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Do my capstone mining corp share price

Do my capstone mining corp share price idea for capstone project for money being ginger movie review ´╗┐what is going on guys Jack here and welcome to episode 23 of the penn screen challenge with Beijing IT for the last time yeah okay well many of you will know if you've been following the series and watching to the end of episodes that the financial state of Beijing IT whilst being okay isn't ideal it could be a lot better and I guess I want to stay at the club but I've just had an offer that I really I can't refuse like Guang Zhao or Gwang soo will go with Guang Zhao that sounds better they've approached me here you can see the financial stuff on screen I'd be I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I said no to the deal so I'm going to be going to them they are the biggest club in China they have well as you can see ridiculous money they're averaging 5,000 people 5,000 50,000 people a match in terms of attendance and that's why their finances are so good compared to little old Beijing this is a philosophy so they want me to have that's fine by me I feel as if being at this team and I can very much bring in some very good players and have such a good team I can just play attacking a lot of the time and this this won't be a very long job I don't think at this club so that's sorted I have to I guess I don't know I felt so bad leaving Beijing I tea but at the same time it's kind of it's a it's one of those things I was at the club for three years no four years four years a club took them from the bottom of the second tier of Chinese football to finish fifth in the league in the super league and when the Chinese FA Cup but I want to start a new chapter here and I'm very excited by this prospect this really wasn't planned however they approached me I guess having won the FA Cup and now now we're at Guang Zhou or Guang will go with Guang Zhou Guang Zhou I'm gonna skip the meetings I'll do I'll sort stuff out later we're now in the Chinese super cup which I don't know what that is just that I'd let's see what's happening here and fixtures wise so I think the super cup is the windows of the what I don't even know what that is actually I think that might be the winners of the a Chinese FA Cup either winners are the Chinese League we won't be in that because Guang Zhou really underperform this year and they only finished second which is high underperform but it's quite a big I guess step down for a club of this size but enough rambling because we've got now I guess a new challenge and look at this squad look at the strength in depth this is crazy and the players at this club are very old so I'm gonna be focusing on very much like what I did at Beijing IT bringing in young talented players and I actually hope to maybe bring across some of the players from Beijing IT to the club fnatic piece aren't really cool if we can achieve it there's graffiti definitely gonna be a lot of these players leaving and there's gonna be quite a lot to get sorted in this episode so we'll see how we get on here ham hmm I really don't know what to start with here this is really weird I've not had to start a new club in so long and I suppose this look at the team report and do my classic this is how I picked my start in eleven kind of follow my tips and tricks video where I talked about how I set up my start in eleven and so just gonna be picking the players which basically play in their best positions and I will obviously be tweaking the formation and stuff to go with this but it's just a good way to I guess work out what we've got in terms of players and who can play where so hmm this is I'm excited I am really excited by this this is a great opportunity I guess I've been presented with and I am excited there's a few players here who I'm try and get rid of but won't be able to damn he's good he is a good regen this players like Barrios who I may try and get rid of that sounds so mean but I mean fantastic player having luck at only stats a ridiculous but in reality I mean look at his wages you may remember this from a few seasons ago when I covered it but 115,000 pound a week I don't want him at the club for that much the Cobra expected me to bring in high-profile players I already I just checked which you may have noticed me check but we hit the foreign player limit at the moment so I need to look at which of these kind of non Chinese players just aren't very good and can leave the club because there's there's some good players like him goken abut that they're really old then I don't want players who I'm paying eighty five thousand pound for at the club so there will be players that I'm letting out go on fries I'm not sure if I'm actually able to get rid of them because of their wage and demands which could provide or prove to be a bit of a stumbling block but my aim is to I don't know strengthen up this squad as best as possible I'm probably be looking to bring in young Chinese talent really kind of developer you for CAD Amir here that was one thing I always wanted to do at Beijing IT but couldn't was to develop kind of a youth academy of such because we do have the money and there wasn't a youth team on and I didn't really have a reserve team either so I guess we can start off by looking potential Chinese international players who maybe can answer in to the team we've got such a ridiculous amount of money but I really feel as if I can just buy my way to glory here but nobody interesting to see how we get on there so I'm gonna reverse the values and as you can see the most expensive players in the league really aren't that expensive for us this guy looks good 19 years old international center back these are the kind of players that I'm really going to be looking to bring in like young talent like really kind of assert ourselves as a dominance the league any kind of 19 year old Chinese player with some class will be coming as you can see Zeus is right up there as a player who we should be bringing in and so he's been been certainly looking to bring in some of these guys and I mean Zeus probably isn't even up to the standards of this team but if I can get him on he's on such low wages that I can probably get them as a backup player and it'd be nice just to be able to bring some of the players will along with us I don't really want to kill off Beijing like T but that's probably gonna happen because well when I mean it's a kill off I mean as in they're gonna just run out of players and stuff because this players like on so who I want to bring to the club and and I kind of feel bad doing so but it's just one of those things where I guess if I can do it what I mean what I'm not not gonna do it you know what I mean these players have players who I know are good enough to play at pretty much any club in the league and I who are young and it'd be nice to bring them along for the journey but I'm gonna have to you really mix things up here and I'm gonna probably cut this episode short just because there's gonna be a pretty busy kind of next few months and I'm gonna go into nice nitty gritty detail I guess next episode about what I've done and why who I've managed to get rid of that kind of stuff but for now I am gonna end this episode here it's gonna be a really short episode I do apologize for that but I'd rather do a video now kind of explaining what I've done my in leaving Beijing i.t rather than skip to the end of pre-season be like yeah I left Beijing it8 two months ago but regardless guys thank you for watching how your a bit I hope you're not as sad as I am cuz I thought actually really down about the fact I've left Beijing i.t which is so pathetic and know that sound so sound so stupid that and I guess thank you for watching I hope you enjoyed the video I'll see you in well in the next few days with the next episode maybe even later on today and guys it's me Jack and I'm out I'll talk to you guys in a bit capstone project on nursing shortage order New York University.

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