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Do my capstone design meaning

Do my capstone design meaning capstone quarters urbana il for money gowning and gloving powerpoint presentations [Music] [Applause] [Music] whooping excursion guys go pick up that person in the truck keeping up workers no gangster you just in their version yo guys how's it going welcome back to another video today it's Warford versus Swansea at Victor's row Stadium I'm here with my dad who's his predictions so can de correo alright I wasn't saying exactly say thank you Sinclair's on the bench yeah leaving ginger yeah we should be getting a win against the seniors bowl of the league but knowing that again this Watford and uh trees like a roller coaster you've won where you could be beaten Man City and the next what you could be losing to Swansea so I don't know it's gonna be difficult I think I think we will win too [Music] no I'm just using as an example one one way you could be beating the team it's a good it says it's an analogy what we being a team that's doing really well and then awesome yeah well no awesome about that but still yeah well no you made me lose my train of thought all right so I think Wolford are gonna win two nil I like like my - I think I can - core ain't gonna score before windy yeah so see you only get to the ground yeah booth number six happy motion number trends [Applause] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] no guys hafsteinn watford once once a city now good good first officers we've been in cruise control I think that Benny yeah they've only had one real chance and we should hit the crossbar bother than that well then walk would have been keeping possession well and obviously a good goal I started I was made from a cap it's an issue of shot they're going dad [Music] kakoen the build-up he held the board after he had the stroke I've been missing from gray to fo the beautiful ball through yeah I think we chosen to be shot okay the pool for either come out the cat goes Sean I thought honestly paid the ball in the doctor bro yeah otherwise countries make the difference yeah through the seconds old ice tools naginata Chinese always have to want a second player long side to strike they're doing okay I've got not much to to defend us moment depending been afraid and [Music] yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah defense has been solid not really much to worry about but other than that everything's good we sell the second half goes under yeah yeah so we'll see how the second half goes and yeah let's go [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] now [Applause] Oh [Applause] my full commission signifies they'll be at least folded supply madam wait wait come on [Applause] [Music] [Applause] zzzt straight inside straight inside your guys so we're back home now and it finished miraculously Watford 1 Swansea City - yeah we've lost to a team that's bottom of the league we bottled it again and it's another defeat um I don't really have any words Oh dad he try and comprehend crap first off we were comfortable one enough we need to get a second gone in a second off but issues I have my opinion still still there a cacti looks like he was tiring he's on his own that fun again this there's not we need to kill James off I mean I we're not capable of doing that and like against Palace away we just threw this one away yeah it was unnecessary we've from missing gray came on mister one-on-one with a keeper she buried that one he can't even finish his dinner that one finished finished in front of call yeah this poor I don't know if is if he's used to playing because when he was at Bernie was used to playing in a partnership with Dini any garlic type thing with two players up front I keep asking for this and it's not gonna happen a Kaka was put on today played on his I did alright and first off painting I tired I got tired which others have missed opportunities but they weren't glaring misses yeah this just poor the team always lead goals doesn't matter who were playing conceived goals especially at home and the manager needs to sort it out otherwise I'm asking questions on the manager the moment because I don't think we have the right place we had a good start to a season top of the Nerds got lucky in a couple of games I think maybe ask North we've got some results last-minute results earlier in the season that kind of West Brom made things look a lot better than maybe we actually were now they're like right now I think now the shortfalls were more more apparent yeah as we're coming up to the New Year and the second round of fixtures against you know the second half of the season so we need defenders we need at midfield injuries back how many strikers after say we're missing strikers and we can't kill games or finesse that's been our downfall not being able to kill games off fear to buried that second goal wouldn't be no chance we should I put that away we move the probably not lost that game at all yeah just the heads would have dropped their confidence would have gone and but what happened we miss that they come back they still owe me a copy I know they still got a chance came back equalized and then our confidence went down this went up and their third they look like they were looking for another call yeah and they got it no they got one so good luck to them we can't be a team that's bottom of the league not one in ages same as Huddersfield the other week can't be teams I will in danger of getting trades yeah into the bottom off yeah the bottom four was there um one player that we haven't got through injury or suspension that we were missing today like blatantly that we need it well missing midfield by it we're missing Hue's were missing Chalobah in midfield they're not missing anyone else and we're just missing we just haven't got the players in the squad I think remember what proper defenders yeah as a couple of defenders we're missing that we need to get in from outside and it's the same up front but we're missing players I hunt like I said before we haven't got 20 gold season striker yeah exactly in the club let alone in the team my nothing we've got one into the club as a minute so today at the end of the game all of the players bar one walk straight into that tunnel without going to knowledge any of the fans thoughts on that if I was one of them players over the water off in shame as well mmm that's all they did they were obviously ashamed of their display they've not collapsed again they collapse against Palace you know my goal up you know is there to be won three points are in the bag and I've just given it away and they'll just probably water off in shame because I would have done the same thing I couldn't face the fans of them having just turned in a display like that they can walk off and hopefully some of them don't walk back on the pitch yeah okay so looking onto next game bloody Manchester City away from home at the Etihad Stadium go on what's gonna happen we're gonna get slaughtered we're gonna get smashed up I'll be very surprised if we get anything if we lose by less than three or four Neil yeah same week we'll be talking six six goals again yeah no more yeah we could be stuck no they're gonna rip us apart if we're playing how we've been playing recently to be torn apart and it's question of how many goals I just thought they don't hit double figures yeah exactly say me of that's that's looking very likely god bless anyone who's going to the STI Day on Tuesday night but um yeah god bless you yeah so that's it next game that I'll be doing a vlog or knees Bristol City in the FA Cup at home hopefully I still don't think we'll get resolved then but hopefully I'll look a little bit brighter and if we're lucky we might take it to a replay but yeah yeah that's pretty much it disappointing day all round and unter so peace do my capstone experience paper Elmira College, Elmira.

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