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Do my capstone led puck lights with directional base

Do my capstone led puck lights with directional base macquarie university onehelp proofread dissertation methodology on astronomy as soon as possible [Music] [Applause] what's going on guys it's fated here and welcome to my tutorial on how to unlock every single skin and head for every character on Borderlands 2 first things first you will need to download one program and one save game profile and you will also need a USB flash drive you will need to configure your USB flash drive to your xbox to do that simply plug in your flash drive into your xbox and then on your dashboard go to your system and then storage and then you'll see your flash drive right there click X and then configure now you once your flash drives configured your Xbox go ahead and copy don't move copy a sit your savegame profile onto the flash drive you once you've done that you'll want to go back onto your computer plug your flash drive into your computer open up an internet browser shout out to the tech game that's a great community guys great forums so you want to go to Xbox and be calm once you're on their home page you'll see something on the Left called horizon and you want to click download horizon is a modding tool that we're going to be using today and this is how you're going to get all heads and all skins it's completely legal guys you won't get banned for doing this and that's all I'm going to say about that so click download and it looks like this is for Windows only I'm not sure if it works for Mac guys but it's worth a shot to try and I'm not going to download it since I already have it on my desktop once you have it downloaded go ahead and open it up it'll probably be in your downloads folder but I went ahead and moved it to my desktop for easy access horizon does take a minute to load so I'm going to pause the video and once horizons loaded I'll be back ok now that horizon has loaded you should get something right here that says device Explorer and it should have Auto detected your flash drive if not I think you can manually load it somehow it should be right here but since mine is loaded it won't let me and what you want to do is click game's Borderlands 2 and you'll see your original save file right here what you want to do is click on that and drag it to your desktop this will be a backup just in case anything goes wrong you'll at least have that so after you have this go ahead and right click it again and drag it to the horizon window what you want to do is you see the profile ID device ID and console ID go ahead and open up a notepad and you want to copy the profile ID and then the device ID and then you want copy your console ID after you have these numbers copy down into a notepad you can go ahead and close out your save file now what you want to do is download the savegame file that i've provided in the description for you guys and this save file has all heads and skins so once you have that downloaded you should get something that looks like this it'll be in your downloads section unless you save it to your desktop and mine is on my desktop and what you want to do is right click it and then click extract to desktop once you have it extracted you'll get an actual folder that you can view and you'll see save 0 101 and save 0 102 what you want to do is open up horizon again and then go ahead and load up the 101 and you'll see this has different numbers than your original file so you want to copy your profile ID to that and then your same thing with the device how do you just do this with all your IDs put your IDs over these ones and then the console copy and paste it to console ID now that is linked to your gamer profile you will be able to use the save click Save rehash and resign it'll say saved rehashed and resigned now what you want to do is go over here to save to device go ahead and save it to your flash drive I usually click now on this it should say the following package were successfully transferred to flash drive gauge level 50 this um this file has all of the MEC romancers heads and skins on it so once you save it to device go ahead and close it out and you want to do the same exact thing with save 1 0 to go ahead and put my IDs on it so here's a profile device and then my console okay now click save rehash and resign this file has every single head and every single skin for every character should say this and then go ahead and go over here save to device and save it to your flash drive you should get this message and now we're ready to go guys so go ahead and close out horizon in that folder and then I usually go down to the tasks system whatever and safely remove Hardware in eject media as you right click it and then click eject and this is the name of my flash drive I usually do this because sometimes if you just pull it out without doing this you'll lose some data on it and we don't want that to happen so now that we have this part of the Turturro done I'm going to move it to I'll remove my flash drive to the Xbox and I'll show you guys what to do from there I'll see you guys in a second okay guys now we're on the Xbox part of the tutorial from here what you want to do is plug in your flash drive into your Xbox on your dashboard go all the way to the right to settings system and then storage you should see your flash drive listed on here open that up go to games and apps Borderlands 2 and then you should see the two save files that we've just put on the flash drive on here if you do then you've done every single step correctly and you're on the way to getting all your heads and skins if not then I suggest you rewind the video and follow every step so now what you want to do is play Borderlands 2 ok now that the game is loaded let's go ahead and load up these files so you want to for your storage device go ahead and click your memory unit and you want to open up scrap skins 4.0 or the MEC romancer the Scot skins 4.0 has every single head and skin for the gun Zurcher the siren the commando and the assassin the mech romancer only has her stuff so I'll load up the assassin and we'll go ahead and click continue [Music] okay now that the game is loaded go ahead and press the back button here's my pre-order stuff this always pops up on new accounts and you'll see here he has all the heads oh if it doesn't let you scroll down just sort it out by pressing the RT button to sort it out a couple times and then I usually sort it out two items for some reason it's not letting me so I'll just go to all and then you'll see here look has all the heads for every class look at that's crazy unlimited backpack space this has everything in it all the skins all the heads and normally what you do you just sit here and keep tapping a and I'll say skin unlocked and but since I've already done this it's saying already unlocked so I can't do it so once you've unlocked everything go ahead do it put in the old days check out all your new stuff guys you'll see you have everything unlocked and yeah oops so once you want mock all your skins and hesitation go ahead and just quit and do save and quit and that's it guys you can delete these profiles you downloaded or you can keep them for future use actually if you save and quit after you use all the skins you're going to lose them all so you have to redo the process if you want to do it for your friends so if you want to drop them or something or you can just show them this video share it with them and they can do it themselves I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and I hope I I helped you guys out and please subscribe to my channel for more walkthroughs tutorials and just borderlands 2 gameplay and please like the video share it maybe leave a favorite comment below if you need help and I'll try my best to help you and yeah that's it guys see ya write for me capstone project 2018 information technology cheap Bronx campus.

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