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Do my capstone company realtors

Do my capstone company realtors shelly cashman powerpoint 2013 chapters 1 3 sam capstone project 1a e waste challenges for money vice magazine reporter killed on live tv ´╗┐in awesome sibling news yay a young brother and sister chase down their baby brother's kidnapper hell yeah yeah Wow the sisters eight years old and the brothers ten years old and the little brother that got kidnapped is 22 months old or almost two years old they're so brave there's actually footage how did they not all get kidnapped at the same time it's all Italian oh this mom is 10 no this is ins Oh their deals misery I think I think oh I'll tell you for sure is our what's in Marco right yeah it's in America loser for my bro there's nothing on but here's the kidnapper with leaving intelligence what what is he doing he's holding the kid running away this is the sister and this is the brother with the stroller so what's happening there was having everybody get it back how did they get the baby back though so what happened was these kids were playing unsupervised at a park that's right next to their babysitter's house so their dad dropped him off when he went to work and then dropped him off at the babysitter talked and the babysitter's just let up yeah fire the shit out of the end okay without watching them negligent ass babysitters seriously mm-hmm and this happened in a small town is actually Washington site Washington and this town only has a population of like 500 people so there everyone knows each other yeah so they're thinking that this kidnapper is like from out of town know me and trying to soup up on kids but um like to fuck children or to like sell them or what grab him up yeah can fall did you get caught so they haven't caught him so the way they they recovered their baby brother was because the little girl and the little boy they started chasing after the kidnapped her after he he took their little brother and started screaming like help help he's got my baby brother like screaming down the street so then one of the store owners is lady she noticed all this commotion she saw the guy run past her store and like the two kid and then we heap sushi she told her her son I think it was these two teenagers that um an end of teenagers started running after the kid yeah so they just started a whole mob and she never I guess got scared once these two teens got involved and she just left the baby he placed them in an Impala and shit he got away though I love the little boy took the stroller you think I know I can't hear it oh man were too small hospitals to got the strong camera down those kids are I wish I have brave kids like that they get candy for breakfast for the rest their lives out here because I was such a bitch when I was their age one time so my grandpa came from Asia to visit me and one of my favorite things to do is I think after all this after summer school after summer school my grandpa rode ride a bike while bringing my bike to summer school I'd get on and wheeled right back and I remember this time we're riding back I saw these two like bigger kids and they looked kind of like the bad kids you know and I was like oh yeah these Mexicans doing here where we go we go back home then we we lock our bikes up but we didn't go way to lock the bike up no no we locked up my grandpa's bike my fight was just leaning against the wall we didn't close the garage door we go inside we're just hanging out and then after lunch my grandpa was taking the afternoon nap I come outside and I see those two kids in my garage one of them's already sitting on my bike the other kid is trying to like uh like pull the lock or break the lock on my grandpa's bike and I was like oh shit and I was so scared that I remember I had like cold sweats and I ran to my grandpa I was like I could even see that the bikes are being stolen I was like breakup was like what's going on right and I just keep following and I take it to the garage and I was like goodbye this time they already got on the other bike and they're like going down the street I was like I didn't know how to say like oh my god I think I was like six or so you couldn't even talk cuz your ass all scared I couldn't I was paralyzed at least you're able to like move and run and grab him other people just probably stand there freaked out I think I was like this close to pissing my pants just daddy ever think about like all times in your life and you were kid that you totally could have gotten kidnapped that you didn't like I used to walk home from school every day in elementary school I'm like damn someone could have kidnapped right there I used to go play in the park like really young my parents just let me out all the time my paranoia me too there were never any times where my mom was always on my ass about that that's good love gosh she loves you so much I was in Vietnam and they would leave me to eat on the street like on the side of tree of a street vendor a bit all right I'll be back I could have gotten kidnapped so many times and sold in sex trafficking for something like those as homeless guy at the park not always hung out and we used to just think that he was like the man that lived at the park he was a supervisor no like I didn't know that he was like an actual bum bum like I knew but I didn't know how if they were dangerous or whatnot it did it was always nice and then like he would just go whoo and I will be like yeah and then we would play yeah I would be a happy what was man like for me I would go to the grocery store with my dad and you know in the Chinese grocery stores like you see like the fish being displayed out into like the tank in one area and I always look at them and I'll be really fascinated by it right and like I remember my dad was like standing right next to me and because I was so preoccupied like I just like just went over and then grabbed like my dad's hand and like dad you don't like this is so cool right like when do you think we're gonna like get one fish and they're like I was like still holding the hand right and I looked up and it was like this random as food and he was like freaked out because like my dad and my dad was like five feet away from me and he was like oh my god why don't you do anything that's how I got lost the flea Margaret like the first time I ever got lost that's where I did I like go like oh cool I grabbed his hand again two girls like some big black guy like oh she probably thought it was askew instant fucking solving he's probably like Oh cute Asian kid like what the fuck Ash's racist uh hey mother people thanks for watching I hope you guys really enjoyed the episode of just kidding news because we love doing them for you hey I know what you thinking you see this video you go mother fucka guess what I wish that they had something in sound format so I could just be on the bus be on the train in the car and I can just hear just kidding news well you can as / just kidding news also if you guys want to hit us up and be like hey Joe hey just kidding news team go to slash just kidding news and you can see and like us and if this is your first time on this channel welcome please subscribe and if you liked this video tell us you liked it thumbs up it tell your friends go in the comments below it'd just be like what's up because I comment back till next week mother bitch it's not even next week to like two hours later capstone warehouse manager salary Stony Brook University.

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