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Do my capstone lighting reviews

Do my capstone lighting reviews write for me capstone theta growth enhanced the future of freemasonry report pdf ´╗┐welcome to the real news network I'm Paul Jay coming to you today from Ithaca New York joining us now is jeff cohen he's the director of the park center for independent media at Ithaca College he was the founder affair the media watchdog thanks for joining us Jeff great to be with you so you've been in progressive media progressive politics for many years so react a bit to what happened to Massachusetts what does it tell us about the state of the country the state of the Democratic Party I think Massachusetts has to be seen in a context that for decades in this country we've had stagnant wages and when you hear the term swing voter in our society you've got to think working class middle class whites because you know rich people whether there are Republicans or Democrats they know who they're for poor people people of color they know who they're for they're for Democrats religious fundamentalist Christian fundamentalist therefore the Republicans but there's this this middle group that is the they're called swing voters or independence they're given a lot of names one thing we have to understand about this group is the stagnant wages stagnate income for decades even though now there's two wage earners and so many families which changed in the since the 1970s so in this backdrop you have these elections that are constantly about throwing the bombs out and the this class that I'm talking about if largely working-class White's lower middle class whites they're not heavily ideological there's no one less ideological than a swing voter by definition and they see themselves as beleaguered no one's talking to them and they just go you know so Obama was the agent of change in 2008 and in Massachusetts these independent voters and is more independence than Democrats in Massachusetts they went with obama obama was at least emotionally a progressive message i think if you actually listen to what he said the one could debate how progressive it was but when you change can believe and we're going to get away from the status quo sounds progressive I think that's what Browns Scott Brown's mesh that message was in this last election that he's going to get away from the status quo and if you have no ideologies and you're not following it that closely you're going to and nothing's been really delivered to you in the one year of the Obama administration you're likely to jump and I think the key thing to understand about swing voters or independence is the lack of ideology they don't have an ideology but what they go for is someone that's promising them change or and this happened a lot in 2008 they sense from their neighbors their relatives that there's all this enthusiasm about change and the enthusiasm was with Obama in 2008 that's where the activism was and if someone who's not that political is looking around they say wow a lot of people believe in this new Obama guy and I'm beleaguered I haven't had economic justice i'm going to give them a chance and now where's the energy well the progressive base has been demobilized by obama vacillation and corporatization and an escalation of military intervention but the tea bag movement that the right wing the people to have a simple answer for complex problems which is cut spending that's where the enthusiasm is they're having the rallies so if you're sort of a deep politicized independent voter or swing voter and you sense all right a lot of people think that Browns going to bring me change and its really sad I mean the people that are laughing all the way to the bank you know are the wall street people that they just see the throw the bums out and and nothing really affects Wall Street they're just they're still laughing all the way to the bank the kind of voter you're talking about has kind of 22 wants the status quos not not working for me I want more and I don't want to lose what I got so the right always is able to play too you're going to lose what you got and it's a clear-cut message when they run in elections the Democrats say you're going to do better and then they can't deliver right and there's a couple things that need to be talked about it that's a great question one is that the polling data has been done I saw it come out a couple days later by a progressive group where they taught they only interviewed in Massachusetts people that had voted for Obama in 08 and either voted for brown this time or didn't bother voting and their message from that's a big group their message was that we wanted change and we didn't get it do you think health health care went too far not far enough more of them said didn't go far enough is this administration doing enough and by far enough i think was pretty clear they said they wanted the public option oh yeah in the yard there was a that was one question specifically asked it was just overwhelming through the roof so here's a case where these swing voters who are not very ideological would have stayed in the obama camp if Obama was bringing change taking on Wall Street delivering health care reform that was real reform that wasn't just to give away to big insurance companies in Big Pharma so I think that's a key point and your next part of your question was how come they can't govern and I've been following corporate liberalism since I became politically active as a teenager and the candidate then was Hubert Humphrey who you know just could not mobilize the base because he was connected to the Vietnam War and every time we get a Democrat in there Carter Clinton Obama they always get elected based on a message of change especially for these the middle-class and working-class voters and their message of change is never delivered and the Democrats are good enough sometimes to get elected when Republicans have collapsed like Carter won after Watergate and a complete Republican collapse Clinton got in when the first president Bush let the public know that he didn't he'd never really seen a scanner in a grocery store you know and they played and the economy was a man right the economy was a mess but they played it for all it was worth that he's an elitist he doesn't know what a scanner is in a grocery store and Bill Clinton preaching a message of change clinton won reelection in 96 because the economy had picked up and it was one of the worst Republican candidates was Bob Dole and then you have Obama after the complete collapse of Bush's popularity and the popularity of the Iraq war so Democrats can get in with the message of change the problem is when they govern the only thing they can always be counted on to do is d mobilize their base they do it like clockwork you campaign about fighting corporations you campaign with this populist message for you campaign from the left but if the parties actually controlled from the right you're never going to be able to deliver on the campaign promise it's always fake left go right so in the next segment of the interview let's talk about some of the historical roots of the Republican Party's plan for the right to really control the far right to control the republican party and then let's talk about how the Democratic Party became so corporatized please join us for the next segment of our interview with Jeff Cohen write for me how to change page template in onenote College of Arts Sciences and Engineering.

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