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Do my capstone project management benchmarks

Do my capstone project management benchmarks capstone logistics peachtree corners ga for money oyster va fishing report ´╗┐and tuck it in this is ocean county right is it phillies or yankees territory this is Southern Ocean County and this is philly territory where we're at dual sport house we get a nice mix we're at the Jersey Shore get a nice mix of Phillies fans and Yankee fans it's going to be 5050 but it might even save a little bit lead towards the Yankees but there's quite a few Philly fans in the area also yeah but we're still us in New Jersey and we're tight with New York Yankees so you're rooting for the Yankees definitely what what kind of ratio am I going to get here at this place we're pretty much about 5050 I was saying before years in the past or was more predominantly Philadelphia but now we have people moving down more and more from north jersey so it's about 5050 so you should see a good crowd the Yankees game tonight especially Yankees World Series Phillies World Series I'm sorry what it looks like it's going to be should be a great crowd I believe that starts wednesday nights up we're expecting everybody out which is good for the area now like I said about 5050 so everybody's happy Len and you know we're here in bayville in berkeley township Ocean County New Jersey and in this area what would you think I would find in terms of ratio between yankees and phillies fans all right here I believe it's eight eighty percent to twenty percent Yankees I am a Yankee fan and I'd live in Ocean County the Barnegat area and I think that we're talking about at the body line that divides yankees and phillies i would say that route 72 and and route 539 that cuts across the ocean county is probably your line where you you have your yankees and your philly fans but you grew up in barnegat most people call itself jersey but how can we have Yankee fans and self Jersey the Garden State Parkway is is a thoroughfare for most of the people they transplanted from the north down into the into that area but we usually stop somewhere along that parkway trail and that's all I'm saying the 72 72 that's where the people from Philadelphia came in and they tended to go south so when I hit Toms River I'm gonna find what you're basically in New York you know all right now just hold them up it looks like the rains holding off so far it's gonna be a beautiful night that I tell bradley we're gonna see who's gonna win angels Yankees are gonna win to the Kalam Drabek how did your son grow up a met fan his mama met fan no because his sister is a die-hard Yankee fan so he is a die-hard met fin to torture her there's the tickets for tonight and we've got the tickets for where they beat the Phillies next week and I just talked the policeman who grew up here and they say they're Philly fans but they say i would find more New York Yankee fans around here absolutely we are all Yankee fans I was going to tell you when you walked up Billy didn't hit the game this is considered central New Jersey which we go with the north side all right for New York Yankees absolutely go yankees oh yeah so you guys are from New Egypt and what would you say if I were to come here in the yankees and phillies are playing when i find we're gonna find a 50-50 split definitely one hundred percent awesome if I go further north does it change like I've able to Jackson does it change absolutely more Giants and Yankees fans in different area code too yeah and it's the town right next to us probably sixty percent in 10 and forty percent and who are you rooting for it in case this does in fact happen and you guys are from around freehold Jackson right vomit mom at Ocean County yes and uh what do you think it turns the Yankees Philly fans what's the ratio there a hundred 20 there's a lot of people that are I would say it's probably closer to 80 5 to 15 is I'm miserable met fan I am much man nature we're rooting for the madman it's very like my hell it's fine by own personal hell so you guys are cousins yes and like if the Yankees Kate take our business tonight which one of you is going to be rooting for the Yankees and which one's the Philly let's try it let's get help close to that alright so I understand where it is now he's the Yankee fan and you're the Philly fan punched all right here okay heading where you from West Windsor okay and you are a Philly fan Billy span yep so how did your daughter end up becoming a Yankees fan I think she might be adopted I'm not sure it is my family's restaurant Georges checkered shirt on Berlin we are equally divided between Kelly's and Yankees my brother his two sons and I are avid Billy's kids I'm a season ticket holder i will go to all the world series games the rest of my two sisters and their children all Yankees man I love my family but I can't account for your liking me you said you were going to divorce me I unlike until November fit yeah after the series is over when I express some bartender your turn and oak friend and track New Jersey then is a Philadelphia bar or owner who passed away last year diehard Philadelphia fans especially Eagles you coming here for Eagles hands raising their Phillies Yankees World Series around here be great before we put packed every night and you know we have some pretty good fun with it teasing each other back and forth but I'd say Trenton's trend is the dividing line hamilton trenton area you go north of hamilton it's going to be Yankee fans you go south trend it's going to be a Philly fans we are at winberries restaurant bar in Princeton New Jersey ryan palmer square right beautiful Potter square this bar is going to be a mess there's all sorts of Philly fans in this area there's Yankee fans it's pretty evenly fella I think that a lot of times you have the local the actual games local to our Philly fans however if you have transplants through North you get all the Yankees fans i'm here at wildflowers in pennington new jersey mercer county and I've got an equally divided bartending staff take it out back and how about like the bar will have divided give me a ratio of what you guys expect here at the bar look I got Yankees right there it's about here is different because we're in the middle of early an hour from New York and our philly so you can happen half from home in Ewing and Ewing yes your improvement South Jersey more filled out my pants North Church we're like the middle dividing line state line link across the board Philadelphia and it's cool because I could end this day with where I began and you you grew up where I began this morning Alan Tucker day yeah and what was it like back in tuckerton when you grow up there in the late eighties all Philly fans and it changed man I tell you I bet the bartender this is 50 pounds sure all the New Yorkers and all the North Jersey people moving down cheaper land cheap we're living so now what about here in Ewing Mercer County what do you feel more building yeah definitely more feelings but at the same latitude is freehold this literally laid like a diagonal line yeah you go out west closer to philly it's gonna go see more Phillies fans but as you like you know hit that midway point of in Jersey you head out east it's going to be more day to our team geography future again yeah hello different teacher social studies right again like I'm on you again because I only joke people when I tell people my Devils in philly span they look at me like I have like horns coming out of my head right um your yankees fan but a 10 philadelphia eagles fan anywhere Yankees fan now how you would only happen how much crap have you got for that well I'm actually got stopped at red lights and guys tell me the roll down the window and they asked about my truck as I got a Yankees a magnet and a evils magnet kapstone paper and packaging corp linkedin for money School of Music.

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