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Do my capstone requirements meaning

Do my capstone requirements meaning write for me capstone properties bloomfield ct greek art and literature summary review I am really excited about this I want you to take a look at this and maybe even this right Terry are this or this you'll never guess what it was at one point right right it's so cool it is so cool you will know you will not have I let me just put it this way I bet you didn't even think you could make this at home I'm already in my head it's just an idea that's the salt shaker this is so cool we have Carol rose from the Bella Society and this is so cool how you found her and you have you've been on the show before us I have okay so I'm excited because I love soldering I'm kind new to it but you've never done it before so we get to learn something I've never done it and I'm when I look at this stuff I go okay must be something they manufacture like you know in a place far far away not in your home but this is something that you have like literally start from scratch pops and you label it step by step and step by step Isis and we wanted to kind of get a preview and let people know hang on for the ride here because we're going to show you how you can do it - that's right well first when you when you want to start soldering you figure out what type of image you want to do we're going to today we're going to make a little soldered memory glass pendants so you figure out an image you can use scrapbooking paper digital collage sheets or maybe an old photograph you know family grandparents or something and then you'll want to trim your gum your image and put it under the glass okay make sure you clean your glass - you don't want any thumb prints Oh on the inside once you're finished soldering bump it right in the middle of Edo but every day's go so what we're going to do first you're going to wrap your glass what is this this is copper foil and it's got an adhesive on the back and that's going to stick to the glass and allow you to wrap your image and the tape and so and you want to Center the glass on the copper tape let's roll it and then roll it along and that that comes in different colors right not just copper comes in silver and you coppers the best don't use anything else copper conducts heat really well this is the best thing to use I've tried maybe that was wrong ah Harry was named Stephanie I tried this we learned all over 12 hours oh I go so hard I did it for six months and I cried and threw myself on the floor and put my hair and that's when you decided you know what I really should provide classes because absolutely because there's a lot you can watch YouTube videos but they don't give you all those little tips and hymns yeah absolutely and that's what I really needed so once you get your copper tape wrapped around it on the glass you're going to want to push the edges down very carefully you don't want to crumple your foil so very carefully like that all the way around both sides and when you're finished you're going to have a piece like this okay and to get the copper tape nice and flat you're going to use a little burnishing tool something plastic just shove that down yeah make sure all the adhesive sticks to the glass no bumps you don't want any no bumps you want to work with a you know if you start with a good foundation you're going to have a beautiful finished piece can we just go over the tools here has a really big into this is your soldering iron right yeah absolutely this is a hundred watt temperature controlled soldering iron and this is a professional one but you can buy a you can buy one I think at the craft store that stone buy a soldering iron that cost twenty dollars you'll regret it Oh spend the money you want it has to be temperature controlled so that you get a nice smooth B to solder a continuous bead and then what's this stock flux this is paste flux this is very important I didn't realize this when I first started soldering but this is what you're going to paint onto the solder and I like to use paste because then you can see where it goes now does it matter if you get on the glass nope okay so I saw next step after you've put your foil on but your foil on and flux it I want everybody to repeat after me flux is my friend flux is my okay because this is the this is just the best now what is that doing it because this will help your solder flow onto the copper foil if you don't have enough flux your solder is not going to go anywhere when you if you lift on the soldering iron off of the foil you're going to get little points you're not going to get a smooth I'm dying to see what this thing does can you can you get ready to do that because I really want Brendan to get in there and show how that flows go ahead and do it okay all right okay so now is the important part and be very careful there is something else we do there what was this I just called this is the block of Sal ammoniac you really need this to clean your soldering tip clean it and always make sure it's tinned and look how nice and bright the all right so you're going to pull a bead of solder and always keep your piece level I don't usually work standing up but look at that oh look at that Oh see that flows beautifully let it harden and it and pull it B to solder each time yeah okay whoa now real quickly while your can I try one side yes absolutely I know will I mess it up no you won't mess it up I can fix it if you mess it up I mean I Carol's taken pieces of it comes in sheets the metal comes in sheets and she'll cut it into different shapes ah put it on the back and then solder it to the back looks like a crystal here with an image behind it and pull it at all and then this right here one at a time a pepper no a salt shaker that one's absolutely adorable okay Brendan I'm gonna go in I'm gonna go in here I can't pull a tab in about her she's going in and then I'm gonna go right here mm-hmm look at that okay you're a pro already that's that's a great job it is yes I'm so impressed look it didn't go on the front it's okay because we're not ready to apply this step okay so you wait for that to dry it's already hardened yeah and you can actually do the front in by laying it down if you like oh I think I might have a new habit it's addicting you look at everything and go I can make that I get that and then by soldering after you finish this step then you can start adding embellished pieces like you have here to finish your piece up and get a solder it on and that's what made it extra special with all those pretty little pieces that was really good mm-hmm better than when I first started yeah see I had lots of beads and you know highs and lows and and then you go in and you try to straighten it out and then it just makes more of a mess and then that's when you fall on the floor crying that's right so in your class you're going to tell us how we can take this add the little finishing details add the little things that make it just saying no pun intended with the birds or maybe a little and then kind of create your own your own art and jewelry with this yes you can create jewelry decorative accessories for the home Christmas ornaments I mean the possibilities are endless I just love I'm addicted well I'm going to leave everybody with this shot right here and if you want to take a look at that you can them you can enjoy something like that in your own jewelry box after having taken her class and we're going to show you how you can sign up to be part of Carol's next class over online the class by the way is in Chandler at paper vineyard it's September 22nd from 10:00 to 2:30 and you can get all the information the details about how much it costs and the availability by calling the store directly at four eight zero six five six twenty fifty eight and you can also purchase directly from her through her Bella Society website we're going to provide a link over at Sonoran living calm the university of alabama capstone college of nursing for money School of Social Work.

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