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Do my capstone college of nursing tuition for money

Do my capstone college of nursing tuition for money capstone project university of louisville harvard medical school secondary application essay ´╗┐well good morning it's Tom it uh in the shack at k2 BEW and what you see here is something I forgot about I said on my last video that I was going to move on to the RF board and I looked at the directions and realized I still have to put together the vfo to what they call the VF oh and quarter encoder I believe it's an encoder because it's digital it uses an IC and it has a couple of resistors capacitors and the main tuning knob and then the tuning knob gets put on there and that gets all mounted to the front panel which I'm not gonna videotape myself putting this that little thing together I'll show it to you when I'm done and then we'll be moving on to the next part the one thing I did want to comment on this I was really happy with this knob this is a very heavy machined aluminum knob with a nice dimple and a rubber ring it's a good quality one I guess the older k2s had a kind of a cheesy plastic knob and a lot of people replace them but kudos to Ella Kraft they really came out with a new nice knob I'm not sure what year they came out with that this radio has been in production since 2002 which is quite a long run but it's still very popular and it's a great radio people still enjoy it and I'm sure glad I got it which is why I bought it because I don't want him to stop making it and miss out on building it the k1 which was their smaller version of this which is like a single band radio or I think you could add one or two extra bands to it that radio a little QR pk-1 they have discontinued and people were scrambling to buy them before they stopped making them now they haven't stopped making this one yet and I hope they won't I don't think they will anytime soon because it's very popular and it's the only radio like it on the market that I'm aware of that you can build the entire thing yourself as a kit second thing this is just a simple little quick unboxing if you will this came I can't I got this from eBay the other day and just thought I'd share it it's Radio ge happy birthday America it says on a New York and this was actually shipped from Utica New York which is only up the road from me about an hour and a half maybe less and it was shipped in March of 1976 for the grand total of 26 cents postage I know he can't read that it says $1 on here I think that was probably from somebody selling this later at a yard sale or something that was not the shipping so what do we have we have the GE happy birthday America and I opened the back so you can see the electronics transistor radio celebrating the Senate Bicentennial of course a lot of you remember that I was 10 years old at the time I remember riding around the neighborhood and you know they painted all the all the fire hydrants red white and blue they painted everything at the parks red white and blue like the the big pillars when you drove into the parks you know everything was red white and blue back then and the radio was red white and blue celebrating 1976 I never had this particular radio when I was a kid I had transistor radios I don't remember having this one I do remember seeing it back then I don't I think one of the neighborhood kids might have had it I don't think my brothers had it we all hit transistors radios this was the equivalent of an iPod back in the day so I threw a battery in it and happy to report it works my signal mode right it's it's always hard to turn these little these little tuners but it's very clean inside absolutely no corrosion it's in great shape original box original shipping and everything at a decent price I was happy to get it and then it had the this is kind of cool it has the original crystal little earbud thing that plugs into the back of it there's a hole in the back has the original care guide which is just a single page of basic telling me how to use it connecting Naida number one six zero for battery or equivalent nine volt apparently they had a I never heard of an ADA ne da that must have been something they sold kind of cool 90 day consumer warranty from Utica New York printed in Hong Kong the radio was actually manufactured in Hong Kong that was before the days of free trade with China ever a lot of stuff came from Hong Kong and Japan back then how things have changed okay the model 7-5 7-5 3 D owner registration certificate you were supposed to fill this out and send it into GE for your 90 day warranty and I'm glad nobody did cuz that glad to have it to Utica New York right up the road for me so that's just a little collectible I thought I'd share that I picked up a couple things I thought I'd mentioned too I just wanted to do a little update I know everybody's up in arm not everybody some of the smaller channels are all up in arms about this YouTube nonsense where they've said if you don't have a thousand subscribers or four thousand hours worth of views in the last in a year's time you no longer get money for your channel I'm well below that threshold and of course I got that email like everybody else did my personal take is no big deal I kind I'm glad I can put videos up of any length on you two for free and they don't charge me because honestly they could and it's surprising sometimes to me that they don't and the fact that they give you money for it if you have advertisers is just a bonus and a thousand subscribers that's not unreasonable I have a small channel I do this for fun I do it as a hobby I do it mainly to put on the internet for posterity if you will just my progression in my hobby of radio that's the only reason I do it and if people want to follow along and give me feedback I'm more than happy to have that happen too but I'm not in it for money and a little bit of money you get from minaton icing a small little channel like this is like almost not even worth doing anyway in my opinion I'm certainly not making anything off it so the other bonus to that is I have no ads on my channel anymore so people don't have to sit through annoying ads if my channels were not nice and I only had a couple of my my videos my not nice anyway I'm gonna uh not NIH's them all even if I don't they're gonna do with them YouTube's gonna do it to me in like two weeks any anyhow but that's my take I don't think it's a big deal I don't think it's unreasonable on youtubes part anyway the other thing coming up in May looking forward I am going to go to ham venture now I've always wanted to go to ham vention and I'm actually going to 40s in May four days in May is the qrp convention that is right down the road from the dayton ham vention and they have it in a hotel and qrp guys come in from all over the world a lot of them from England and other places and they do seminars on building your own radio equipment and I listen to solder smoke on a regular basis and they're into building your own equipment it's their whole their whole spiel and I'm looking forward to mainly going to that and seeing those seminars and then of course over at Dayton I have to at least go over and check it out for the day right biggest ham convention in the world walk around look at it see what's going on I don't spit planet spending as much time over at Dayton I'll probably take a couple short videos and throw them up on my channel I'm certainly not going to do any big long video of it and certainly not a long video of any seminars or anything it's just not my thing to do but just thought I'd share that that's coming up in the future although it is still called and it's still winter here so that's the update I'll be back next time with putting on the vfo to the main board there and then we'll move on to the RF board as I said 73 and thanks for watching this is Tom enterprise risk management university of washington Nassau Community College.

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