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Do my capstone logistics services

Do my capstone logistics services do my data science capstone week 2 aurora thesis moma ps1 ´╗┐this is my thing I should say you can buy these quite cheaply especially with all the seats usually the parts are really expensive but when you do put the money in they do last you know so tires they're about 500 dollars each for the front for stairs for the rears they're probably about the same there's four of them if you get even longer one you have a tag axle they're really really expensive um you just have to keep on top of it you have to proactively keep on top of it so what kind of engine are you running in it it has a Detroit Diesel and that's the reason I bought it I'm an engine guy it has a Detroit Diesel 8v 71 it's a two-stroke diesel can we see it yeah yeah so it's not like when like you say two-stroke people think of weed whackers and snowmobiles it's a different connotation and dirt bikes although really bad for missions a kick-out by smoke cool it's not the same you will notice II it's dirty and filthy but that's how engines were you know there's no plastic vanity covers this is the Beast it's a v8 it's supercharged but it has to be City toast mr. Stroh sixty degree that's the water what I do is just change it cuz I want to minimize potential issues on the road so there was nothing wrong with the water pump but I got it rebuilt the thermostats were seizing there's two of them there's one here in this one man and when you work on it things are usually seized so you have to you know have guerilla strength which I don't have um but anyway so I did the thermostats who did that I wanted to change the fill pump and my mechanic said don't don't change the fuel pump just it's fine honestly so in the end he got to do it they leak I have this engine steam cleans before I came here like 2,000 miles away did they from day one all right now so and I think the later ones they put special kinds of gaskets it was just the way the engines were the good thing is it's not rusty its rusted above up here there's no rust down there cuz the oil is with think it's a cost option so rusty and it's all mechanical it's no there's no real that's not it's not common rail with circuit boards of stuff I had an issue recently and if I get when I get my channel on on the road hopefully I'm gonna cover this I thought was a feeling issue the fuel comes from upside and what it was was as a solenoid and it switches the engine off when you switch it switches it off and this was short-circuiting because it fudged up and it was switching off switching on when I was driving so we it's all pretty easy and that's the only thing since you've been rolling around with it you had a problem with inside unlike the car overheat takes a long time to overheat because it takes a long time for the thermostats to open these things you don't want to get them between the bridges of the mouse because you can correct the liners up so I'm paranoid I just you know so I got those those changed this is a fan this drives these two big blower unit stuck in this make sure I spoiled there's radiators which are behind here there's two of them it's a crack position for mater there's no direct airflow so it sucks in I do eventually want to put a turbo 92 series but heat dissipation but that's what I do I'm going to think about how to as an engineer yeah this engines it'll condition I don't have to really think about it now so I might buy an engine and over the next ten years or something okay so it's cool that the license plate there cover it's not terribly fast when I get the she wants power engine in there I think it will probably be able to run their matches dad this all opens up it's reasonable ease it's just everything is I got a good deal with this because it came okay and the beauties and runs off the same fuel tank the diesel fuel tank so I'm not worried about propane gas or it's the petrol tank or something that's just the doesn't deserve this heading down to my mates in California and big enough and I think you heard it last night in here yeah yeah it's pretty quiet yeah it's pretty cool and that's the other thing bus conversions are stuff if you want to make them into a class aid if you buy a bus with seats you're gonna think about generator you're gonna think about the black water tank water tanks and all of that work so yeah getting the bus itself the story so then what you would consider is suggested this maybe somebody get them with that they've already been converted and then maybe renovate by definition these are going to be late labor of law people are going to spend city amounts of money people who do this and they're gonna spend way more money than it's worth [Laughter] you get the one with the tank this is an mc5 the MC 9s have got a tag axle and they have an extra bay it's personal choice this is this is pretty big to maneuver and when you go to something you've gone to and stuff this is almost manageable in my opinion when you go to forty feet four to five foot it's the whole agility versus convenience we'll show you inside music I'm full timing I like the space I've gone down from a 2,000 square foot house to 300 in this is my space you know so it's a piece of trade off isn't it yeah absolutely stainless steel construction the panels are still made by guys in in Florida and they're not that expensive so I'm gonna change for you so Marcus here was telling me some jokes about shift in this guy he said that it's okay [Laughter] it's designed to space if you if you can double duty and shift you know this is the kitchen becomes a sitting room and stuff and you know so I do stuff excuse all of this the reason all this shit's here is because I found a mouse I'm gonna put because I spend so much time I could do away I don't need to have the best place that turns into a bed too this is the Babbitt the cabin okay so just is this a residential type fridge this is a residential fridge it's not propane it's just yes just to a central fridge and then this is and then these don't open guts okay yeah and then this is interesting this is the bathroom but the interesting thing is I'm not gonna close it out okay this doubles as a you can oh so it becomes one sweet cabin bathroom whatever you want to call it okay so you guys back here yeah twin beds and why they did this is on the MC 5s the wheel arches intrude so I can see what they did they put the beds over it I would like a single bed but then I have to contend with these whale arches so I don't know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna probably leave it yeah and let's take a peek at this yeah better so good sized shower baths are you gonna do anything different with the bathroom I might get it repainted but I wouldn't mind a glass rather than curtain I wouldn't win the glass receiving what's it called the glass enclosure yeah yeah yeah okay and then a little closet back here on the other side I'm gonna try make this so there's a pig Prevost so these special buses that are professionally made they're 2.2 million dollars I've got loads of pictures of them I'm getting some Amish people and they're gonna start to kind of copy that I don't I want to go away from the wood look everyone does wooden RVs I want to go from over sci-fi modern look so I found a Prevost and everything below here was dark black varnished wood windy black and then above was a aluminium or what you to say aluminum cabinets black and silver the trick is how do you make it look wall because tie tech doesn't always look warm I'm kind of processing that and thinking how do I do that maybe I'll put some pictures in and stuff I'll leave the bedroom the same like I think so that's the plan cool yeah thanks no reason nobody happy with this Thanks get out there connect with people live your big story and make sure you do something every single day to reduce world suck peace guys come along where we begin [Music] bus 499 capstone project cheap Touro College.

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