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Do my capstone reflection paper sample online

Do my capstone reflection paper sample online write for me capstone c1000 cost tips for writing a college admission essay ´╗┐hey there Jake from drum tech today we're going to be talking about how to optimize the frame rate and shutter speed of the Osmo to get the best video quality now I'm sure you've seen or taken footage that looks like this it's choppy it flickers and frankly can make you dizzy now the reason this happens is most likely due to the framerate and shutter speed of the video camera this was shot at 24 frames a second and one five hundredth of a second shutter speed the Osmo allows us to shoot up to 4k at 24 frames a second and 30 frames a second but at 1080p we can shoot 24 30 48 and 60 frames a second this video was shot in 1080p to show the difference in the frame rate options frames per second well is exactly what it sounds like is how many frames or still images are captured in each second video I'll show you some sample footage in a bit with the different frame rates and you can decide which is best suited for your shooting style to begin let's talk about something called the 180 degree shutter angle rule now we're going to talk about this without getting too technical but you know this rule dates back to old film cameras but it's still applicable with today's digital video now it says that your shutter speed should be 1 over double your frame rate okay so when you're shooting 30 frames a second you should have a one sixtieth of a second shutter speed when you're shooting 48 frames a second you should have a 196th of a second shutter speed although most cameras will round this up to 1/100 of a second and when you're shooting a 60 frame per second video you'll want to shoot that at one one twentieth of a second shutter speed here's a diagram showing the relationship between frame rate and shutter speed the rectangle shows the total length of time from the start of one frame to the start of another keep in mind if you're shooting at 60 frames per second this process will happen 60 times in one second the gray area of the tangle shows the length of time the shutter is open 180 degree shutter angle rule says that the shutter should be open for half of the total time of the frame now there are obvious exceptions to this rule and we're not going to be discussing them in this video but for a general place to start if your videos are not to your liking start enforcing this 180 degree shutter angle rule so let's take a look at some test footage all right now let's slow it down so you can really see the effects so on the Left the 17 degree shutter angle is a crisp clean image and has a big jump in between each frame in the middle 180 degree shutter you see movement in the hand but there is a little jump still between each frame and it allows for the movement from frame to frame when it's animated so on the right you'll see the 360 degree shutter and there's a lot of smearing and blur in each frame and that's because the shutter speed and the frames per second are identical we're shooting at one thirtieth of a second and thirty frames per second so let's play the clip over and over a few times you can see at full speed what it actually looks like so on the left you can really see the jumpiness right it looks like it's flickering almost in the center it does look smooth it looks like movement it looks normal and then on the right it does have a lot of blur to it so you can see pretty clearly here what the difference is so now let's take a look at some panning this 17 degree shutter angle is a little jumpy while the 180 degree shutter angle is a little smoother right it feels a little more natural and when you get to the 360 degree shutter angle it really gets mushed it almost turns blurry but you do see the sharpness there at the end so how do you shoot for a 180 degree shutter in bright light first open the DJI Go app click the icon that allows for editing of the camera settings you're going to want to switch this to manual and now you'll notice you have two options here you have ISO and shutter speed so you're gonna want to set your ISO to 100 and then the shutter speed to the appropriate shutter speed for your 180 degree shutter rule so if you are shooting at 30 frames per second we're going to do one sixtieth of a second if you're shooting 60 frames per second you're going to do one one twentieth of a second now you'll notice the Osmo does not have an aperture setting so it has a fixed 2.8 f-stop so the first thing you'll notice here is that everything is blown out it's overexposed or about to stops overexposed so in order to reduce the light into the sensor we're going to have to add a neutral density filter to the front of the lens now the filters that we use are made by polar Pro and they come in a 3-pack you have a polarizer an nd8 and an ND 16 the nd 8 will remove three stops of light and the nd 16 will remove four now we don't use the polarizer very much but the nd eight and the nd 16 they're in our kit all the time and they get used on every shoot these filters were designed to be used with the inspire one but because the Osmo uses the x3 camera as well these fit just fine now you can see that we're two stops overexposed so we're going to go and get the nd8 filter and we're going to unscrew the the filter that comes with the Osmo and we're going to replace it with the nd8 filter so as we put this filter on you'll see an immediate change all right this is taken three stops of light out and is now giving us a pretty good exposure it's showing a little overexposed still but much much better and one thing to note here you can play around with the shutter speed a little bit you want to keep it at 60 but if you tilt the Osmo up and down you want to make sure you're not getting a false reading like here we're pointing into the sky and that's going to make it make it feel like that there's more light than there actually is because we're probably not going to be filming the sky we're going to film down at the grass so if you bring it down you'll see there you go goes negative one stop so this is a perfect filter for this for this situation so we're going to leave this nd8 filter on here's a close-up look on how to change the filter on the Osmo first thing you're going to want to do is is find the outer ring and turn it counterclockwise there's a little grip on there so you can give it a little force but you shouldn't need to it should come off pretty easily once you get it off take it and put it in a safe place choose the ND filter that you plan on using and gently screw it back onto the Osmo now your filters on and you're ready to go shoot so let's talk about shooting in higher frame rates specifically when to shoot in higher frame rates so for us we shoot in 30 or 60 frames per second based on the situation if we are in a fast-moving environment if there's a lot of movement in the foreground we will bump the frame rate to 48 or 60 frames per second so this clip here is footage taken from the inspire one it uses the same exact camera as the Osmo and as you can see this is it's a little blurry in the foreground everything's moving really fast through the frame so this clip was taken 60 frames per second using the Osmo hanging out of the car window and the reason that we chose 60 frames per second is because we're moving at about 25 miles an hour and we wanted the video clip to be smooth if we had shot this in 30 frames per second you would see a lot of jumping in the foreground as the road and the guardrail moved by keep in mind that the 60 frame per second option is only available in the 1080p mode of the Osmo so if you're getting a lot of flickering from high-speed movement when shooting in 4k you really have two options you can drop it down to 1080p or you can film something that doesn't have as much motion if you found this video useful please like it leave a comment and don't forget to subscribe do my capstone project la gi order City University of New York.

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