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Do my capstone collection services edison nj

Do my capstone collection services edison nj counseling capstone project ideas conclusion paragraph in an analytical essay [Music] what is up everybody welcome anaphors TCG and today we are in feet profiling the new possible GX deck yeah and I know it's weird that I think the new possible GX site because possible GX is not a deck at all it is a very established a very good deck and a pretty old deck at that but it has some really good new inclusions from forbidden light like B string like diancie prison star and even a really good new prison star energy card that we will be talking about in a bit now let's get this deck profile started with our main attacker 3 bus full of GX you guys should know what this card does by now is insanely good jet punch 30/30 snipe knuckle impact for three energies that's 160 it can't attack again but remember with choice man strong energy this thing can knock out literally or whatever it wants to knock out I hope with the GS SEC also if you have a lot of prizes left you can take easy knockouts that way with also being able to attack the next turn with absorption GX you guys should know what buzz will GX does right now is our main attacker in the deck now we have a new attacker a new side attacker in this deck from forbidden light and that is one baby buzz full now big puzzles mainly used for that first attack for one fighting energy does 30 damage and if your opponent has for a prize cards left it does ninety more damage so if you go in harder the buzz with GX early game but then it just gets returned Kayode really faster just something just returned code maybe start a play lane just gets easily knocked out that way you could retaliate with this baby bustle and we have so many fighting type damage boosters like choice bans strong energy waste rock TX and even the new diancie prison start so this thing could potentially be getting one shots for one fighting and achieve so your opponent and better be scared if they want to knock out one of your pokemon and go down for prizes now we also play two or Regirock iax pretty standard inclusion in these Buffalo GX turbo version decks and then we also play one diancie prism star this is a insanely good new prism star from forbidden light the ability your fighting-type pokémon do twenty more damage it's like Reggie Groff yaks from the from edgy power makes your friend type Pokemon through ten more damage but this diancie doubles that it says you raise your rocky axe you gotta take the back seat here I'm coming in and I'm adding 20 more damage for fighting-type pokémon so if we have both red rocky axe and diancie prism star on the bench let's say we have one regirock one diancie that's already plus 30 damage that's technically kind of like an extra choice band that can be attached to all of our fighting-type pokémon which is ridiculous so darn see prism star just makes this deck so much better now for a support pokemon here we got a 2/2 octillery line with abyssal hand drop through our whole deck get all the cards that we would like out of it and we also got that one tabulated GX pretty standard one count in most of these possible turbo versions and then for our supporters we got three professor Sycamore pretty standard to n1 Cynthia and then we also got one Lily a card that we don't see it that often but it's actually really good in these puzzle gxx because we don't play things like bridget or any of those tournament supporters that we want to use on turn one Lily now turns into a really really good turn one supporter we can just turn one tackle a leaf or and draw up to eight cards in our hand it's like a better stick more on turn one and even if we don't have an alternate it can always act as a nice draw card in the later game the mid game whenever I wanna is just another nice draw card to have in the deck and I really like it a lot in these implausible GX decks and then to finish it off we got three Guzman Guzman is extremely good especially in these possible gxx I'm considering going up to 1/4 the only problem is I don't really know what to cut out of this list but with Guzman that knuckle impact attack that fizz you can't tech next turn if we just Guzman put that puzzle on the bench we actually reset that effect to the attack and we can even attack with that possible again so this is mom always really good now for the item parts we got for ultra ball get all our pokemon out that way we got for max mixer as well once again this is turbo buzz wool so what we wanna be doing is getting a bunch of energies onto our buzz below GX as fast as possible start swinging for a huge amounts of damage as fast as possible what are the fastest decks if not the fastest deck in standard format because of this max lick sir and now we have a new card entering the ring making this deck so much better it is three beast ring B string is a new item card from forbidden light if your opponent has either three or four prize cards remaining you get to attach two basic energies from your deck onto one of your pokemon and this makes this deck so much faster than it already was if your opponent simply knocks out one puzzle Jax you can completely retaliate with the B string just say oh you have four prize cards now well I'm gonna use a B string charge up my puzzle GX is even faster even harder and start swinging for even more damage even faster I must have said even a lot of times in that sentence but that's because B string makes this deck even better gotcha now going on to the stadiums we got four brooklet Hill here once during your turn you can search your deck for a basic fighting pokémon or a basic water pokemon and put it right onto your bench there's another really good way to get out at all our pokemon and if ram raids remember it is a water type Pokemon so we can even get REM raids out for our draw support with the abyssal hands extremely good especially for Impossibles because we can easily get bubbles onto our bench to use our max Sixers onto that way now for the tools here we got three choice bands maximize that damage output we also got three float stone pretty standard there as well make sure we can retreat into whatever we need to attack with our Boswell's whatever we need to attack with and then we also got one field lower pretty standard as well get rid of those pesky tools like float stone from garbodor you guys get the gist there we also got one rescue stretcher to get all our Pokemon back just a nice car to have to get our via sources back from the discard pile and now for the energies we got for strong energy here pretty standard makes our fighting-type pokémon do a lot more damage basic energy we got four we got eight we got ten basic fighting under chain ten is a really good number because it makes it so we can easily hit our max slicksters we can have enough energy on our deck to use our B strings and all of that stuff and now with the new beast energy prism start entering the arena if this deck wasn't if this deck didn't already get enough booze from forbidden light we got beast energy and beast energy acts as any energy when it's attached to in ultra B's pokemon and it makes that pokemon do 30 more damage yes we have even more damage boosters on this a buzz well even if we have one beast energy on the thing no other damage modifiers that's still 190 damage that is still a lot of damage so that is going to be the deck here guys I hope you guys enjoyed make sure to tell me what you think of this new version of turbo Puzzle what other cards would you change in this list what are the forbidden light decks are you most excited about as always make sure to LIKE make sure to subscribe for a bunch more forbidden late action deck profiles battles and as always I'll see you guys next time enterprise risk management jobs in gauteng State University of New York at New Paltz.

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