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Do my capstone research paper topics cheap

Do my capstone research paper topics cheap write for me leadership capstone guelph thanksgiving essay by kelly hashway backyard ´╗┐all right so you got your new TV you want to put it on the wall but you don't want to spend 100 bucks on one of those wall-mounted units would it be awesome there was just an easy do-it-yourself cheap way to do it let's see all right so I'm here in our youth room at our church we just got a new TV to put on the wall and I wanted to get it off of like a table or whatever so that you can move things around you have to worry about the TV I went to Walmart bought this TV it's like a 40-inch for like three hundred dollars it's amazing how cheap tv's we're getting I think it was like a hundred dollars or $89 or something I'm at range for the mountains to just mount it to the wall and I just thought man that is ridiculous that that much money be spent just on some metal to mount it to the wall so I came up with a easy cheap do yourself solution to that for less than 20 bucks you'll be able to mount your TV let's take a look at the back of it all right well I'm not sure how well you're able to see that there but you can see this right here this metal piece this is called unit struck and basically I've got two pieces of this put together one is on the wall and one is on the back of the TV and that's what's holding it up and it looks great it's super strong you're not ever going to be able to pull this thing down let me take it down and just show you exactly what it looks like all right so we take a look up here this is our the back of the wall what's mounted to the wall and again this stuff is called unit strut and it runs about 15 bucks for ten feet of this and just get it home depot in the electronics section you just say hey I'm looking for the unit strut you know that's what they're going to thank you to and all you do is you do that with these one and a quarter washers and so these are actually quarter inch holes by one and a quarter washers so they're big so that basically they fit in there and I usually you have to kind of you slide it in in order to get these in here you can kind of wiggle it in this way but usually you just slide it in its best so it's holding down that whole plate there same thing on this side and just use whatever you want for if you want to use Philips head or if you want to use a bolt you know like a hexagon nut that's fine too you just want to make sure there's enough room for the other piece of Yunus fraud to be able to like latch in here so if you don't want to both it's ticking you know real far out because there's not going to be room for it and I just bolt these two the two the drug the stud itself so use a stud finder find out where the studs out and just make sure that's on there so I mean you could if I were to hang on this it would hold it it's very very very strong then here on the the back of the television is the same thing this is the the unit strut back here and all you got to do is just find out where the manufacturer holes are like these guys right here this is where you would normally install like a one of the universal one use the same bolts that came with the TV or you can just take the bolt that's in the TV and take it to the hardware store and get another one now this is a pretty good view here this side you can see how right here it you know it loops around it kind of has like a little like a J on both the top and the bottom so this right here loops around and grabs set this back up grabs on the top this corner here these are looping around they they kind of interlock with each other and so there's really no way as an accident that's going to fall off the other cool thing is once you get it up you can slide it back and forth it doesn't have to be exactly perfect so you know like on this my studs are right here you know they're there this pot in this pot but say your studs are there but you wanted the TV to kind of shift over a little bit that's fine because you actually have probably six inches or more of leeway you could go back and forth usually your studs are going to be 16 inches so I just cut this right here to be 20 inches and you've got a little bit of play on both sides that you'll be able to get it at and on this one not here I actually cut this one I believe thirty inches across so that it spans the entire back of the television so I've got a lot of play that I can move back forth on this alright so I'm going to put the TV back on and just show you how how it locks up there by the way this hole here all I did was I just put the the wires down from the bottom and they go up through here so all the wires going through the wall so you know there's not any dangling wires and I'm actually going to install a power outlet up here too and I'll show you how I have the wires run down below in just a second so anyway when you're putting it up all you got to do is I usually hold my hands on the side here where they're by the unit strut and then I just kind of eyeball it kind of come up and stick it on there usually it will kind of somewhat lock in hip and lock in first try right there this guy is on there it's not going to come off and because the strut is is like I've seen you get a little bit of leeway going back and forth it just slides on there you've got a lot of play you can go back and forth on this you can really Center it up exactly the way you want alright I pulled it all the way over to the side so you can kind of get an idea how those the Jays kind of interlock with each other if you pick up on it it's just it locks itself it's not really moving anywhere you have to move in order to get this out you'd have to move it like this way and then up and out and that's not going to happen you know if you're worried about my kids knocking into it and pulling it off the wall you really have to struggle to even get it off the wall so it really locks in well another thing about this shoes as you're working with the wires I actually have one of these on another TV a commercial mount and it's like impossible to get any back here and this is great as you just pull it up you know what's on there it's not coming off you can get back and fiddle in with your wires and take care of everything you need to without having to without I'm going to take it down you can just you know install plug it get all your plugs and stuff so it's actually very very versatile once it's up all right so you see the TV up here and the plate the whole without a little plate around it up behind the TV is running down here you can see this guy down here is just a plate you can find them on Amazon and different things but it's just a hdmi vga and a pinch for the audio going in and we use this room a lot for different things and so it's it's important for us to not have to get behind the TV every time we want to turn something on so like right now the DVD player is just plugged into that via HDMI and but if I have a computer I want to plug in there use HDMI or the VGA and all the audio is already run so it's very very good and this right here this white cord coming up into the plug I'm going to make an outlet up on top but for now that's what I just used an extension course it's an extension cord going behind the TV that everything is is plugged into because I've got the power for the TV and the power for that speaker below plugged into that and it's just ran down on the bottom there but that looks kind of ghetto so I'm going to fix that with an outlet up on top but anyway there you have it easy way to do a do-it-yourself flat screen TV mount to the wall for less than 20 bucks and I actually got two TVs mounted for less than 20 bucks because it's 15 bucks for the unit strut and you know a couple bucks for the screws and bolts and that's about it so hopefully it's helpful to you if you like this video please like comment subscribe thank you so much for watching you capstone management reno nv Simon Business School.

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