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Do my capstone employee reviews

Do my capstone employee reviews capstone logistics yorktown in customer service logistics case study I'm not one for doing one of these things at the beginning of the video because I usually have that disclaimer in my intro but if you are the victim of an actual sexual assault rape molestation or sodomy I talked about that in this video and if that still upsets you because it's still a raw and you still traumatized from the event you may want to skip this video and watch any of my other videos on my channel this is to all the third and fourth wave feminists who decided that they were going to try and invent something called rape culture stop stop it there's a difference between sexual harassment sexual assault molestation sodomy and rape and before you ask me how I know I'm a survivor of molestation from the ages of 9 to the ages of 11 by three boys in my neighborhood I'm I'm a survivor of rape the age of 15 the first guy I ever had sex with raped me I know the difference unfortunately I learned the difference the hard way I know all about sexual harassment and sexual battery because again I was a victim of it later on in life after I had my son so I know the difference and when you sit there and you try and say somebody walking up to you paying you a compliment in sexual harassment you're full of so much bullshit it's not even funny somebody paying you a compliment is just that somebody paying you a compliment they walk up to you and say you look nice today that's a compliment that dress really brings out the color of your eyes that's a compliment hello how are you doing that's opening a conversation in case you forgot what the hell that was that's not sexual harassment teaching your girls to defend themselves is not by any way shape form or fashion or any kind of contrived mint rape culture is teaching them how to be aware of their surroundings which is something that everybody needs to learn how to be and when you're walking down the street with your face in one of these you're not aware of your surroundings and it's not rape culture you're setting yourself up to be mugged shot killed kidnapped you name it because you're like this and you're not looking at where you're going you're not looking at where you are and you're not looking at the people around you I'm not saying be scared of being out in the open no I'm saying be prepared I'm saying arm yourself with self-defense martial arts anything you have to defend yourself with because the world is a cruel cold mean dark place and rape isn't the only thing you have to worry about there are mothers out there there are thieves they're killers out there and when you're sitting there trying to tell everybody don't teach your daughter how to defend themselves you're setting them up to be a victim of any one of those violent acts into the feminists who continue to say the phrase and i quote teach your boys not to rape you have insulted the mother of every son on the face of this planet and you can shut the fuck up with that bullshit I have a son I raised him with moral values I raised him to respect himself and others and I never once told him that if he was horny and give a shit or not whether the girl wanted it or not that he needed to satisfy his needs I did not raise a rapists I raised a respectable human being and that's what we all do so when you say the phrase don't teach your son to rape your insulting everybody who has raised their children who have raised their children I'm sorry to be respectable human beings rape is a psychologically sexual deviant behavior deviant meaning not normal think about that two out of ten percent of every rapist of every rape report is a false report that's enough doubt don't sit there and say that the questions that police asked you our rape culture they have to establish a timeline they have to establish where you were what you were doing at the time what the guy looked like if you even remember what he looked like if he didn't rape you from behind what you were wearing in case you're missing any articles of clothing because all that's evidence so they can find the rapist and let me explain to you from my point of view why some rapes don't get reported because I didn't report mine because number one the rape happens it's a traumatic enough event then you call the police and you know they're going to ask you the questions not to put you on trial not to make you look like the guilty one but to establish the chain of evidence and get the investigation going if you make it past that point god bless you because I never even got to that point then another detective asks you because they're establishing whether or not you're telling the truth now because they're putting you on trial these are usual methods of Investigation if you get asked a third time is because they're putting all your stories together to make sure your story is cohesive and the timeline is set and you're not changing your story period it's not that they're accusing you of lying it's that they're making sure that the baseline evidence is solid so you've gone through it you've been investigated or at least well excuse me out investigated you've been interviewed twice minimally so if you're lucky they find the guy so they find the guy they arrest him uid deep it goes to court it happened to you so you have to be there you're on the witness stand so now you're having to relive this event a fourth time a fourth time because you have to recount on the stand what happened to you think about that it happened to you you had interviewed once you get interview twice now you're in the main witness because you're the victim so 4 times you have to relive it once physically 3 in your head it's not an easy process to go through and if within that chain of evidence something breaks that son of a bitch goes free there's always a chance that he can go free if that chain of evidence is broken if you wait more than 24 hours the evidence is broken if you take a shower before you go to the police you've broken the evidence they have nothing to collect a rape kit is not another violation rape kit is an attempt to get the DNA from the person who raped you so no matter how r all your emotions are no matter how upset you are because it happened to you don't take that shower don't change those clothes go to the emergency room report the rape so they can do the rape kit fresh because the sooner they can get that DNA the better their chances are fighting the son of a bitch who raped you don't wait I know it's painful I know it's traumatic I know it's something that you don't want to relive much less repeat to anybody that's asking you questions but if you don't there's a chance that son of a bitch is gonna go free and you're left like me wondering what could have happened don't let it happen to you knock this shit off about rape culture because you're not making it any easier for people like me there's a difference between sexual molestation and yes I'm saying it again sodomy sexual harassment sexual battery and rape and it can happen to men as well as women look it up learn it and quit contorting it so you can continue to play the victim because that's deplorable this has been the madwoman you can call it a PSA you can call it a rant you can call it a response to sa jump s jw's who say that rape culture exists I don't care what you call this video but at the end of it I hope you learn something and I'll say it again if God forbid or destiny forbid you become the victim of a sexual assault of a sexual rape of sodomy or molestation don't wait report it and then ask for resources for counseling so you can get back on your feet so you can be a survivor and not continue living like a victim do my capstone books spanish Hunter College, Upper East Side.

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