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Do my capstone finance dothan alabama

Do my capstone finance dothan alabama electrical capstone 2018 crystal report 10 vb6 ´╗┐viewer discretion is advised okay occupied times to get out hey guys welcome back for another effect this is Ben's Oh we're gonna play some more Grand Theft Auto five LSPD a fire police mod and believe it or not it is the afternoon time and it is pouring down rain and thundering and I'm the inside of this vehicle it is weed as hell so we're gonna go ahead and get started and we're gonna be taking out some call-outs when they come and we're gonna grab just turn back around here and we're gonna do an illegal u-turn as we can everybody's doing well today and now probably won't stick to first person the entire time but yeah it looks really nice in the first person as you can tell I would love to be able to do that the entire episode but and you get involved do a lot of chases things like that it does tend to cause a little bit issues you know crashing a lot more and things like that yeah we have our radio set on and we're just gonna be caught taking out any call-outs and they come our way attention unit 1 Lincoln 18 340 and 484 and it reminds me that I go back into the I and I file and change that I just updated my assorted call-outs I keep forgetting to change that to you American English so when it says petrol theft that is gas theft and we'll head over here and we're going code two somebody stole some gas basically so we're we're gonna go down here and see what the owner says see if we can identify this vehicle okay this is where upper like I need to switch up views here I'm in a really nice and marked vehicle here all white okay is that the owner there yes I see you sir thank you what is that you okay I'll see you think you easy ways that'd be twice I stay here okay finally what a relief sorry I just notice a terrible situation some root customer put gas in his vehicle after that simply just drove off luckily he got the idiot on CCTV that's good can you make out the vehicles details he's asking me and let's try to see if we can look at it together here we go it's definitely silver can't quite make out that model I can make other vehicles details from the CCTV footage that's nice I mean because glad I can help you okay it's a real still lured so colored exemplar eight three ocean charlie William four five six which direction they go bud which way they go that way okay thank you okay we're all still colored exemplar at least we have something to kind of go back and we have a rough idea where they went so we'll head this direction here see if we can locating sometimes eh it'll get too far away and we'll keep heading this direction here and see if we get lucky no well actually hold on yeah it does not feel like it's the middle of the afternoon but it is right now it looks like you got on the freeway no wonder let's see if we can catch up Jam here he's plotting to be up here if we can see a rolled steel colored exemplar here what's a left okay got a plate 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trespassing on government property okay well it's pretty much the same call right alright let's go ahead and get up here so if we can catch up to this vehicle that is wanted yeah my you know the episodes I try my best to change things up as much as I can so you don't get to doesn't grow too stale you know and I've been noticing in a lot of math episode as the weather has been too perfect lately so definitely rain in the forecast that approach with caution okay he just went down here Arius there goes a hooker we rain sleet or snow they still work out here don't they picking a felon 2 8 1 Adam William David 6 5 4 okay and we're going to go ahead and initiate a traffic stop here light him up I'll tell you what let's do this let's get him away from that other vehicle let's go up here and have him go off to the right there we go okay let's go ahead and since he's wanted anyway we're gonna wait out here for backup a part of my wilderness thing okay occupied times to get out driver came out with this stupid now let's see here we might be able to get some little E&S in here for the driver his blood is ooh maybe not now got a twenty mile an hour restrictions on her on us Munroe we're going to go ahead and let the paramedics in corners handle this tell you what we're going to go ahead good we'll have that towed away you know got another call another call out right down here and it's from a new call out back as you want to give it a try it's says unknown trouble so let's see if we get any kind of see here color sound the life that needed help but lana was disconnected no answer on call back no further details interesting let's roll up on seeing what see what's going on here never know what to expect here see what she says thank God I'm here my neighbor really pissed me off today so you're saying I hear the rain okay now ball you're a gun no you may not this chick is a I'll give it back I swear are you serious nobody else around what are you talking about this lady Matt I swear I'm trying to look around the scene make sure no one else is rolling up on us okay she's a really threatening her neighbor actually so this is what we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and end it and you're doing I'm actually gonna actually question her I want to get her ID see what's going on on her Jessica Smith it's been all her no active warrants or anything but she did phone in and she wanted to uh she's threatening basically to kill her neighbor that's what uh that's what I'm gathering so we're gonna go ahead and place her under arrest yes your hands behind her back yes you're not gonna you're not allowed to borrow my gun to kill your neighbor get back here get in the car now okay which was back to her now I'm pretty sure this guy over here he's not we're late I think I just accidentally and I don't what the hell he's doing that's got your man okay well let's just because the episode is starting to get a little bit long here we're slowly getting along let's go ahead and get it picked up going okay here comes pick up here get hurt as to gel you know all right don't you even think I'm gonna have to whip somebody's ass what the hell man mr. Darcy stupid ass Colet local lie in math still ahem something tells me that I have a hard time reviving him you know I mean to something something tells me that I know what it is but understand okay guys well this is going to go ahead and end it for this rainy ass episode I hope you enjoyed this kind of stuff you know if you are new make sure you subscribe come back more often and upload pretty regularly guys I think you'll like it here you guys take care and we'll see you next time on the benzo effects show y'all take care have a great day as always thank you to all my viewers for stopping by we always have a blast to my channel guys so if you want to be a part of this effect be sure to like and subscribe as I upload often do my capstone proposal order State University of New York at Purchase.

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