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Do my capstone energy solutions

Do my capstone energy solutions write for me psychology capstone requirements essay structure 3000 words english ´╗┐when we take a look around y'all I am crimson X if you are not yet a subscriber please touch that subscribe button press that notification bell because we are the only channel that brings you into the gutter into the heart of Detroit and into filming locations that you can only see on my channel we are in the 8-mile trailer park where Eminem filmed the famous movie 8 mile we're actually walking up to the part where when Eminem was fixing this car and he had to take the bus to work well it's right here let's go check it out Greg Buell you're not dude is practically living with my fucking mom what a garbage bag that's full of clothes now you guys gotta remember in the filming of this movie they actually made a sign called the 8 mile trailer park this really isn't called the 8 mile trailer park but in the movie that's what they did is they made the fucking sign for 8 mile trailer park yeah hey why are you still going to the shelter dog ain't nobody dandy but a bunch of clowns who ain't got deals I'm never gonna get deals you need to stay at home you know wings gotcha look I'm telling you man I'm on my way and if you guys remember right this is where Eminem caught the bus and then he goes down eight mile and we're gonna actually take a stroll down eight mile we're gonna go check out some filming locations from the movie 8 mile so yeah I believe down here is the trailer where Eminem shot the movie and then he came up walked up this street right here to catch the bus you guys remember this part I'm taking you with me you're the franchise baby the franchise yeah I'm taking the fucking bus to work yeah look I was just on the horn with my man boy to Russia that promo guy yeah now boys all hooked up in 98 so what's he need you for she need me for Khalid dog and you know that's my specialty see I'm the one that tipped them on Big O and got that fat man out of flipping burgers that biggie deep now here's eight Mile Road right here here's a look into the trailer park and if you guys remember right this is the corner where Eminem caught the bus this is the 8-mile bus stop right here where Eminem caught the bus for the movie 8 mile right here they go Big O is how we didn't get a taste of beat rap I'm building an empire next yo guys its crimson X in the middle of Detroit Michigan so we're at the second third location for Eminem's eighth mile movie you guys remember the big cow don't you oh there's actually the paintball fucking marks still on the cow guys check this shit out let me zoom in check the fucking paintball marks still on the cows I you guys see that shit so yeah this location is actually right off a Mack Avenue let me go around this a little bit so if you guys remember see the paintballs so yeah everybody remembers this location from the movie so this is actually just a small fucking building next to an old beat market Mason's Fine Foods so let me go around here and show y'all shit you know how that goes so yeah looks like there's a no-trespassing because of course there's probably quite a few people that stop here because of the movie but yeah that's crazy you can still see the original paintball markings on the fucking sign y'all let's check it out one more time so yeah they were coming down of course Mac Avenue when they pulled out the gun and they shot at the car the crazy part is this was in 2002 mm fucking tool we make sure this is still recording yeah mm fucking - they filmed eight mile you can still see the original paintball gun marks since 2002 that's fuckin nuts so yeah so we're gonna go on to the next location we're gonna hit more like downtown Detroit like go down into the gutter so hope you're enjoying this vlog y'all all right for my eighth mile people I am crimson X if you guys remember an eight mile you guys remember the tunnel when he's on his way to Detroit stamping and yes its own Hastings Street right here oh fuck them potholes you know so yeah guys um did he turn I believe he turned this way this thing is big over here yes mmm went this way in the 8-mile movie and this is where he worked you guys remember this right over in here I saw so this right here y'all is the new Detroit Stampede let's go ahead and give you a full view right here of the new Detroit Stampede mmm filming locations oh look at them all fuckers just look at me look at the pit bull over here well like I said there's packs of wild dogs in Detroit and we were just walking down here because people baby they run in packs like dude I've heard motherfuckers getting attacked by these dogs because they run in packs ain't no one feeding these dogs you guys seen it for yourself sometimes you don't that'll worry about the gangs you got to worry about the fucking dogs eating yo ass okay guys some member an eight-mile where Eminem's on the bus Oh looking at old abandoned house here's the old gun range this is the gun range from 8 mile where he was on the bus remember that there's the side we'll actually get out and record this part [Music] y'all reused to say gun range own it we'll get out and we'll actually film that I'll just do a UE I don't give a fuck or in Detroit oh if you remember on 8 mile remember when Eminem was on the bus now the old golf penthouse is destroyed it's no longer there [Music] [Music] it's gone but this is the location and here goes the sign to prove it this is the old gun range oh shit we could actually go up in that motherfucker notice a demolish yup did the oh shit they're about to demolish the small fucker - lucky we got this check this shit out this bitch is ready to get demolished so lucky we got up in here it's already past due so lucky we got to detroit y'all in film this for you before it was demolished check this shit out inside here you want to take this with you you guys so I'm downtown Detroit end of eat mile movie freeze like peace out rabbit this is the shot right here down the alleyway in the M&M movie where he's like peace out rabbit peace-out rabbit you guys remember that shot this is the alleyway ssin there's a bunch of people looking at me weird down the other one but you guys can see the nice shots from Detroit down these alleyways and just like this alleyway remember at the end where Eminem was walking peace out rabbit break down these alleyways they're actually the one he did was right over there these alleyways are almost alike but if you guys can see down that one you can actually it gives you more of like the city aspect of it but there was a bunch of people down there and I really didn't want to bother them but that's actually the original alleyway on Clifford and Griswold where Eminem ends the movie to leave illegally parked done this alley right here targets like 40 miles a gallon and it's fucking badass so we're on McLennan Street this is the spot guys work so the destination appears on the right this is the spot where cheddar Bob I actually see the house now where Eminem came after cheddar Bob got shot cheddar Bob was looking out the window it's actually right here this it's actually for sale right now and I'm gonna get out and show you guys real quick what happened guys with the cheddar Bob I thought that was it then I was like wait is that one actually it was 12 50s right here in this location however it's I believe they used it because it was condemned but he got tore down because the location would have been raped fucking here in 2002 so obviously Bob's home is now gone which once stood right here but I can work out so we actually brought you there though we brought you as many locations as we could for the 8 mile I hope you guys enjoyed this 8 mile um like I said if you're not yet a subscriber please press the subscribe button now we're going to abandon homes we do all types of different stuff vlogs banded homes filming location [Music] you do my capstone microturbine rpm Colgate University.

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