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Do my capstone micro generator

Do my capstone micro generator capstone project ideas law enforcement for money writing you biography [Music] [Applause] good morning everyone I want to share with you something that I read in a magazine today they let me light it down on the board okay I want one of you to stand up and read the word population to read 7.5 billion by 2020 I was just wondering what does this mean a San Fran 5 million is a unit of population how do you think the numbers 7.5 billion different from the numbers that you've studied so far it is in points you'll know of you have studied only whole numbers go which is 7 and now after coming to decimals we we can represent the position of an whole numbers what do you think portion of a whole number means 1 part of the whole number what is here representing portion of a whole number point 5 point 5 how bout point 5 is so half of the world it's representing half part of the so do you want to say that yes yes ma'am why half is like two parts of one and they are equal to 0.5 and 0.5 is equal to one so ma'am that shall two is old parts of one nice let us throw this concept further I'm going to distribute one sheet of paper to each one of you can you count in how many paths the sheet is divided in the first place shade one part of the only revisions [Music] my question is what fraction does the shaded portion repeal 8 1 by 10 0.1 10 of 100 which one do you think they do sorry is correct the second one is correct what about this just another way of expressing this fractional okay you're sitting in pairs so each pair is going to get these blocks what you see in this block equal divisions in how many equal parts on the bottom in 200 what shape is that it's so square so we can conclude that the entire block is divided into 100 equal squares so open the bag that you have and take out a small pouch from that right now what do you see in these the small cubes this small cubes so to take out one of those [Music] my question is out of how many cubes is 1q 100 cubes 1 upon hundred cubes so what fraction is this 1 by 100 great now let's out end of such juice [Music] can you tell me how many cubes have we taken out in here ten cubes out of how many cubes son okay can you represent the same thing in a fraction 10 by hundred where anybody simplify this follow one my turn all of you now have to take out a rod like this from the back now will you keep this on the block what is this rod represents in huge thank yous out of how many cubes thank cubes out of one will you use yes so what fraction does it represent in a 110 a 100 which we can simplify further into 1 upon 10 now if you take off 10 such roles [Music] these ten rods have they cover the entire block Oh what is the fraction 100 over 100 and can you simplify this further however if I further hundred can be divided by 100 so it will give you 1 to 1 so what is this one called 1 hole so this entire block is one hole one hole how can you tell these into decimals let's begin with this one first 0.01 can you come out and do that for me we divided 1 500 first I put the decimal so as low can come here and because it's 100 reading one more zero then we put a 0 and 100 0 4 great very nice any class for him can you to present one 110 into decimal point one two the question is is zero point one zero and zero point one the same or are they different they are she okay not zero point ten we don't leave the numbers after the decimal s 10 11 or 12 look at me if I have zero point one zero zero is the same as zero point one zero okay how there is no value of the zero or 31 so you can remove the both of zero and you come at zero point one okay [Music] decimal numbers are another way of representing fractions for example consider the number zero point seven the period or decimal point indicates that this is a decibel the decimal zero point seven is pronounced as zero point seven its fraction is seven upon ten in the place value system ones or units is the least place value a number can have have you ever encountered numbers where there are digits to the right of the ones place with a point in between we know that dividing the hundredths position by ten we get tens similarly dividing tens by 10 we get ones if we divide ones further into ten parts the value of that place is called 1/10 if 1/10 is further divided into 10 equal parts each part is called 100 because 1/10 of 1/10 is 1 upon 100 thus as we move right each position is 10 times smaller hence the place value table can be extended as hundreds tens ones tens and hundreds this number is a combination of a whole number and a part number so it will be written as 100 11.11 such a number is called a decimal number which is a bigger decimals 0.1 or 0.01 let me give you a number like 111 in somebody place the digits in this number in the appropriate place according to the place value nice now if I make the number how will you read this number 111 point 1 can we represent this number in this place value chart know this we have two extensions we have to extend this okay so what will right here from ten to ten point here would be the point then hundreds we can go up till thousands can we now represents 111 points one in this place value chart yes in a clap ahem what number does it become 111 point one one what you tell me one of the place value of this number zero point one one by then so zero point one is equal to 1 by 10 yes so X is also 1 by so if 10 is 1 by 10 what is hundreds 1 by 100 so now look at the place value how is it changing if we move from hundreds towards the right hand side by how much has a value decreased it has decreased 10 times now if I give you some other number would you be able to place it on the place value chart yes yes can you also show me a Tildy blocks that you've got yes yes okay if I see a decimal like two point three four what does point three four represent point three four it descends thirty four cubes out of 100 cubes so can I write it in fraction yes means what would that be 34 by 134 by hundred and these two are our two new phones so 1 plus 1 and 34 500 so decimal includes a bowl add flash to pot very nice in a clap ahem so what is at the 100 spits for what is at B 1 space 2 and what is it the tens place 3 decimals are widely used in our day-to-day life look around you and you will see decimals everywhere and the shops when you measure the things you are buying in the price tag of your new dress you want to pick in the amount of fuel your father's vehicle needs to be full in the measurement of your height and weight and also when you measure temperature decimals are also used by scientists to measure the intensity of an earthquake or even to say that moon completes one orbit of the earth in twenty seven point three two one five eight two days it is believed that the decimal system is based on 10 because humans have ten singles [Music] now question why it all known about decimals now we can't always use whole numbers so like the whole numbers are divided into fishes can you tell me the stencils baby cannot use whole numbers and we need to use decimals from share market share market okay play any Chinese why do we use decimals over there mom because if the dollars dropped mum 0.98 faces so we can't say that the Toros have dropped one group among a population by bump like if the world population is 7.5 billion mum we can't say the population is 8 billion or 7 billion okay now suppose we have to write 7.5 in the pickle so how many moles zeros do we have to add up to 75 AG Rhodes 8 zeros so do you see it how big the figure is if a water smokin be here 7.5 billion all right why do you think we use decimals make calculations easier to handle not easy to handle the numbers easily to make us calculations with that so can we conclude that we use decimals to make the handling of large numbers very easy yeah great so thank you so much [Music] [Music] [Music] you [Music] extended enterprise risk management consultant for money State University of New York at Cobleskill.

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