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Do my capstone paper definition cheap

Do my capstone paper definition cheap capstone project stock market project for money pitchers and catchers report 2018 phillies all stars ´╗┐hey guys wanted to show off my Webster Chicago model 80 - 100 recorder made in the 1940s and I have done some restoration to this unit to bring it back to life and it's kind of interesting because this unit really is like a time machine it is a tape recorder that records on wires are on wire on a big huge spool of wire and obviously this was owned by somebody in the 1940s and it's somebody's collection of memories that are on here I don't know whose memories they are but these little spools here this one and these here that I've got on my workbench as well are memories there are little memory banks and I think that's the coolest part about this particular unit here's the unit's original microphone so a lot of the speech that you're going to hear in a moment was made on this microphone there's the original power cord I'm using something a little newer plugged into my power strip there but before I tell you what I had to do to get it to work I wanted to go ahead and play you some of what is on this recording it's just kind of just kind of cool and remarkably clear as well so let me start that for you I seem to know what I was doing and waited a long time before pulling the ring with both hands I was jerked upright with the turbo boat and certain great surprise my god I am going to live my name is James Friday far back the crowd watched mindly at the wagon born down Stern fast upon them cutting a wide arc over the what waves of prairie grass not until it was two hundred yards away did they stop cheering when it was a hundred yards away they scattered like a buffalo stampede the Prairie streamed pantos my name is Walter a brown the Fuller's named their son Philip after his maternal grandfather that was an error in judgment because the time came when the name Philip fuller aroused chuckles and Snickers among the pleasure-loving 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and record head there and I replace these little foam pads there's one here and there's one under here as well you can kind of see it sticking out right there turn around here you can see better there it is so those foam pads not only act as brakes but they act as a tension so they put tension on the reel as it's playing as well as act as a brake and because this particular roller right here is pretty well hardened it's it's got a little bit of rubber eNOS to it but not a lot I had to really lay off on on these brakes in fact that spring that you see right there I replaced that spring because it was too tight it wouldn't allow the this reel here to turn but by doing that placing those pads it appears to have allowed it to play and as you can hear it plays rather nicely for a while I had been pretty perplexed with it as far as why it wouldn't play when you're restoring an old unit such as this you have to replace the capacitors I had to do there was several capacitors facts come around this way here you can see all those yellow things right there those are the capacitors that I had to replace and there's quite a few of them not a home you know gazillion of them but there's quite a few and typically when you take an old unit like this and replace the capacitors in it it will bring it back to life I had done so but it didn't bring it back to life and I was thinking wow well maybe I need to go the route of resistors but in this case it ended up being this tube right here whew which is still really hot at that particular tube according to the schematic that I purchased from the SAMS photo facts website I believe that's a 6v6 tube so the six sj7 the 6j v GT and the 6v 6 are all new tubes so there's really only one tube in here that I have not replaced and that is this one right here there were also these large can capacitors like this one that have capacitors three different capacitors on the inside at least this one did and because I didn't replace those right away there was smoke coming out of the transformer and I went on to a forum and said hey guys what do I need to do and they said well why didn't you replace the the competitor cans and I said well I don't feel like it and they said well that's where you need to start so you can see these capacitors right here there's actually three of them right in a row there those three little units took the place of this guy right here and probably one of these there was three of these in there was shorted in causing the unit to to cause the transformer to smoke so a very fascinating you and you know these old technology things you can see on my on my wall I've restored a record cutter and a 1953 month Stevie and in all these cases there is something magical about bringing an old unit like this back to life and it's almost like a time capsule that's that's waiting to be opened and I haven't listened to all of these spools yet I've listened to a couple of them as you've heard some there as well effect I listen to this one here and it had some old classical music off of them sounded like the guy had took the microphone and stuck it next to his radio because you could hear people talking in the background but in any case a fascinating experience to to get this unit working and I don't know I recommend you get a hold of one of these but of course if you're not experienced working with something like this you need to read up and find out about electricity and voltages and having one of these open like this is not necessarily the safest thing to do but in any case I hope you've enjoyed this particular video if I find anything more fascinating on these spools over here I'll be sure and make another video with the playback of those spools so again thank you for watching and subscribe and like and make comments and I'll see you soon verizon internet of things contest Missouri Synod.

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