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Do my capstone school katy

Do my capstone school katy fire pit capstone richmond va acoso escolar bullying ppt presentation ´╗┐hey guys good morning so it is November 8th it's around 10:15 and I'm getting ready to head off on a trip today I'm going it's kind of like I did last time like really short routes sorry I'm a mess like I haven't washed my hair I've a huge pimple just right there um but it's kind of like my last show where I did a bunch of little short trips so today I'm going to cago to Peoria Peoria to Chicago Chicago to Champaign Champaign back to Chicago and then Chicago to Fayetteville so it's like five leg day but there four of them are really short I think they're like 30 minutes again so it's gonna be pretty fast um but I mean the whole boarding process kind of is exhausting but besides that it should be a pretty easy trip I'm excited um I think a three day and then after that I'm gonna go visit some friends in Denver so my suitcase is packed to the max we go on for like seven or eight days know what my captain I flew with him a few trips ago he's awesome really like him and then fo is a girl so I'm kind of excited it's my first like Girl pilot and I think it'll be so much fun are you excited for this trip and I'll see you guys going to the airport hey guys so I just got into a room it is Harrison 944 we're in Fayetteville this is the weirdest room I think I've ever had so you walk in the door and all the lights are off and I was kind of confused so you go to the left and you have like the closet area all that jazz and then this big bathroom pretty nice but then there's like this door was closed and I was like wait where's the bed so I go in here I already checked everything to make sure there's no crazies and it's a whole bedroom then you can close the door and then you have the area and then you have a kitchen yeah it's pretty nice um a lot of space I'm guessing this is this it's a corner room so it's probably one of the bigger rooms and my last flight I had a really long conversation with a fellow flight attendant she was really interesting um she worked for AFA and then now she works for Sky West super nice lady and the flight just flew by it flew by yeah it's pretty late our van time is at 8 o'clock tomorrow so I'm just gonna shower eat some dinner and go to bed and then tomorrow the next two nights a pretty long layover so we're gonna do some stuff so yeah I totally forgot to insert clips from my vacation so I'll go ahead and insert those now [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] oh yeah we had a great time in Phoenix I get to visit with my best girlfriends Kelly and it was so good to see her um she actually lives down there and yeah I just got some Sun I need some vitamin D little rest of relaxation um much needed so yeah I'm gonna head up to bed and I'll see you guys bright and early hey guys good morning so it is around nine o'clock I turn down the stairs I like one man to get downstairs I'm running a little behind we are about to to Denver and then from Denver we go to Rapid City let me get in really early like around 1:00 or something so yeah I'm gonna head to the airport now and I'll see you guys in a bit [Music] the L is so cool [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys so we are in Lubbock Texas Alfonse frame because I know I'm pronouncing it wrong last night we went out got some food right away and then so we're about to do but again it's that first time in Texas for work I'm so excited cuz I love Texas so yeah we're about to go grab a bite to eat wearing sweater three basic it's hotel so tell us so cool I can't show you guys the lobby yeah so I think that's about it I'm gonna head out [Music] hey guys so we just got back it is around five o'clock feel like I haven't been checking in with you guys at all so yesterday we stayed in Rapid City that was so much fun so the hotel there is haunted I don't know anything I guess it's like a specific room it's haunted that we stand I don't know I didn't notice a single thing but yeah that was a really fun overnight I have a bunch of clips from there that I already showed you guys and then today we did a flight from Denver to her from Rapid City to Denver and then dummer here to Lubbock Texas and yeah tomorrow we go from Lubbock to Denver Denver to Huntsville and then Huntsville back to Chicago it's been a really fun trip I haven't vlogged a lot I kind of have been forgetting to but these are like overnight so I've never done before so it's really exciting and so I've been going out a lot and getting dinner and kind of exploring the town it's a long few days I'm exhausted we just want got some tacos and visited some Texas Tech stores and just kind of hung out played pool that sort of thing yeah I'm going to maybe one hot tub maybe this could have been I'm not really sure there's I might hungry still so there's a place across the street that might run too but yeah I will see you guys brain earlier event I'm in at 5:30 5:30 hey guys so today is it go home day it's Saturday we had a Showtime 5:30 this morning and I've got to check in before I left because I was in huge hurry so we went from where was I Lovick loboc can sit right by vertex to Denver and then waited two and a half hours sit here in Denver switch planes and we're about to board up in about ten minutes [Music] and then we're going Huntsville in Huntsville back to Chicago I'm done last night I was so tired I ended up just eating some ordering some food and going to bed so nothing too exciting we went and played pool and stuff but that's about it this flight to Huntsville should be pretty easy it's two hours and 15 minutes or so and when they have 30 passengers a my plate this morning and we had a few fasteners - I was like 24 super easy everyone was basically sleeping it's been a really great trip I like going to places that I've never been before instead of going to the same places over and over again yeah that's it a lot of fun so I'm gonna finish putting my commissary away I'm basically and done with it all but I just have to do a few last things and then we're gonna board up I have to catch my flight visit my friends at around 4:40 we get in at like 350 so it's gonna be crunch time I'll see you guys in [Music] [Applause] hey guys so I just got into Colorado Springs coming into Denver so it's a Saturday so coming to Denver did not look too likely with the being non revving in San buying so I came into Colorado Springs sitting here kind of touching my makeup and I want to show you a new makeup bag that I just got from TJ Maxx what it looks like and I'm obsessed with it so this is by tenderlove plus carry and it is perfect so it has this huge big pouch and two like slits on the side and it is just a perfect size to fit everything and I still so much room like are you kidding me so I love this and then I've been using these little travel-size perfumes with me this is by the luxury scent box and I've been getting so many compliments on my perfume where's the one that I get the most compliments on I have like four among so I've been getting a lot of compliments on so you just twist it up and then pull it out and this is what it is well there's any of it listed below I love these little travel-size ones and this is like a huge travel sized one so it's gonna last me a long time so yeah I just keep those with me and my makeup bag yeah I took a really good snooze on the plane we did have an emergency situation like someone I don't know what happened to them but we had to have the paramedics come on and it was the first time I ever saw it happened so yeah I'm just gonna end the vlog here and I'll see you at my next video don't forget to subscribe if you're not already subscribed and then follow me on Instagram it and I laugh you guys later you can see is read till you discover it is within each other to forgive and me [Music] [Applause] [Music] capstone project interview online Sisters of St. Joseph.

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