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Do my capstone engineering ltd

Do my capstone engineering ltd capstone management san antonio texas for money purchase term paper on linguistics cheap [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] hi guys it's Mel another hunt today we contact the vicarage farm I did a bit scouting today I've been delayed for two hours because you have been problems were here courses on the estates or the police of her giving us the old clear and it just got the three guys that were actually doing it so hopefully they'll get prosecuted this time because it says it's not a nice hobby in I feel sorry for the dogs as well but anyway they've gone so I can get back out now well a long walk today I'm going to part the estate I would have not been before I just gone over the top of the hill there down through the field where we got the other bits and pieces last year there's another field next to that I'm just going to try that one bit about a half hour walk over there at the moment because my cow won't get there but things have changed here to get my new detecting boss next month so I love our 4x4 so I can go anywhere in this state then so we're out today with the Deus level inch coil and still better scouting I've got the GPS with me just er if we do find anything that can mark it up and we can get in here with a the CTX impossible the equinoxes and a few months of time so we shall see here so let's get out there let's get muddy well we're off and running three steps into this new field and we got a button already it's absolutely freezing just above one degree here at the moment I've got about three layers on but I forgot my hat I don't know what's happened to that I think I've lost it looks like we've got little buckle you six inches down unfortunately reasonably a modern one because I'm pinguin across it's not like the 1807 few signals kicking about but what the gaps in between them okay so those you can see that they've got a young deer there were these mother just about the middle of the field there I'm downwind of it in the morning try to keep with reasonably quiet there's a definitely a fall in there with the mum it's a beauty of common out in the whale to you and this on this estate you know the you know reasonable beach skittish but managed to sneak up on this one so hopefully you can see that guys lovely Satan there's coming a bit closer though don't think she could see me said I'm downwind on even a slow steady pace coming towards her you should still not see me I think she's fast asleep let's see how close you can get [Music] straight downwind so she can't smell me their eyesight is pretty poor normally you getting closer and closer keeping the tree line behind me as well so camouflage gear on so reasonably confident I can get a bit closer but 40 yards away so far doing well so I'll just stop talking now it's you of course we can get me she spied me holding up awfully say let's do raw deer wow that was about an inch under the surface it's nice little trade wait audience something like that Georgian he'll be Victorian or detail on it there so see look an idea a bit more actually look at all our phones wait guys the whole camp I just probably don't this idea a little bit off the pinpointing [Music] patrol of behind whatever it is nice signal still it's a bit crap Oh tarpaulin ringin I did think as I skipped one vicarage fine work getting these roofing nails roll over I see a building nearby so let's keep on to round this area nothing special this time just a little higher measuring signals are very quiet known this year yes they've seen a bit of shale on the surface as well so I think there's a a Victorian building possibly around this area let's even did some colleagues or something else or that well I said I find got a lot of paid temper over these for a long time probably about 18 19th century this one thought was a seal matrix at first but it's a little pipe tamper well we got going again and my head absolutely yeah Steen those hailstones got quite hard because I've got no hatter I've been getting whacked all the time but looks like there's a second coin there is a button oh it's a coin hey George probably okay thank you coins in this patch I thought there would be were started getting those roofing nails but no oh there'll be a few more one hour left well guys can you see what I can see just on the surface there I'll get the side of it now you spotted it to this face but obviously this edge of the coils caught it and it looks like a fish look at that you're stuck in the side there looks like a groat hopefully yeah he's in one piece was a half crop Oh probably Eddy for looking at that one maybe 85 yeah get in how many tank doo-doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo doo-doo-doo-doo how many time for the first time in 2018 this farm never lets me down get in [Music] well typical that I've just walked on that for you that's what we've been detecting all afternoon no the pot of gold appears at the end of the rainbow hi guys want to review her little mini hunt in the end donut vicarage farm there that's the first time we've been down there this year with the dais and we tried the new field and didn't get to back really sure about the weather I checked the forecast photo it down and that wasn't expected at all and then to go and lose my beanie hat as well my little xp1 I dunno what's happened to that I've searched high and low and just can't find it so I'll have to get myself another one so what do we get well it's the new field this signals a bit sparse to start off with and we moved across the diagonal I always do like a sub the Scottish flag basalt oh I always do the cross first and then I do around the edges and I've just done just one run across the field and we've got quite a few little bits and pieces not much jump down there really my nemesis is there as usual the old roofing nil so they're always there a few bits of lead a couple of bits of tin can Oh beaver tail pulled up a couple of tarpaulin rings not too much jump down there there's been a bit of a habitation but not a lot man phase point of you use your culprits but 10 buttons little buckle that's pretty modern Oh thimble again that's modern as well got on the string musket ball or mangled up little tutu bullet and then the come up to the bit of stuff you got there well pump pipe tamper long time since I'd weather these will see at least five or six years see the tops broke it off that's definitely what it is looks like an old George probably George first George 3rd hit knee looks like we've got another hate new they're doing to tell it's well gone towstee that one little talking by the looks of things I'm seeing anything left on that about the size of a one pea and the best find of the day was the hammered abuse stuck in the top of the surface so one thing I've noticed about vicarage farmer a lot the hammers are sorta like in the top three or four inches as it's never been plowed over the years the stuff tends to come out just near the surface there quite a few deep things as well was set on top of the clay which is about 10 G's down at the most but this sir the hammer needs a bit of TLC it's been a bit worse for wear it's got a little crack across it's a shame a little bit bent so we'll get that straightened out and hopefully we can keep it in one piece it could be a half drop looking at the size of it and just wait till we clear up definitely in Edward so probably Edward four third or fifth like I said in the video so new field new finds so we'll go back in there again with the DS I think very soon and catch up you guys on the next hunt ah so well fewer subscribers thank you all the new ones keep commenting that's great and look forward to catching up you guys the next hunt vicarage farm in the new fields so shop our mile happy hunting bit bruised and battered from all those hailstones catch you on the next one guys cheers then [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] write for me week 7 capstone project cheap New York Institute of Technology.

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