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Do my capstone research definition

Do my capstone research definition do my capstan winch for sale sierra avalanche report [Music] okay this morning guys we're going to be shooting the Remington golden saber 40 Smith & Wesson 180 grain brass jacketed hollow point product number on this is GS 4 0 swb this has been around for a while and they're also one of the only ones that uses slanted serrations there are six of them in that brass jacket so we're going to get this shot today through four layers of denim and the calibrated gel and yes we're going to be using the Glock 23 40 Cal Gen 4 yes I have a Glock I admit it be right back guys okay guys here we go with that golden saber 40 Smith & Wesson and it shooter through four layers of denim and the calibrated gel it's check it out guys we had some jump to it let's go check it out okay guys you can see with that golden saber one end point of entry right right at the aim spot there and you can see right here you guys can see down in there of course I'll do a side view for you looks like right at man about a half an inch mark rapid expansion and it looks like the expansion line is pretty good it's probably a good two inches right there at about the four and a half mark go down to five it looks like right about six and three quarters it settles down we'll get a better look at that in the side view then it looks like it starts streamlining a bit we get to 11 11 and a half we go into that second block yep here we go but hey hold on that's just a jacket we got jacket separation leading edge of that looks like about fourteen and three-quarter and then the slug continues on takes a little bit of a right-hand turn and goes to right at seventeen and a half so we did get jacket separation back here at the fourteen inch mark lead slug kept going right at seventeen seventeen and a half let me get those out of there so you guys can take a look at them okay guys you can see this Remington golden saber side view here hey regardless of Jacket separation I'm not going to knock this round look at this wound Channel it is devastating I mean it's a permanent wound cavity starts right there at about the half inch mark look at that just rapidly opens look at all the energy that's dumped and look at the spike there it goes on down it goes on down and we're right out about like I said earlier about the eight inch mark I guess eight and a half it starts to flatline goes into the second block of gel and comes to a rest after it comes apart at fourteen and then the slug goes on down to seventeen seventeen and a half once again the Remington golden saber 40 Smith & Wesson hunter 80 grain brass jacketed hollow point did a pretty damn good job even with jacket separation when you guys are going to see a little bonus video in a second see my brother devil dog Cory he's gonna shoot one out of his Glock and you guys can see what rounds can do have the same kind of gun different results every time you guys have a good one okay this morning guys we got a fellow devil dog here he's going to test his personal carry ammo for us looks like he's carrying Remington golden sabers he's firing it out of a Glock 23 so the show's going to be his for now go ahead and grab your pistol load it up and pop that gels ass out of it gonna be firing from ten foot in the calibrated gel here we go with the Glock 23 looks like dead center shot placement let's go check it out guys okay guys here you see where that golden saber 1in looks like a massive wound track right there you guys follow that in there exploded pretty well is it won in dumped a lot of them it's going on down going on down goes into the second set there it looks like that leading edges right out about 15 and a quarter pretty impressive out of a golden saber it looks like it held on to its jacket so let's dig that out and take a look at it okay guys you can see that golden saber they're pretty good held on to its jacket looks like we got some pretty good expansion there won't be a post to this one because this is going to be his trophy for shooting so anyway looks like we got about yeah I wouldn't say three quarters but it fits up there it's hard to tell from just looking at the ruler but opened up really well nothing clogged peeled all the way back pretty decent round shot out with a Glock 23 you guys have a good one okay guys another look out here we're at the post to the 40 Remington golden saber 40 Smith & Wesson 180 grain brass jacketed hollow point as you guys seen today if you watch especially the end of the video we did like a little two-part thing the end was done a couple months ago with his carry with my brothers IMO and then we featured it today pretty damn good round let's go through what happened today what happened well we fired it through four layers of denim in the calibrated gel we got jacket separation and what happened is we got fourteen and three-quarter penetration and then the jacket separated from the core and then the core itself went on down to 17 and a half as you guys can see expansion was wicked even with the core and you guys seen that wound track that wound track went on it started about the half mark and then I think I said in the videos I was looking down to the top I thought it was about six but when I actually did the side view it one on two about eight so that permanent wound cavity was eight inches and it was pretty massive you guys seen that so for a bullet that separated from the jacket you still can't knock it it did its job fourteen and three-quarter before separation and then seventeen and a half after the separation so damn good damn good job really once again it's a it's a brass jacket it's not bonded or anything like that it doesn't have any kind of interlocking crimp I do see this a lot in gold and Sabres they separate from the jacket now as you guys seen when Corey shot his shot his didn't separate it's about fifty-fifty with these so the one I shot today I did I featured it separated the one he shot didn't separate it's just the way it works uh weight retention I'll throw that up there like I always do the total weight retention was 180 point one if you guys are interested the jacket itself is right at 40 and then the core is like one thirty nine point one I think the jacket was like forty point nine expansion if you guys measure max expansion from just the jacket it's massive eight nine five that's its max point like right there that's wicked the core itself 0.62 eight three three so even the core itself by itself is devastating bigger and a lot of nines and stuff like that so once again guys the forty Remington golden saber 180 grain brass jacketed hollow point shot it today out of a Glock 23 yes I own the Glock I get that question all the time yes you see it right there that's my Glock 23 anyway pretty damn good round did it did its job today you guys seen the other end of that spectrum where it didn't separate from the jacket so once again guys this is what this testing for you can shoot the same round out of the same gun he used his 23 in the calibrated gel for there is a denim his didn't separate the one I featured today did you guys have to draw your conclusions from there 14 and three-quarter penetration on the jacket the core a little bit to further to the right 17 and a half when he did his it was 15 in 1/4 with no separation so once again you guys gonna have to draw your own conclusions there golden saber 40 Smith & Wesson you guys have a good one [Music] you capstone lawn care greenville sc order Sisters of Charity of New York.

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