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Do my capstone project ideas architecture

Do my capstone project ideas architecture capstone corporate for money news report tagalog 2018 torrent ´╗┐my name is dr. Martin ostrich and I'm a laser physicist at the national medical laser center which is part of UCL but we have very strong links with the University College Hospital and the world free hospital up in Hampstead the laser center as you might guess started out to search lasers and medicine but in recent years it sort of bored and out to cover the use of light and other minimally invasive techniques for detection and treatment of disease and one of the things were pretty well known for is photodynamic therapy which is this technique which has three components that uses light uses a particular kind of drug and users oxygen in the body together to create a therapeutic effect and I always think this is a sort of a technique which uses three boring things to get somewhere interesting because on their own each of these techniques each of these elements doesn't doesn't do anything so the light itself is a little typically we use a laser but it's not very powerful it's not the sort of intense beam that would give you a burn if you if you were trying to Sean on yourself so on its own it doesn't really do very much the next component uses the drug we use drugs called photosensitizers and these are drugs which on their own they didn't do very much at all if you took them they would just pass through your body and not really have any effect but when you shine a light on them for example the laser light that we use they get activated and they become a more reactive form of themselves and they can start to interact with the chemicals around them now this sounds sort of like slightly magical and science fictiony but actually these chemicals are really really common and if you look at plants chlorophyll does exactly that in the process of photosynthesis it takes energy from the Sun text light from the Sun and it converts it into sort chain of chemical reactions which moves energy and chemicals around around the plant so we take these photosensitive chemicals photosensitizer chemicals that become activated by the light and then in the body you tend to have a lot of oxygen around the place almost throughout the entire body you'll find oxygen because cells need it to survive and to respire and under normal circumstances these this oxygen duvet it just helps the body keep on going it doesn't have any therapeutic or dramatic effect but when you combine it with this activated chemical and it can produce reactive oxygen species we call them so just different types of reactive oxygen and these reactive oxygen species they will move around from the site that they were created and it's not to bash into into cells into living structures and have a chemical reaction and actually start to damage them so it's a little bit like having a very very small microscopic chemical burn where any we're producing the sort of chemical burn at the site whether buy this photo dynamic effect and you might very reasonably say well why do you want to do this my way we're trying to burn tissue well obviously normal tissue there's no reason to want to do that but if you've got tissue which is unhealthy for example you've got a benign tumor where you've got cancer or something which might lead to cancer and you want to kill it before it gets to that stage this is the sort of technique that you want to use and so the way that this works in practice is you bring your patient in and this is our patient patience full of oxygen because they then just naturally at full of oxygen from breathing and you give them a photosensitizer and what you generally do is you give them give it to them what we say systemically so you inject it or they did they take it by mouth and so this a little bit of chemical go through their whole body and as their heart pumps the blood around the body this chemical get for storing the body and it will go into all the different organs in the skin all of the different parts of the body and now at this point the patient is going to have this photosensitizer throughout the body and so any part of the body that you shine a light on if it's an intense enough light will cause this chemical burn so if this patient went on a bright sunny day like this they'd get a nasty skin burn so you have to keep them out of the light in this case we're going to going to cover them up but in general you don't need to put a handkerchief over the patient's head you can keep them in a dimly lit hospital room and the light levels in a dimly lit roulette room with fine so this point you have to leave the patient for a little while you have to make sure the drug is where you want it and in the concentrations that you need for the treatment and silly live them for a little while depending on the drug and you come back and hopefully the drugs got everywhere so then you take them into clinic and let's say this this trap has got a something on on on his back that you want to treat you take your laser and you just shine it on the little region that you want to treat so if we shine it here hopefully you can see that there's just a little bit bit of a regional treatment around that part of his back and that means just that part of the patient will be irradiated and we'll have that chemical burn and if there's a lesion they all will get damaged and shrunk down and killed off hopefully so there's the two very obvious advantages of this this treatment the first one is it's very targeted if you know what you want to treat you can just focus in on that and you can just treat that and the other one is to do with the the way that photodynamic therapy it tends to kill living cells only now I'm a physicist so my talk primitive understanding of tissue physiology is that what you have is a sort of matrix of proteins which are somewhat in it things like collagen which give the organs of your tissue structure and shape and then in that matrix in between the little gaps a little living cells which actually respire and do the business of living now traditional treatments like old-fashioned laser laser treatments we're using an intense beam of laser light or surgery we're using nyoka cutting device are kind of breaking these matrices apart they're breaking apart the scaffolding of the tissue and that means when they heal up afterwards you get scoring and you get this figure meant in these sorts of issues and with photodynamic therapy what tends to happen is you're targeting the living cells and not the matrix and the matrix n tends to stay intact which means that when you kill off your naughty cells whatever they may be they die off some time later those gaps will be repopulated by healthy normal cells but the structure the matrix would have been kept intact so you won't get the same degree of damage or disfigurement to the organ and if it's something visible you know if it's something on the skin on the face for example that's that's really really important for the patient so photodynamic therapy it's applicable in a whole range of different organs and we're stating that as we speak it's already been proven effective in a number of those organs and it has in many cases that has this very very positive cosmetic effect after treatment so something we're really excited about public health capstone ideas order The Bronx (extension campus).

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