Do My Capstone Project Part Iii Strategic Issues
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Do my capstone project part iii strategic issues

Do my capstone project part iii strategic issues capstone design report hakken en zagen scouting report ´╗┐good morning I hope you guys had a fantastic Ian I said guys word of the day should not be guys good morning this is the reality show with your host baby Chelsea I hope you guys had a fantastic weekend good morning welcome to the real Elodie show with your host baby Chelsea look mom no hands no lapel I have no L where is it we'll never know okay today we're gonna have a little bit of fun I know this week with the holidays coming up it's about being relaxed and chillin out by the pool I'm all about being relaxed I'll let you see what I'm wearing right now got my shorts on they have baby throw-up on there that's what you get when you have a five month old and I'm just relaxing but the reason why I'm doing so is today we're gonna do a little Tryon session with all the women and their yoga pants I know you've seen it all you have to do really is go on Google or Yahoo or whatever you use maybe you use AOL and you're back in the 80s search yoga pants and you'll definitely wake up in the morning cuz you're gonna see some stuff you do not want to see you'll see people wearing yoga pants that are on the people of Walmart website have you guys seen that innocent guys dang it dang it dang it if you haven't seen that website I'm gonna link to it below go check it out it's pretty funny it's pretty freaky and I know I've seen some people that need to be on that website as well we're going to see how comfortable these truly are and look I just realized I'm matching matchy matchy matchy match really I just can't dress I've never been able to really consider myself a sharp-dressed man I've always wanted to be but really I was a kid that would wear win pants that were primary colors and then I had the wind pantsuit that were secondary colors and then I wore a silver whistle we'll get into that in another episode this thing this piece of fabric that's been woven into tight stretchy lycra spandex material has taken over the planet I'm sure you were a little I'm sure you will agree everybody's wearing these but everybody's wearing these and really they look they look comfortable they look like something that is sewn to flatter a lot of different body parts but but it looks like this is something that would flatter a lot of different body types not even recording good girl or gracious I am when be happy I'm out laughs but really you could see the stitching on here you made but it's really I'm assuming it's done so - kind of a satchel satchel eight honest I'm not on drugs a situate a person's leg if they have a bigger but quite honestly I don't have a but okay I have the condition called no acetal if you don't know what that is you should look it up but it essentially means I have no ass at all this is what we're gonna be trying on and some people wear these that absolutely should not okay if I don't know how mean I want to get I don't know if I want to be that mean but if if if the shoga pants is stretching to the extent where it becomes a clear our shear cloth and I could see your skin color maybe we won't want to think about getting one size you're not gonna hurt anyone's feelings by doing so also if you could see your your your cute panties under here or you not want to reconsider the fabric or the color that you're using so please like I'm not even gonna do that here because it's too late Damon you missed your chance you've missed your chance no one's going to subscribe they probably all left with your first mistake that you made at three or four seconds congratulations your subscribers are going away these really have taken everybody by storm a lot of pictures on google images that you can see you know really to me for a woman to wear this I get it I get there's a lot of busy moms out there that want to be comfortable that are super active if you're in the gym of course my opinion is is that not this is not an everyday where if we're gonna try it on and we're gonna see if it's truly as comfortable as it looked okay so we remove this back I'm gonna have to step behind the curtain aka just really around the camera there and try these on okay so there we go oh wow oh there's a lot of things happening oh there's a lot of things happening I don't know if it's good or if it's bad now am I looking have the two ish okay course I got me some underwear you know you're really tight I feel like I'm wearing some sort of leather pant and you should never be wearing leather or pleather unless you're on stage or rock star but I will say they are pretty cool at the bottom they got the hippy player lick thing going on that's kind of nice I feel like I could do some squats in these you know do something like some some glute squats and and some exercises to get the butt going I probably should as we speak I think I get it these are pretty interesting not quite like I thought really the biggest thing that I noticed about these the biggest thing that I've noticed the biggest thing I noticed about these is that they're extremely warm and I am a hot natured guy I always have been I don't know that I really feel comfortable wearing these on a day to day basis I love my gym shorts I love shorts in general I definitely see how they're really comfortable because they truly are comfortable I don't know that they're really that flattering on me that has kind of a dad bod going on but they're pretty cool I get why women wear these every day I commend them for being able to do what they do in a daily life to take care of their family and their children and be a professional woman or a stay-at-home mom all of that is very attractive and when you see this I think it gives off the the image that you are athletic you have a lot of stuff going on you're going and moving and you want to be comfortable I think that we should start inventing some male yoga pants maybe a little bit loose in the crotch area cuz no one wants your 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we the boat vocabulary word that describes a sound where the word is this stereotypical sound so say the word boom the word boom and if you say it with the inflection of the actual sound that a bomb would make boom that would be considered onomatopoeia so if I was to say what a symbol does when you press it together it was ting if I was a go TV d that's horrible but if I was to do that that's an onomatopoeia please like please subscribe please to swab sweep up okay you know I already said that I'm not gonna say it again thank you so much have a fantastic week my wife's gonna love that she's gonna really think that's all vintage be like thank you for your yoga pants I'm gonna give them back to you right now so come come don't be a downer go gravity and my butt crack is gonna fall out capstone projects and thesis titles order Monroe College.

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