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Do my capstone ideas for electrical engineering

Do my capstone ideas for electrical engineering write for me capstone waters movie review my old lady [Music] hello and welcome to another one of my pen videos today we're looking at another Visconti that I own this is the Visconti up for master Luna it comes in a very big box as you can see this is the what used to be the standard Visconti boxes I don't know if they changed recently but suddenly the when the later of Visconti's the OPFOR silver dust came in a a very different sort of new style I would say box so this is really one of the boxes that you would normally expect to see from Visconti whether or not it's a homo sapiens or an opera or generally any Visconti so what I'll do I'll remove this and take the box out and you can see you get a nice sort of plush like fake leather box and when I open the box you have the Visconti luna which as i said there's a ghoul exclusive you have a free bottle of Visconti blue ink and you have the wanti ID card so as you can see from here the warranty card it's using the Daedalus resin so this is quite interested in that this is something that Brian and Rachel decided to do I'm actually glad they did so there is a Visconti Daedalus which is about three times the price of the Optima saloon er and it has a silver overlay and although it looks rather nice it has the same similar sparkles in the body of the pen you don't seem to see it as much at least not from photos online so I've not actually seen one in person but so I'm really glad that sort of the glaze came up with with this model in the end as an exclusive most of the time the Visconti operas are retail exclusives they do normally ranging around about 30 to 40 models per trim and tend to be went around maybe 60 or 80 limited-edition one this is actually a hundred and eighty eight so this is actually a lot more than normal I just want you to see like how how well this pen sparkles this is actually inked up with Visconti blue at the moment that the optimal solution see there it really does Sparkle zoom in there you can just see as I rotate the bow it just picks up any bit of light on those sparkles the SPOC was a many layers deep some people actually said that they don't like sparkles in a pen I'm not normally a sparkly person but in this instance I actually really do like it I do like the glitter that is is just sitting there within the the body of the pen it's just very very appealing for some reason so here you go and as always with opera masters you you get opera engraved there on the cap band this actually comes with the Visconti bridge clip colored in blue enamel and you can just about see the nib there and the section through through the body there so it is translucent body as well as having glitter and you just see the amount of glitter there and obviously each model may vary but as that actually hits a light you can actually see it's it's pretty pretty nice and if I unscrew it look at the nib I actually got this one with a 1.3 millimeter stub it's a single tone palladium nib 23 capital Adium and then you can also see the double reservoir power vac filler in there as well and if we move on up to the end cap you'll see the engraving there of the le number so mine's 107 of 188 and this really is a great pen I do like the op for masters the the opera masters really are a great pen they do tend to be quite weighty though there were an about 60 grams and let's just have a look at this now actually order wait wait check just to make sure I'm in a bit so with the cap on fully was not fully inked is about what about a third inked at the moment it's 61 nearly 62 grams with the cap and then without the cap you're looking at just under 42 grams so it is quite a weighty pen and I think you see the amount of ink i've actually got in the body there it's up to about here so maybe it's it's 1/3 to 1/2 for normally I would get a full fulfil out of the pen so it is quite a weighty pen for sure but it is a pin that I like the only problem with it being very weighty is that it you can get a little bit of hand fatigue sometimes especially if you have smaller hands I I tend to have smaller hands I don't have large hands so so that can certainly sort of cause hand fatigue I do tend to find although I really like the Opera masters I do tend to find the Homo sapiens tend to be a little bit more well balanced they're normally around about 35 grams in weight so they tend to be a lot sort of lighter but the Opera Masters I like the length and I do like the weight but it's it's just one of those trade-offs some people like small pens and light pens and some people like long pens and heavy pens I can actually go with either to knowest so yeah so this is effectively a really sparkly pen not everybody's top their cup of tea maybe but it's one I like and I do like in a stub nip as well what I'll do I'll show you few the other up for masses I have as well because that could be might be something you'd like to to look at say here you go so from the left here you've got the optimist blue swirl the opera master clear demonstrator is what Visconti call it you have the Crimson Tide which was another Goulet exclusive there was also a pens made in Asia Asia retailers as well you have the Goulet luna you have the Opera Master River Thames and that came in four different trims so you had sunrise noon sunset and night which was effectively the ruthenium trim the black trim this is the sunrise and then you have also this one which is the golden dust so I'll just show you a few more of these up close you can actually see them so this is the blue swirl as you see there's lots of blue swirls in the body you know these all have 23 cap palladium nibs I have a range of between medium and 1.3 stubs in them and you have the clear demo II Crimson Tide I just love the the swirls in the Crimson Tide and see the lunar again so the lunar is actually to be honest one of the more plain bodies it's just the glitter that really accentuates it so and you have the River Thames which is basically made from the material of the cap of the London Fog lots of grey and blue swirls and then you have the golden dust and this is another one that can actually look quite nice we can get that to focus a little bit you can see the the swirls of dust in there as well golden dust says you see so that's all of the optimises I have currently but the lunar definitely is one of my favorites it's just such a lovely finish to the pen but like I said not everybody likes glitter there are some people that have come up to me and said well I really don't like this but I really am happy that Brian and Rachel came up with this and decided to basically take the Daedalus blue material with the glitter in in the body not have the the silver overlay because I'll say that's going to add a lot more money to to the price of the pen and bringing out this model so and be very interested in excited to see what Brian and Rachel come up with next hopefully you'll be another up for master maybe you're not who knows but I really really do like this pen so kudos to both of them for that very good decision there so that's about it really I thought I'd just show off the the Goulet luna exclusive show you a few more masters there and I'll show you a few more pens in the next video thanks for watching bye bye [Music] [Music] capstone project 2 skl music online D'Youville College, Buffalo.

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