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Do my capstone inn tuscaloosa alabama

Do my capstone inn tuscaloosa alabama ymca oneida ny pat trunko for money nialma shirts review of literature ´╗┐hi I'm Connor dome from Mac TV and this is furious last week theatre insider was able to get a man what are you doing with it she's my surrender last week theatre insider got an inside look at the third on his performance series last week theater inside was able to get an inside look on the second honors performance series furious the show centers on the issues of identity and sexuality in today's society and how they play into the world of professional wrestling our very own Jason rule was a part of the show so I'm here to do the years I look this was an original story brought to the stage by the two directors Adam Benesch and Derek hung centering on the pro impact entertainment wrestling league and they're wrestling stars among them were the conductor Gina suprema their brain damage star the Marauder and the newest addition they're gay wrestler kit not interested in exposing myself am a gay wrestler in your show what like you're just afraid of a little exhibitionism all of a sudden wait when did the marauder go to the hospital you don't have the game wrestling so somebody has he bright idea finally me stereotypically gay wrestler character I took a yesterday afternoon so who do you have in mind that could play such a strong role do you know what homosexuality is homosexuality is a blasphemous sin against God in a blight on humanity honestly I don't think he's capable of comprehending reality anymore therefore tonight I shall purify this ring as your Messiah and destroy the evil eat I hear that entire conversation correctly kids kids get you you two are you know I think I was a little bit alike getting here because you know I went through the back door do you know what we could do with a gay wrestler I was just telling is that this could be the greatest thing we've had on her hands yes kit was outed by a scriptwriter boyfriend Justin and then forced into becoming a star gay wrestler for the wrestling league originally he joined to fulfill his boyfriend's noble intentions but later has taken advantage of by the manager grace and an attempt to bring more attention to the league hey bitches hey boys how y'all doing tonight are y'all feeling fabulous in between their preparations for the show I got an interview with the directors hi I'm Connor Doan for Mac TV and i'm sitting here with the directors of furious Derek hung hi I'm Adam fetish so tell me guys how did you come up with the idea for the show well um for our hvs class honours performance series we actually have to apply for the show so we before um last semester or all of the year before we actually send out our thesis statements to the profs and they get it approved and then we get partnered up depending like depending on which thesis statement matches which partner so we get together in the summer and then we actually developed our idea then we create a new thesis statement which you give to the professor and then he helps us peacock it as a professor and he helps us develop her idea so that we have a strong goal which you will both dropped awards with our own different ideas originally my idea was to do pro wrestling the musical and when I was partnering up with Derek in addition to his ideas and also the fact that I'd never done a musical so it's kind of too big of a project we had to kind of scrap it but I still wanted to stay with the concept of pro wrestling because it's it's book it's very theatrical and being a wrestler here mcmaster university I just have a bit of a connection with wrestling in general and having a my major in theater and film seems pro wrestling was the perfect segue for me what are some of the main themes that you want the audience to think about well you already know the atom want to focus on resting so there is a resting aspect about it and there is the aspect of um the sacrifice at the athlete the work that they go through and the ease in which they slip into like their work and I'm able to come out of it what I want to focus on was the representation of homosexuality and queerness in um in society and so when we got together we narrowed that down and we actually made it about a homosexual now it's about homosexual and how it's mr. represented in mass media specifically through pro wrestling we thought was interesting about our show too is that two of the main characters are um gay in fact they are gay couple and so we don't we never really focused a saw log shows were like a wrong a couple were like the focus or the main characters of the show in fact way the leads um rather than you know other shows with a focus usually on like a white straight male and you know a straight to you know yeah and then you gotta take a compliment with Derek said having the homosexual relationship in a show that revolves around hyper masculinity was a huge theme that we want to laugh I under decapitate you with my own to head for your insolence you bet describe the idea of kayfabe and how did you make it work on stage well high-fiving is actually the concept of being so into character that you like or that character in public and to do that on stage well it's um we explored I through one of the characters the marauder which rock Andrew Stevens plays and his deal is that he is so into his character that he can't get out of it dan Dagny graffitied our stage for us and I using graffiti was something I thought was very interesting because as we developed our play we noticed that our characters are larger than life representations of people in real life and I felt graffiti we were able to do that with the characters of a conductor and kit and also with our sound I felt that it was Sam Chang's our stage manager and I was just very surprised because it's the first time I forward with somebody on a production that actually sound mixes and like it wouldn't definitely wouldn't pulled off his nice had we not had Sam behind the board we're here at the set I mentioned about the graffiti earlier that we had out one of our guys stand up need you up the other thing that I was a very particular about this is a wrestling show we needed wrestling so I was able to get wrestling mats from my high school at Mission Brian high school and bring them in to set up what we needed for the wrestling because you know you can't have a play about wrestling and then not have wrestling that's too much of a tease you know as you see this is our like the huge flat from the wall from yellow wallpaper we took that stripped of all of its ornaments and just painted a great and what it is it's a projector screen right it's a flat and we we use it to film direct a lot multimedia onto it visuals movies like this the text especially lava we use a lot of poetry in law of text and furious and what it is it complements action on stage it goes together a sound to you can't hear the sound now because it's way too loud but it's always very filmic in nature a lot of times when you have the people who want to let you know make film or like make plays you know it's important to really like be addressing something and so in our class all over all of our place you know y'all wallpaper token personals I Jen we have to make sure always addressing something relevant in society saying something join us next time as we get an inside look at the third honors performance series token for theatre insider I'm Connor dome and this is Mac TV ok write for me capstone project miami dade college New York Career Institute.

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