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Do my capstone logistics jessup md

Do my capstone logistics jessup md write for me purpose on mining coal news reporters killed on tv ´╗┐any thanks for coming to this short interview just to get started could you just briefly tell us who you are and what your role is I'm Feliz Lavigne and I am the executive director of the American educational research association and recently I took on another hat as interim secretary general of the World Education Research Association which has just been established earlier this year now like bear in the UK there's a series of aims and activities how does your organization compared to Barrow what are your aims and activities well we're really quite complementary tavera in our fundamental goals and ambitions as the National Association for education researchers in the United States and with international membership as well we are a large organization in numbers but our thrust and our ambitions and our goals are quite similar in complementary the first of course is to advance education research now and for the future and build knowledge in a way that is cumulative and meaningful and useful and usable and second is a real commitment that we have and there has to capacity building both of the current and future generations and that sort of goes with the educational Enterprise to look now and to look ahead and probably the third most central aim and ambition is to to communicate the value the usefulness the meaningful use of education research in a way that both serves education and the public good what you say was the most significant difference between what Barry's doing here in the UK and what you're doing yourself with your Europe more local and home educational researchers well you know in many respects we are I think quite compatible and you know we're a larger organization in size but whether you're looking at the smallest research association in education research or align fields or the more major national or regional ones I think that there are the core themes so it's there distinctions of particular programs and projects that we might be involved in at any point in time and berra may be involved in others but really am most struck with our compatibility around core goals so the specifics may vary at any point in time but really there's a I think there's a thread of constancy that is uh I think that's at the heart of both what Barry does in AE RA does now a Pamela was saying before about some of the challenges we face here in the UK with educational research in the next two to three years from your perspective what are those challenges that you and your organization and educational researchers face well I think Pamela emphasized the importance of taking our work and translating it in useful and usable ways and that's always a challenge both in education research and in other areas of social and behavioral science research I think we all face a challenge of the world economy and that has really is taking its toll and has taken its toll in higher education in particular and in education of course more generally but for higher education the consequence of our current economic situation is that there are often less resources there can be less resources for convening and coming to meetings for meaningful face-to-face exchange and collaboration there can be and most in particular less resources for our students and our emerging scholars to do their research and do their research in a way that not only has a short horizon but a long horizon because knowledge builds in very cumulative ways and that there isn't a sufficient investment what we might call R&D investment in research and development we we may be dealing with a much longer term problem that appears to be a short-term episodic situation that we face both in the United States and worldwide that will have downstream consequences that I think can be can be quite severe so with all this no funding questions and long-term consequences is there anything to look forward to it i don't know we said yes you know when you're an executive director or president you're right sort of a champion of the field and there's just a tremendous opportunities and some of those opportunities really reside in our international and global work and pamela mentioned that bearer is an early founding member of the World Education Research Association as is the American educational research association and we know we know in every aspect of human endeavor that the world is a much more intimate and interdependent place and so that one of the things that we have been involved in and that is very exciting and very positive is the is the the capacity that we now have to ask questions that are really worldwide in scope and significance and collaborate at a level that we just had had not yet for seen in the past and you know education is often a very local phenomena in the United States education really in the policy with respect to education really is set at the state and local levels but yet you see recurrent themes recurrent issues of how we deal with the changing nature of populations and provide quality education how does education occur inside and outside of school how do we understand this with both the shifting nature of the population the changes in technology the ways that we relate to each other youtube skyping Twitter things that I you know every day think oh I have to learn this one in order to be Oh karate you know and these are different ways that people get information and they learn and they interact and there's just tremendous opportunity to do this and to do this I will say in non provincial ways and I think that's what that's where our future lies because you can learn things in very specific ways but unless you understand sort of their generic properties you you can't intervene in a way I think that will make a long-term difference and we're very good at maybe short-term fixes or in trying to invention or term fixes but we really need to understand problem than their broader and more systemic framework and we try to do that in each of our national environments but to be able to compare notes and to collaborate on a larger world scene is is a very positive and exciting opportunity now just thinking of the larger world theme it leads me on to the last question which is that many people who have not been to the conference or I've heard of your organization or a new educational research association at all may be watching this online and they may come across this for the very first time and they'll find out you know I'm not alone in the world perhaps but apart from joining better or other organizations and what would you want them to take away as an idea what message would you want to give you and maybe establish people in educational research who answer the conference but maybe seeing this online well I think they're probably two messages one for those in our field hang in there knowledge matters it takes a long time it's a difficult task but what we learned today can really solve the future issues and problems both that we face now and in the future and I'd say equally is important for those not in our field who might find themselves on the Barrow website seeing this video or in other places and spaces of cyberspace that sound decision making in education and in society depends upon a foundation of sound knowledge and that as in other areas in health and its social services if we don't build that foundation of knowledge we may so can poke and make change but that change isn't one that will be reflective and will we will learn what it is we do that works and what it is we do that is less efficacious and how to make changes that really can and add to the future of learning now and for the future for all generations both early learners adult learners and real earners both in the workplace and in the schools and in their communities capstone eye wasilla ak order Rockland Community College.

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