remember how this lot and Walmart here was completely full of RVs and vehicles well now and that's why as a matter of practice you can see that guy parked right over there he's the one that's the guy who gave everybody tickets heaped hey Purdum told him get the fuck out guess what it's my first day at work mr. manager look at this place here oh you know a few days to get this job and now I'm here I'm ready to work so I got my Old Faithful Park and gonna be start my first day on the job gonna do some management stuff you know gonna manage this gonna manage that I came all the way 1100 miles across the country to work at Walmart you know go figure but you know what this company's paying me well there's benefits so sign me up yo new story here at Walmart at my work not sure what it is but I'd like to kind of get closer get a get a close-up on it because you know there's not much action in town so any action we can get is good action hey it's not every day did you get a chance to film on the roof of a 150 million dollar a year business yeah because this is where they expect saboteurs to kind of end up and you know putting a drop in and Jack their shit whatever anyways Here I am roof of the Walmart Supercenter in Williston this is cool look around huh last time you saw a view like this hmm probably not and you're thinking so what right hey so what is I'm going to film and photograph the crowds of people that throng here at the entrance we have the strictest blue law in the country here in North Dakota and retail businesses are not allowed to open before noon on Sunday so what happens is every Friday I'm sorry I said that wrong every Sunday because of Black Friday is what I was thinking yeah it's nuts here people kind of crowd out in big mobs angry mobs usually and sort of storm the entrance right at 12:01 when we open the doors every Sunday so it's pretty interesting that's what I'm that's what I'm here to film actually this is something left over I think from like the pilgrims or something I don't know it's kind of an archaic religious feel but it's it stuck and it's got a firm grip here and so as a result people kind of mob up every every Sunday here is Black Friday yeah Lukas I see you it's sort of like Black Friday here every Sunday there's a mad dash to get in there and get in there before the lines too long because believe me they'll be long today they're long every Sunday it's living in Williston the rush is on get your groceries while you can peace out videos a whole nother story this is Maryland's dungeon Isle why do we call it the dungeon Isle because it's dark like a dungeon see that what do you how do you see back here Marilyn what's your what's your trick do you use the light from your Gemini yep breaking it down meat world yeah he's gonna see this well you see I can't actually release these until I severed my tie for Walmart because I'm shooting inside Walmart which is against company policy so I'll release this this would be the underground tape that will come out with yeah yeah I just woke em up out of a nap in the back this is where we can say well we talked on the phone we do whatever stuff that we don't know caught on film we come back here to do it so the big dirty secret of Walmart and and you're only finding out now because neither of us or a code thank you my heart so we can give up all the dirt right this is a future pretty much yeah I just hold on archive it for the future but it's been a pleasure working with you man it really has you kept it you kept it real like your personality I have a feeling we're gonna stay in contact and I'll probably hang out with you thank you that's it because I'm here to back down south well that's a plan now not to plan get that stripper pole greased up because we'll come on I don't know how your back room at your dairy looks but in williston store 1565 we got a real high volume here and this is how our dairy looks all right don't be scared there's a lot of stuff back here this is my very first associate here Stephanie she she is a serious success story she started off on the floor as a floor associate she's now a housewares department manager pretty big deal over here um so nicely done love you gonna miss you father blame for it and yeah anything she does wrong he's probably my great spot what'd you say you're having trouble finding housing in Williston North Dakota housing unit B EC housing unit top-of-the-line latest in high-tech portable housing it has bunk beds or actually just folds down to make a single bed fully furnished with microwave a nice 900 watt Emerson 32 inch television fridge locking file cabinet there is uh where you hang your soups right or maybe just your dirty ass oil gear anyway yeah this is uh this is how they were all here North Dakota style you could buy your own I ensure you're all asking well Greg how much is it how much is this cool aspect housing unit twenty four thousand nine hundred dollars out the door pedido rated to minus 40 degree temperatures move that you got a couple windows in here right it's got that Rhino coat seal thing on the outside this all Rhino coated whatever so it's pretty cool how we do it here $25,000 so you're looking at you're looking at $100,000 made it hey look I made it to Walmart geri-beri hold it congratulate okay fast-forward eighteen months remember the last time it was my first day on the job and I was in the parking lot and was cold well it's cold again and it's kind of my first day on the job again and it but it's still Walmart it's my first day as an assistant manager I'm excited this is Sunday November 3rd daylight savings time man and here's my new store Dickenson my Savior subway where's all the people Craig it's Sunday before noon we don't open we have a blue law in the states so don't we worry this is a big volume store I think they did about 120 hundred 30 million in sales last year I plan on doubling that all right I came I saw I did every boomtown out here it seems like and now it's time to go I know this this comes as a big surprise I worked for Walmart I moved up into middle management was an assistant manager of a hundred thirty million dollar store and they fucked me over go figure huh wow what a shocker Walmart screwed someone over didn't take care of their people really what a shocker I know so anyways um we're filming the last moments here in the RV art doesn't realize it yet but you're going to Washington State buddy capstone project kingston order University at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo).

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