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Do my capstone review usmc

Do my capstone review usmc do my capstone veterinary hospital tuscaloosa superb comments for report ´╗┐one of the great benefits of an economic model from an economist and point is you can basically get whatever results you want you can manipulate the inputs to make that happen and that makes it a very easy tool to use to hoodwink other people these manufactured these engineered financial catastrophes are the result of a central banking system that has the ability to add and subtract credit atoms to add and subtract dollars and money at will to create this roller coaster effect because unlike most people that the banks are able to make profits as easily on the way down as they can on the way up in any given situation volatility is great for banks and professionals the all tility is not great for the most most average people their operatives in government and media then hold the economy hostage by issuing the ultimatum give us unlimited bailout money or the economy dies what's being used is what I call to try to get the money so what I call the suicide threat where you know if anybody has ever seen the movie blazing saddle the sheriff is surrounded by hostile town folks he takes out his gun points at his head and says you know don't move or I'll shoot well that's what the big banks are saying you know give us unlimited cash or we'll die and if we die you'll die because we're too big to fail it is a false flag attack because Hank Paulson will get up in front of Congress and say we need seven hundred billion dollars because that thing that existential threat the market is attacking us and we need this handout to fight mr. market mr. market is out there we need to fight mr. market it's an existential threat meanwhile he saw what he is mr. market he's the one causing the problems we had Paulson a representative of Goldman Sachs who happened to be running the US Treasury came forward with a hysterical briefing for the Congress saying we The Wall Street bankers demand seven hundred billion dollars in bailouts so they say yes we'll give you all the money you need well why don't you know these are arsonists Paulson can tim geithner Bernanke they're arsonists they're asking for more matches and the Congress is saying who do we make the check out to who do we send these matches to who to who to who do we send the matches too there's a ton of matches enough can we send you some gasoline ago those matches like yes please don't change your management don't pay us what assets are worth pay us way more than what our assets are really worth don't make us use honest accounting allow us to lie we've just under congressional pressure change the accounting rules for the express purpose of making sure that the big banks don't have to report honest losses the only way they can pass this bill is by creating and sustaining a panic atmosphere that atmosphere is not justified many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on Monday that the sky would fall the market would drop two or three thousand points the first day another couple thousand the second day and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no that's what i call fear-mongering we have you know people in the government threatening martial law or things to get their way in the executive branch against congress you know it you know if you put all these signs together it doesn't look good at all that to the extent we are democracy were sort of a hair breaths away from the police state congress aided the bankers in carrying out the biggest heist in history with the so-called banker bailout of 2008 the bailout money the thirteen trillion or so dollars that have been given to the banks is sitting on the balance sheet of the banks and that is incurring interest costs and that's going to precipitate the need to flush the system with more cash and at some point a dam will break and you're going to have very high inflation some predict hyperinflation you cannot print phantom money out of thin air backed by nothing and producing practically nothing without destroying the world economy so unless we cut out the toxic funds the toxic elements of this economy every time we put in money on this bailout it's just feeding the fire it's not making things better what should have happened is that those banks and investment banks should have been seized they should have been seized by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation those are zombie banks the Chase Manhattan JPMorgan Chase Bank of America Citibank wells fargo wachovia someone down the line to AIG in the insurance realm these are zombie institutions insolvent bankrupt the only thing to do with them is to seize them put them through chapter 11 bankruptcy that'll probably turn into chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation and above all triage the derivatives on their books there's no way to bail out a 1.5 quadrillion-dollar black hole of derivatives but nevertheless they tried they will of course try to regain some of this money back but the debts unlike any other period in history are now a quantum size bigger than the entire global gdp by a factor of 50 to 100 it's almost infinite amount of debt if you really look at the numbers because of the massive massive debt and right now total debt in this country is about three hundred and seventy five percent of the gross domestic product and that's not including derivatives if you put the derivatives in it's probably 20 to 30 times gross domestic product is beyond what anybody has ever even considered while they were looting North America into the ground the international banking syndicate was simultaneously executing the same scam in over a hundred other nations so who got the money to financial institutions in Europe and other countries which ones I don't know half a trillion dollars and you don't know who got the money well Obama's got one difficulty with this Congress it's the number of freshman Democrats that got elected many of these people know that they got their seats from in many of which got seats in the Senate and Congress from long-held Republican seats they know that the the people back in their states and in their constituencies will not tolerate this any longer so up against the Republicans and the Blue Dog Democrats are these freshman congressman Democratic congressmen and Senators and they're not they don't seem like they want to go along with the program so if there's any hope it'll come from these freshmen the Constitution says no money shall be drawn from the Treasury but in consequence of appropriations made by long do you want a hydronic new Treasury well let's talk about that do you think it's consistent with the spirit of that provision the Constitution for a group like the fmoc to hand out a half a trillion dollars to foreigners without any action by this Congress Congress approved it in the Fed Reserve Act when was that quite a long time ago I don't know the exact date you know you really lacked in 1914 I believe I don't know whether this provision was in 1914 or not but the Fed Reserve Act was in 1913 all right and at that time the entire gross national product of this country is well under half a trillion dollars wasn't it I don't know it's safe to say that nobody in 1913 contemplated that for a small little group of people would decide hand out half a trillion dollars to thorntons what the bailout legislation really did was give a blank check backed up by us taxpayers to offshore mega banks of course Congress has over cited if you read the Constitution our founders were very clear anything to do with taxes and money is put into the hands of both houses of Congress together both houses of Congress together must approve it because it's a buck because that's why we fought the revolution taxation without representation was part of it you stock quote for capstone turbine order Hyde Park campus, Hyde Park.

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