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Do my capstone project order

Do my capstone project order capstone project ideas in healthcare nightly business report august 28 2018 aramis ´╗┐hey guys I've got a lot of messages about how you should approach getting into Berklee College of Music or if it's worth going there so I decided in today's vlog I'm going to talk about my experience with auditioning to get into Berklee and if I think it would be worth it for you to go to Berkeley if that's something you want to do so if you want one of these here's what you need to know the first thing you need to know is that you don't need a degree from a music school an artist is judged by their art not by a piece of paper that's hanging on their wall unless you're a painter which I guess technically you are judged by paintings on paper hanging on a wall but you get what I mean question you need to ask yourself is why do you want to go to music school there are a lot of good reasons like mastering your instrument networking to meet potential bandmates or to get into the music industry learning from the best teachers and guitar players in the world or if you're like me and you knew that you loved the guitar and you had no idea what you actually wanted to do with your life but you knew it wasn't insert generic college major some reasons not to go to music school are you want to be a rock star to get free stuff because you think it'll be easy Thank You smells like well it's all about fashion and looking cool for sex thing that I didn't think about before going to music school was you don't have any guaranteed career options when you're done it's all up to you and that kind of freedom can be liberating or it can be scary usually it's both but if you do it right you get to do what you love you will find a way to use music to support yourself you have to care about it got to be willing to do things right and work hard and not get discouraged I mean everybody gets discouraged but all I mean is you can't let it dictate your day to day activities because the atmosphere at a music school is complete and utter bliss because you're around all these amazing musicians get to go into these recording studios and use all these amazing amps and gear and learn from these amazing teachers but at the same time it's also maddening because it doesn't last forever and you get thrown out into the real world so as long as you know that fact going into music school it will completely change your experience and it's something that I did not realize as a result everything blew by pretty quickly so let's answer the question what do you have to do to get into Berkeley I don't know if this is true for other music schools but for Berklee College of Music this is what I had to do the first thing is an audition I did not need to have amazing SAT scores I could have failed every class in high school if only I had known anyways there's an audition that you have to go to in that audition you're going to be in front of an amazing guitar player who is way better than you it's important to know that because you'll be a lot more humble and play a lot better that way contrary to what you might think these people are extremely nice to you they will not berate you if you mess up and they'll make you feel extremely comfortable in the audition you'll be tested on ear training so maybe the guitar player who's testing you will play a very simple riff and they'll say can you play that back to me and if you can do it great if not it doesn't matter don't worry about it next piece of the audition is an improvisation so the guitar teacher will play a chord progression that's very simple it won't be any crazy jazz fusion chord changes it'll probably be like a blues one four five something very easy and you're going to have to improvise some solos over it and that should be something that's pretty easy for you to do if you're watching this video learn your pentatonic scale and maybe your major scale and you will be just fine the sight-reading you do not have to worry if you know nothing about sight-reading because they don't expect you to know anything they expect you to hone that craft if and when you get into the school so don't worry if your theory is not up to snuff although it does help your cause and I'll tell you why in my case I didn't know how to cite read in my audition and I just went I don't know how to read that and he said try anyways and I plumped through it and it was SATA like absolute garbage but you have to throw your ego to the curb because once you step inside the walls of any music school there will always be somebody better than you who is around and the sooner you accept that fact the more fun you will have and the more you will learn the last part of the audition is a prepared piece which means a song that you play along to my case I played along to friends by Joe Satriani essentially you just play along with the exact guitar part that's happening in the song that you choose this is the most important part of the audition in my opinion because the first three aspects of the audition your training the sight reading the improvisation those can all be taught and will be learnt if you're accepted so prepare peace however is something that should display your musicianship and your potential so if you don't perform the piece that you are supposed to have practice then that does not bode well for your chances to be accepted because it shows that you don't have a discipline to practice something so choose a song that you love and that you sound great on so those four pieces of the audition will make up a score between one and seven but numbers not very important to you it essentially allows the teachers to place you in the correct level of classes in the curriculum and the second part of getting into Berklee is an interview process it's nothing to worry about just asking questions about why come to Berkeley and what you want to do with your musical career post Berkeley so in the end what you have to ask yourself is do I love playing the guitar more than anything else and do I want to dedicate my life to doing it or do I like the lifestyle I might envision as a famous musician or something to that extent do you love the guitar and want to be a professional musician in some capacity or you love the thought of the guitar do you love the thought of people thinking wow this guy plays guitar for a living or Wow you so bit of guitar if you're thinking of what anybody else thinks about you a music school is not for you that's why Berkeley has one of the highest dropout rates in the country I think it's around 70 or 80% of people who do not graduate the reason is because I think a lot of people don't ask themselves the question do I actually want to do this with my life but something tells me if you've made it this far in the video you do want to do this with your life so congratulations on that I believe in you I have faith in you if you want a head start on the music school process I teach a course called the guitar super system and it is based entirely around the Berklee curriculum so if you can't go to Berkeley for financial reasons or you just don't want to but you still want a music education in some capacity check out guitar super system it's everything I learned at Berkeley in the guitar section all boiled down into a very affordable very streamlined course you there's currently two levels of guitar super system I'm going to make eight eventually to represent each semester that I spent at Berklee playing the guitar and Dan was it fun and I wish I could go back maybe one day I will pursue another degree in a different area but until then I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing thank you for watching this I'll have more guitar stuff for you guys tomorrow alright Valentine's Day checklist roses Czech chocolate Czech heartfelt note Czech Birchbox underrated sleeper gift check ap capstone exam date order Stern School of Business.

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