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Do my capstone engineering uts

Do my capstone engineering uts arduino one ebay licenze software intrastat reporting [Music] [Applause] everybody welcome back to Kelly Barlow creations crafting on a budget oh my word is the dollar tree ever a trap I tell you I walked in there today I needed one item and it turned into a crafting hall again the timing was all wrong or you could say it was good timing because I showed up as they were unpacking all their boxes they had gotten a shipment in today and they had a ton of new merchandise and I just was like a kid in the candy store going oh my goodness I like that I like that I like that and all the things I can do with this and this and oh my goodness and so anyway I thought I'd bring it to you show you all the fun new things they have there because I've got some great crafting ideas coming up and that way if you like what you see in this video you can run out to the Dollar Tree and pick up some of the items there before they don't have them anymore so let's get to it let me show you what I picked up today look at how stinking cute these LED lights are these are going to go perfect in Ali's room the butterfly in the flower I've had a lot of requests for kids decor so when I saw these I snatched him up because I knew exactly what I was going to do with them as if these aren't cute the frappuccino candles oh my goodness this one is the white chocolate frappe and this one is the iced caramel macchiato they've got the straw on the top and let me tell you they smell delicious and I could not resist these thank God the Dollar Tree sells these for a dollar because I used to buy the ones at Walmart that were 598 for just one now that the Dollar Tree carries these I bought six of these and I don't mind if I need to rebuy them every now and again these were a super fun find these mini mason jars these are so stinkin cute they say mason jar on him there maybe two ounce bottles so super cute Amanda on Facebook Facebook messaged me a picture of these she found them at her Dollar Tree and asked me to do something with them and to make a video out of it and so I went to three different dollar trees looking for them and thank goodness I found them and once I found out let me tell you I did not share I bought Dollar Tree out of their mini mason jars so Thank You Amanda for this fun fine if any of you see something fun at your Dollar Tree that you think I haven't seen yet snap a photo of it and send it to me on Facebook I'd love to see it right next to those mini mason jars they had these adorable mug mason jars salt and pepper shakers these bottles are so stinking cool I absolutely love them they have a lot of detail autumn they come in square they've got round ones they've got a bigger round one that has even more detail on it and they are corked on the top all of them this bigger one I've already got a project in store for they had him in a variety of colors I stuck with the clear so it didn't limit what I could do with these this was another fun find this corked soda bottle message in the bottle type thing in my last Dollar Tree haul I had found scented erasers and scented pens and this was a cute fine scented notepad picked up one of these skin nutrition's by new york it has green tea extract with vitamin B and vitamin C it's for age defying dark circles and puffiness and it's a serum and so it's supposed to help with fine lines and wrinkles it's an instant three-in-one treatment and so it looks like it just kind of glides and rolls on and so I picked up one of these I picked up a couple more of the clear acrylic napkin holders and the butter dishes I've got another awesome project idea using these when a sassy and sheikhs blender sponge I've always wanted one of these and never found them and so I was kind of excited to find that they had one of these in stock some nail art gems by sassy and chic as well this was kind of a random fine these glass pumpkin votive holders super cute and it is meso I don't know if this was something that they just had in the back of the store that they forgot about and pulled out I've got a cute idea for them so so I'm going to hold on to these until August September when I start making videos for october/november some yellow butterflies red butterflies and red flowers this again is for the video requests for kids decor for their bedrooms hey I found these silver wire LED lights there 3.6 feet long and it takes two double-a batteries there's 10 lights on each strand they have silver wiring and copper wiring I picked up two of these Coco liners in the gardening area four of their green floral phone rings and no skid grip liner this was also a new fine for me at my Dollar Tree these amazing 2d stickers with a mason jar with flowers I just love these these are going to be used in an upcoming project adorable stickers love this bird one as well a new tube of dollar trees adhesive some bandanas now this is a find that I'm super excited about these chalkboards buy jot a six pack of foam sheets this 15 pack of sesame street's die cuts this is for another upcoming project some cream satin ribbon two packs of these round miniature storage containers each pack comes with eight and on Mother's Day when I bought these pens I didn't save any for myself and so I picked up a set of three this canister is new to my Dollar Tree I went for the wavy line I think I have an idea of what I want to do with this and I also picked up a red one this was a fun find as well this blue jar with this metal hanger and this adorable almost like a mason jar with a metal handle on it a roll of burlap they were also pulling out all of their fourth of July stuff and so I hit the jackpot on this trip I have had a lot of requests for 4th of July decor this is a three pack of their star votive candles they come in red white and blue and they're glass star votive holders in red blue and clear a 2-pack of their silver star LED the motives fourth-of-july solar light two packs of their fourth of July table scatter and this cute LED 4th of July necklace that flashes and this metal god Bless America sign so stinking cute this is going on my front door some foil garland to packs of the refrigerator magnets stay tuned to see what I use these magnets for because I'll be repurposing them for an upcoming project this fourth of July bandana super stink and cue two packs of their LED lights that have 10 lights on each strand these clear plastic bins for organizing they've got like this lip on them these are new to my Dollar Tree I've seen them in other halls and I've always wanted them and so when I saw them at my Dollar Tree snatched up two of each this rectangular one and this thinner rectangular one got two of each for my garage and organizing my crafting supplies a bag of rice some puffy alphabet stickers well everybody that's all I have for you for today for this unexpected Dollar Tree haul of mine please give this video a thumbs up and remember if I've inspired you to make a project from one of my videos snap a quick picture send it to me on Facebook because I'd love to feature it in an upcoming video and if you're new to my channel click that red button and stick around awhile for more crafting on a budget more everything on a budget videos to come and if you click it again when the bell appears YouTube will notify you when I'm uploading a new video you can also follow me on Facebook Pinterest Instagram and Google+ those links are in the description box below just click on those links click follow and you'll also be notified through social media when I'm uploading a new video or just doing something fun you can also find my p.o box in the description box below as well if you're interested in sending me fan mail and watching me open it up in a video until next time everybody I hope you have a fantastic day happy everything on a budget and [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] federal enterprise risk management updates from omb circular a 123 Midtown Manhattan campus.

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