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Do my capstone real estate seattle

Do my capstone real estate seattle do my rawat capstone undri pune src god reideen review of literature I will tell you why the pornography does not do a good public service I represent the majority I represent the ones who are being abused every day I'm a former porn actress I do about 30 movies in the 90s i worked in the u.s. porn industry where the main porn industry is I'm from America and we view porn all the time we're at Dickey's at porn we're also told how to lie we're told we tell you how glamorous it is see how much rain ceylon can do that who do you think taught me how to be a trained seal we were on drugs addicted to alcohol I was forced to do sex scenes I never agreed to were forced to sign contracts here's a three-page contract by the Free Speech Coalition and they say things like arbitration litigation I was a young girl around 20 21 years old supposed to know what these terms mean and yet we signed a one-year contract oh honey yeah yeah we'll just do a girl girl just a boy girl and then you shut the set there's what like 20 guys and we're supposed to do anal yeah I've been in a gangbang and if anybody here has done as much gang banging and that I have then they can talk I've had half of my cervix removed because I've caught two sexually transmitted diseases HPV human papillomavirus and herpes a non curable disease there's nothing funny or glamorous about this industry and I'm not the only one come on jenna jameson porn queen also says she'll never spread her legs for this industry again she even admits that she has the classic porn star a background where she's been gang-raped at 14 years old come on all the porn let's talk to the porn stars here let's talk to them they're all in line admitting all this I'm not by myself belladonna's is 99.9 percent SURS have herpes rocco siffredi says the same thing it's a joke to have herpes important they laugh about it aim adult industry medical healthcare foundation the poorest our clinic where the doctor who runs it calls herself dr. Sharon Mitchell in a white lab coat telling young women we keep the adult entertainment industry safe I have it on video no one in this room has more irrefutable evidence than I do I've been there done that more than all of you have I'm here to tell you porn is a lie I can prove it I brought evidence I also have not just mine and the porn stars words I have the County of Los Angeles Public Health Department who says there's been 2396 cases of chlamydia which I dealt and remember they're only taking these quotes and I'm telling you from aim one porn star clinic those poor stars can go test other places too but they mainly tested aim 26 cases no thank you if unreported excuse me 20 26 cases of HIV not publicize of course among performers this is the California Health Department saying this the porn star doctor who does not have a medical degree dr. Sharon Mitchell former porn actress an ex heroin user she says 66% of herpes and we're pretty much up to her ass in chlamydia and gonorrhea she says it's the porn industry says is I'm just repeating their words to you partners into a good public service because it's lying to the whole public Warren is not glamorous I'm proof that I represent the majority the voices you can't crowd not to mention nobody has reached out to these people more than I have I actually work inside the porn conventions where I help women and men we love everybody I go in there when these girls are hired they have a little white ring you know like this oh my god I love my fans you know and then we go in and go and then they come to some besides they I'm getting screwed by so-and-so and eletric miles is screwing me and it's all about its cutthroat fast and it's bunch of bullshit and I don't want you to believe the lie anymore anymore because I care about you as a public care about you care to care about your family's under reaching out to these people for years about seven even longer years I've worked in prisons I've worked in rescue missions I've loved these people and these girls in these guys are crying to me and telling me about all their STDs and they have HIV and they're in my arms weeping who do you think I don't see the pornographers yeah I'm the one loving these people my family's on my team pink cross foundation about two former porn actresses here too that we helped they're here they an informer porn out I brought three I've got the most evidence out of anybody you're not gonna believe the lie anymore I have tons and tons of evidence I'm a can go on on okay let's hear from the porn stars don't just listen to me Mary Carrie when I'm sober I get more anxious when you're sober you're forced to deal with reality I get anxious about things um when I'm drunk on my money when I'm sober I don't want to spend my money okay pour our Jenna Jameson our excuse me of course our Jenna Presley what percentage of people industry do you think have a drug or alcohol problem she says huge this is a porn star she says here's I think that 90% of business does drugs I'll call them maybe 70% of problem and then knowing years ago these are their pictures I have them on my website this is the porn stars talking okay we represent the majority they're all talking about drug this isn't just me they talk under my spaces and blogs I'm helping girls who show up on sets one girl former porn actress Michelle Avani she showed up on a set in Los Angeles and she'd understand whether 75 guys yeah she's like what what's going on my agent said there's only like 15 guys and she shows up and I'm 75 men off the street civilians would call him and they did him cocky with ejaculate all over her hair was that glamorous - of course they lie we're told to lie cases sex trafficking porn is modern-day slavery and I'm not the only voice notice the people who are the ones who make money off of it no no you know many people have died from the porn industry we can't even keep count of all but over 100 people have died from AIDS it's up amorous no other industry kills more people no thank you no other industry kills more people there's only about at any given time I remember I represent the majority in Lausanne just air about fifteen hundred eighty two thousand people we kill more people than the music industry does I know I did a report on it why cuz we're getting high do you put a bunch of you know I'm just gonna be straight out with you sucking cock and fucking all day long you're gonna get diseases you're gonna get your ass ripped and torn on set most of these movies are filmed in private locations on a mostly male set the girls are young they can't read their contracts they don't do you think the lawyers are going to defend them who's going to defend these women on the set no one's gonna defend them the San Fernando Valley where 85% of the world's adult content is created that's where I'm talking about the mainstream porn which goes out worldwide porn is everywhere let me tell you I've got missionaries bishops riding me pastors I admit the Christian churches play the main contributor to pornography and I'm embarrassed as a Christian because I'm standing here in the power of Jesus Christ day he raised me I thought Instruments should have taken my life I shouldn't be dead I was wasted on Jack Daniel's laying on the side you know herpes and HPV I've lost three babies I'm gonna hell them back and I'm a hell again because I reach out to these people and I love them I'm not gonna give up on them and so I'm asking you please please don't believe the live pornography I brought lots of evidence I'm the only one who comes with this much evidence I might add I didn't bring my little black book I bought my little black bag full of evidence parsers quotes and you're anyone right here who said that they're in porn you know I'm telling you right now I know the truth and I don't have to read from speech either you you do my senior capstone proposal Margaret Warner Graduate School of Education and Human Development.

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