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Do my capstone project java

Do my capstone project java do my how to win at capstone strategic planning essay paper ´╗┐hey Brian you talk to brief second about the Oh maas360 being a triangular pen besides the standard round or cigar shape and the OMA so what other shapes are out there thanks for the great work well I appreciate the compliment I grabbed way too many pens to show you here today so I'm going to show them all to you because I went ahead and pulled them all out so here we go it's going to be it's going to be pretty cool I did try to do a little bit research like are there commonly known shapes like I know cigar shape is one that's kind of commonly used other than that I don't really know I mean you'd think I would know just about everything about pens but I don't really know traditionally what shapes are talked about with most ten people so there may be some proper terminology out there that I'm just not aware of and I may be making stuff up here and not making a whole lot of sense to you but this is the way my brain works and these shapes that I am just making up within the last 24 hours to answer this question so I kind of grouped them into different ones you can check the blog to get more specific details of some of the breakdowns here but I will at least try to explain to you the logic of my brain what shapes I'm talking about here so shall we fall down the rabbit hole of my brain with pen shapes yes let's do it alright so the first one is a cigar shape which is really kind of a traditional shape on you know you mentioned the cigar as being one looks pretty popular I think of something like the Hamas og bahir or maybe the Aurora 88 both of these are pens that have been around for a long time Corso mas is now our IP but then it was it was around for a long time and it's just very trying traditional shape you know kind of straight down the middle curved on the ends you know kind of looks like a cigar right that's kind of traditionally what I think is referred to as cigar shaped so there's that there's a lot of pens that would kind of fit into that category but I think generally it's having like both in kind of rounded is that cigar shape next one is what I would call a torpedo shape and there's couple different pens that would I would fit into that category one of them would be the Edison Nouveau premier very similar to a cigar shape except very pointy end or maybe it could be a little a little more of a general rounded shape like the LA me mm so it's like fatter in the middle and a really taper is harder than just being rounded on the end like the typical cigar shape so I think either those I would consider I would consider them to be a little bit more of a torpedo maybe why not real torpedoes I think are more rounded on the end but whatever I'm just making this up as I go all right next one is kind of a flattop or what I consider like maybe a classic style you know the Conklin dura graph or the Nighthawk maybe something like a Parker dual fold you know it's really just the cap is a little bit bigger the body is a little bit thinner it's really pretty straight flat on top pretty pretty generic not generic but you know pretty pretty predictable kind of design there but just the flat kind of thing happening there komm is what I've got the next one I have is one that I'm really just completely making up but I call it the baseball bat so that is one where you have a really big cap and it kind of tapers down to be much thinner down at the bottom so the Delta almalfi would certainly fit into that maybe it's a wood on the grip of the pen - I just really associate that with a baseball bat so that's one this stipulative Vinci as well really kind of fat on the top tapers on the bottom on the Schrade tactical pen would be another one that kind of tapers course this is different like a zombie weapon type thing but you know definitely kind of all similar vein bear is having that baseball bat general shape not a whole ton of other pens that probably fit into that one but I thought it was interesting and I just want to share that what else have I got here let's see here one that I would call the the tube shape which is like a Lommy cp1 that really is just like it's like a straw it's just a straight up tube you know it's when it all fits together the cap is not any bigger than the body is this all kind of one shaft that goes down generally pretty flat on the end it could be kind of rounded to you know something like the Kawai code lilliput could probably fit into a tube category I don't know these are all very loose fitting categories and I'm making up as I go as I've said many times the next one I have lemmie logo would probably fit in that category as well next one I have is what I would call a bullet pen so very small you know maybe round it on the end but generally pretty thin and small I think the lilliput would fit in there maybe the Kawai goes sport stipulate a support oh you know something kind of small easy to carry around and maybe even the pilot you 95s could probably fit into that little blip maybe more maybe some more of a torque doh torpedo bullet I don't know somebody's kind of crossover in different areas but you know that I call it a little bullet pence you know they're just little carry around pens daily carry cussing sound so there's that what else I got triangular pens why not like the Pelican twist or the Oh maas360 which is what prompted this whole questions literally a triangle this one's twisted all that but you know kind of fits into that now I'm getting two pen shapes like more on the not so much on the end-to-end but around could fit into that then you get into what I would call faceted ones technically I guess the triangle ones could be faceted so maybe they don't need to be their own category but when you get into faceted pens you're talking about it's not just round but it's actually got a cut into it so a triangle would be three cuts when you get into a square pen like this Visconti Wall Street the original Wall Street as well as the Opera Master technically these are called a squared circle where it's rounded on the edges but then square here I don't know of any pen that's literally a square well I guess there are some that are square I think among I think Monteverde is coming out with one called cube relatively soon that's literally like square but anyway very heavy kind of a squared design on these ones then you get into some other ones that are just even different kind of facets like the pilot kikuno is hexagonal I guess the co ACO sport could kind of fit into that one as well is octagonal or octagonal would be you know something like the o mas Paragon or there's other there's other octagonal ones out there as well you kind of get into two more facets more and more facets I think there's more no this one is twelve isn't it sorry yes octagonal this is a Paragon will be twelve not eight anyway facet it could be a lot of different things but um you know like Visconti Davina has five so who knows there's all kinds of different shapes out there but that kind of covers most of them so you got your cigars torpedos flat tops your baseball bats tubes bullets and then your faceted which gee a triangular square all that kind of stuff there's probably more formal more official names than that and maybe I'm showing my ignorance in terms of my pen history here as to what it's generally considered what if you have more pen knowledge in that what do I like about Q&A is you guys leave comment and I get to read them and learn something from you all so that's kind of what I was able to pull out of my own little collection here and show you what I have in terms of 10 shapes but hopefully at least be entertaining for you if nothing else architecture capstone project Albert Einstein College of Medicine.

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