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Do my capstone project ohio

Do my capstone project ohio write for me capstone c65 microturbines reporting on health collaborative ´╗┐and I I hope ya'll guys enjoyed this look this is a classic for look that I would typically typically wear when I got my like my black jean jacket on and my fur boots which I love so much mmm and don't forget to rate comment subscribe and I'll talk to you guys later okay see ya next glam okay so now that our foundation is all I like to work with my face first when I'm doing my makeup i will be using the mac magical cooling liquid powder and i love this powder because when you apply to your face it gives you a nice flow like when there's Sun hit it it just shines it's just a powder it looks like this I like to use the stipple brush when i'm using powders just make life so much easier so you're just going to go ahead and play to your face and blend it on now i will be using NYX matte bronzer I'm going to use this to contour my face and the pressure will be users background brush once you get to using products over and over and buying prodigies I think it the feel of what products works for you and with which ones you like the most so every time you wash your YouTube video and it make you should go by this years ago by that you get the hair that enemy like no I don't need to bother because already have my favorite products that i really like but sometimes I do get you a lot sometimes they do get you they'd be like go and buy this try this this is so cool maybe just eat I should come try it but it don't work how it usually used to work where they say something I just goes straight up grab my bag and go and buy it I'm so glad I got over that addiction i'm so glad i got an addiction because it was a big campaign pictures I have because I woke up a soft crop I like to contour my nose with does it just make life so much easier to change the brushes it's wonderful look at it look at nose look good i like to put my blush on after i do my eyes usual suspects is the next milk jumbo close so until once you use this stuff you'll never go back to whatever you would use at this it works so good gonna go ahead and blend that stuff is magic i'ma start off with my next browser I'm going to use it as a transition color this is going to go and the crease area and i will be using a crown brush all the brushes or from crown and this I don't know is the name of them I have said if I find the name of the brushes it will be located down in the info bar so you can go to it and check that out so what I want to do is sweep it under the crease this is going to be our transitioning and blending coma go ahead and apply it to your eye so now for the link color i will be using this pigment by avon and this isn't a color sandstone this is gonna be a lip color I'm gonna going with that same blending brush and make sure everything is put it nicely okay next I'm gonna be lying in my arms with Maybelline eye studio your eyeliner and it's in black we want to make a winged eyeliner I remember the days when I struggle to do this you can imagine how that eyeball turns off turn out oh it's now what you want to do is you want to play i'm going to point it out words just and put up and around see you see how it's giving it dimension looks really pretty just over and you want to do the same with the other eye so you're just gonna fling it upwards and over look makeup motor nursing ok so now i'm going to move on to the bottom lash line i will be using the NYX matte bronzer we're gonna go hit and sweep it under there next I will be taking this nikka k I pencil innocent black water patters to our bottom waterline we're not going to play it all the way we just want to apply it to the outer like so now we'll take that same pencil brush and I'm going on fan it out now we could go ahead and ply a highlighter color and I'll tear duct i will be using NYX illuminator go ahead and apply your lashes one down one more to go all remember the days when I do not know how to curl my lashes and all I'm so glad I'll conquer this this isn't like going to school to get your doctor's degree I'm going to use a black eyeshadow and just darken this brought up down here there's also like this talk alone i'm going to use NYX pinup tease mascara for the top and bottom lashes I mean do the bottom one first since my top ones are still trying to join go ahead and put this map do my eyes look red don't worry if that's something special for those guys so go ahead and apply the mascara to your top lashes I've been using this mascara for a while now ladies and gentlemen our eyes are finished showing chill chill on the shell with shoes so now our eyes are finished so we're gonna go ahead and move on to our cheeks and for chicks we're gonna use my favorite favorite blush in the whole world world it's cause sienna and the blushes by laughing blushes I'll go ahead and apply to my cheeks like so the magical cool and powder from that that's why I really like it because it just makes your entire face glow and you have like this winter glow it is so pretty so much okay to make it look even burp tough oh I'm going to use this blush car fam breezier this is what I think that's what it's called i think i'm setting right fam grazie o or fram bossier the world it's like they wrote it like believe they wrote the word but she said they they wrote the word on the back but they didn't whoever wrote the word don't have really good handwriting this is one of the new ones that i have bought this past month and hopefully i'll be able to show y'all guys all of them because i have a lot of them they'll almost have every color ok so i'm gonna take that color and sweep it over there's a little too much so we'll go ahead and put it on the side too and sweep it over the first blush ok so now for the lips all for lip liner the first lip pencil i will be using is NYX pencil and natural I'm gonna fill in my lip with this so we go through in my title loop now doing this will help our lipstick stay on our lips longer found out we have on our lips on I'll lip liner oil I'm going to go ahead and use this lip liner is cocoa and a spy nicka k it is a brownish a witch i'm just going to go ahead and line my lips usually i don't like my list because you see how i have like a dark ring like around my lips I don't usually have the line about second this video I'm going to so I'm going to go ahead and love my lips with my natural shade is and just mix it in now for our lip color i am using a couple of color that this is in the color natural and a spot out this is one of them matte lip colors I am I want to do a video about these look I have all of the colors and put you love these things i wish i had like purple color so it is totally fine the way it looks it looks so it looks pretty by itself like this but the way I completed this look completed it with a crane shine gloss from mega this one is in the right image now it looks beautiful like this it looks perfectly fine looks beautiful so I'm going to go ahead and show you with the gloss so this is how it looks with the gloss oh and tell me if you like the matte finish better or you like the cross e finish better this is what the gloss looks very pretty both farm looks very nice I like it okay so that is the finished look I hope you guys enjoyed this michael schwerner don't forget to rate comment and subscribe and I'll talk to you guys later like always much love and I want touch my lips it's a beautiful my piece capstone project ualberta online State University of New York at Brockport.

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