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Do my capstone engineering pte ltd

Do my capstone engineering pte ltd gadoe senior capstone project custom thesis on linguistics due soon iris iris is born in England raised in Southeast Asia and then went to school for as long as they let me be in it in order I went to Matobo when I was kind of ran away from home and that's where if that's where you go what I was going to ask you is how do you think that that's inform your works terms I mean Rex office in your mr. Newfoundland with peter also that you've lived you know many places outside Toronto and as we know what two people love of Toronto they loved hating Toronto so I'm interested in your views as it as a journalist well I mean I fall back on the fact that I've lived in a lot of places and love that i really don't really do see myself clearly citizen of canada fit all sources of the world a lot of travel I love meeting people outside of downtown Toronto both Rex and I travel the country why not just on on both floors build whatever we can find the opportunity because you're constantly hearing different views and thoughts about the state of the country in the state of the world so I I love that kind of movement moving all my life my mother she was alive is to kind of brag about the number of different houses being all I was hard on kids constantly moving two drawers having to make new friends but on the other side it gave you experienced opportunity you wouldn't yeah two things new times X to the opposite its saw homogeneous it's an island and it's isolated the Washington I did have we realize we either have the most felonious foremost lunatic problems on the face of the planet and as a consequence we have indeed we have the Liberty but we decided to turn the leased property into some sort of diversion or entertainment and I know growing up under small alchemy virgin who was the fear of the pyramid growing up under Smallwood even such an outsized personality in his in his charisma his rhetorical gifts and also in the sheer concentration of power in the small place done 30 taught you a lot about the hard edges of politics but the new phone on response to it as i said is deepening grant that will find the edges viewer are present or in fine little fables that you can extend we have the first cattle drive in New Zealanders in 1955 Jolie wearing the 24 gallon hat driving some start horse in front of 10 deeply embarrassed cows passed em passed Gander which is an airport and the second indicator of them is the point of Peter brought over the meeting like to stress that swallowed when we joined the Federation he had a you know a model or a legend he said next that he meant it next to the light itself the greatest gift that God gave New Zealanders lost Confederation he really snapped the national idea into what could be described as the most Prudential problems and I got lucky about 14 years ago this particular stick as Peter says I popped around a lot from the only way outside of reading I think that you begin to experience the tremendous range in this country range of temperament as well as geography or ethnicity Rachel tournament is to get around and to get some idea to look totality of this place which is its glory you have to have to lesion and acquaintances so the local thing gave you a sharp perspective from which to look but the broader acquaintance of journalism expanded looking at the other the other gift the Dred Scott from growing up and what you do from land was one that I'd never experienced and that's that's the gift of being able to speak in second language to be able to hide behind the second if you notice in the advertisements that we did for this for this event you know try to give everything tagline so we just made it that was the journalism in a celebrity you two are both fabulous journalists we live in the age of celebrity and rats portion and restless in your book what I'm interested in both your views on this we are at a time for so I said you were rock stars when when we came in and you are I mean you know everybody's a rock star so I just wanted to throw that up and see what you eat raw strategies what do you think about doing journalism in the age where everybody is a star celebrity and Twitter colleges well you know I you know on the one hand you're kind of flattered by it on the other hand it it's bra and we're just journalist for storytellers and nobody should look at beyond that every once in a while it's it's good to be reminded that fat and I can act remember couple years ago driving up to to our cottage and I got a little carried away on the highway of speeding and they've got stopped by only be honest imagine you got stopped for speeding never happened before yeah so this guy comes to the side of the car and he asked for my driver's license registration I gave it to him he looks at it goes Peter Mansbridge and I'm thinking I'll of celebrity jurors he looks at me says we were in Scouts together and you know he said where when and you know turned out to be true and we stood there and side of the road talking about good old days of scouting for on our own five or six minutes and it was quite wonderful and this is pause in the conversation he said so what do you do now not everybody watches over not everybody that's and we're celebrities but hey listen to me it's an issue when it gets in the way of telling the story it's nice and it's flattering that people recognize us and feel that we're important in their hands at night and that is x an awkward thing to kind understand but you know we're just storage what about the connection but the distinction between journalism and rocks you suggesting your book the news is not a discrete category that it's also machine with celebrity news that may be journalism you know as we used to think of it isn't around the weather compared to separate powers if you go back far enough to say Eisenhower you probably have the last president of course of the well-known these things but the machinery of celebrity busted his intense or powerful Kennedy was the first man that collapsed the bridge if you were a president or prime minister eritrea you had the great prestige enforcement a special office and not really in the middle 60s in Newfoundland I'm serious if the cabinet minister came to village just capitalists are not treated people would say today before you know dr. Fredericks the minister of education he's coming here in Laurel some people would dress up just to go over to possession in the hope that David seen at a distance they want to be for all of us this is a minister of the ground of department it had that time to clean unquestioned prestige now around the time Academy you have a little crossover and then it was a very small instance in the Creator Richard Nixon and some people here maybe three are all enough to remember laughing and you remember that at one point Richard Nixon agreed to go on to that famous wall and say in his inevitable lyricism suck it to me that was Nixon dipping his leprous toll in the order of celebrity then have kind of faded away but by the time we come to Bill Clinton you have to ask a question about stopping in the case of Clinton he had the power and charisma of the presidency but when he had his greatest strength and I often wondered whether Hollywood was coming to Washington or Washington was going to Hollywood the contact he found himself infinite the narrative more of a rock star than a president I mean sex romps are almost dairy girl if you have a guitar in one hand but Clinton seem to have bridge the gap and you can use the power of being this new modern type of celebrity and at the same time you can go back to being pressed mr. Obama's is that's why he's a phenomenal he know he collapses those categories he's larger than both he he's the most distinct an individual political figure that I've seen but i haven't of course had the rack of state of stew of interview yeah capstone project slideshare Lander College for Women – The Anna Ruth and Mark Hasten School, Upper East Side.

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