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Do my capstone project yale nus cheap

Do my capstone project yale nus cheap internet of things malaysia 2019 how to buy term paper on mandatory due tomorrow ´╗┐last part of our session today is talking about porting to other boards so let's say you have some other board back at your university maybe you have some Nexus 4 boards or even Nexus 3 or Nexus to defend right then what you have came report mips fpga goes words sure right that's the nice thing about it it's Verilog you can go ahead and make a project for that and import it the interfaces are the thing that you'll have to modify and I'm going to show you how to modify it for a different board the basis three board which is also silence board with an Arctic seven on it the change is required or basically these three things and maybe even just to the top to make another rapper module that module we looked at that map's the pins on the FPGA that drive the LEDs or receive inputs from the switches make a new xilinx design constraint file if we can map those top level signals to the pins and then possibly memory amounts supposed yours doesn't have enough memory to fit those 256 kilobyte and 128 kilobytes we can reduce that really easily I'll show you how so here's an example board this is the basis 3 board it has a smaller fpga smaller and that's slightly less capable but similar to the one on the nexus for ddr board it's also an arctic seven fpga and but it's smaller so that X c7a means it's a xilinx arctic seven the 35 t says has about 35 k logic elements and then the rest of its the package and the temperature grade okay so one kind of nice thing about this you look at the price it's about half the price of the nexus for ddr the academic price and the the general general population price as well so you can buy a basis three board for seventy nine dollars which is it's pretty reasonable it is has a little bit smaller has lost memory so block grandma has 225 kilobytes versus 607 and again the 33 k that 35 is an approximation for that 30 which is what it actually has and the next is for ddr as we talked about has about 100 k 100-1 k m logic elements and it has fewer 7-segment displays has four instead of eight but here's the wrapper module we've seen the one for the nexus for ddr looks pretty similar right we still have also has a nice nice and Lee enough it has those JB porch the the P Mod be poured that we can use and those bottom ones are for the 7-segment displays all right so there's to remind everybody what the ddr one looked like this nexus for ddr so not not too hard if you have a different board you can go ahead and write this for your own Nexus three or two or other board even all right so there's the wrapper module and now we're going to change the thigh length design constraint file right so switch 0 on the spaces three board happens to be to pin be 17 and so forth and again for these boards that are made by digital and they have these files and you just uncomment the pins that you're using so I'll actually pull up that file in a moment here okay last thing you might need to do is change the amount of memory if it's using too much block ram and or if you want to reduce the amount of block ram so has less than half on the basis three can't fit all of this this Ram onto that smaller arctic seven fpga so what we can do is just say okay well i'm going to reduce that size I'll make the boot code fit into 32 k and the program code the user code 64k when you're writing programs you have to remember these limits too so all right so there's an HB mitts fpga HP constant v hv h is the barrel lock header file i find some awesome so just right there change those and you're done what I helped to actually see those clouds let me at least show you where they are so you can pull them up later and take a look so if we go into that same place we've been going the myths fpga modules directory now we go into module six and there's a full write-up on this basis three the files here are available right there so we have our MIPS fpga basis three a rapper file here's the inputs and outputs that i just showed and then when we instantiate our system as we expect now we put instead those connections to those signal names very similar to the nexus for ddr board ok so that's the one file we need to change and then the constants file defines both those memory mapped i/o values that we've used and then if we scroll down further here we see the address with this is a word address so really so 13 for the reset ram really means to to the 15th bites right so all right to the 13th words each word is 4 bytes ok and then we can just like we made ours I links project for the nexus for ddr board you know it's the only thing we're gonna change are these two different files this derelict header file for the constants this file and the rapper file make that wrapper file our top level module compile it some size it downloaded onto our art our board and I've precompiled one for you just so you can see it it's available here this bit file let's go ahead and load that onto our basis three just to show that it's very very similar here so here's our bases three board if you happen to get one its port B happens to be up on the top right instead but um okay so here's the basis through when we first started as just students is going through some sequences on the LEDs and it reacts to these switches and now we're going to download nips fpga onto this one go into xilinx same thing same way open the hardware manager let's go ahead and target this new device ok from the hardware manager same thing we did before I have this plugged in and it detects that device but will notice now that it says 35 x c 7 8 35 t program it use this new bit file or maybe you've created your own and the I changing some hardware this one I put in module 6 the sporty into different wards I've also placed the wrapper files for the nexus 4 if you happen to have that so basis 3 is here and here's the bit file they took it out so we can go ahead and download it program it just as before the vado clothes but often when it does that it still downloaded the file so try it so now we look at it looks exactly or very similar to our nexus for ddr when we programmed it this one it doesn't have that extra CPU reset so I've mapped the reset to the center push button here if we push that and it runs that program that same program what we had that increments LEDs okay so useful because well maybe one a less expensive board or maybe we happen to have 30 different boards in our lab already want to use those two that's one awesome thing about the mips fpga we have access the Verilog bring that into a different project and recompile it retarget it okay so that is actually it there is a full write-up on that as well that you can refer to back at your universities I just want to bring home a few points MIPS f vijay's awesome for all of these kind of classes or even research digital design architecture embedded systems you know even layout we can start thinking about thinking about laying out an actual commercial core system on chip design we've done some of that today with the peripherals and great for research as well being able to I wish I had had this during my PhD being able to not just write a simulator of a processor but actually be able to run it and all is it faster but I get some a lot of more accurate results write for me good research topics yahoo answers Lincoln Center campus, Manhattan.

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