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Do my capstone center newton iowa

Do my capstone center newton iowa army capstone concept slides for money copy editing jobs in columbus ohio ´╗┐hey guys welcome back to my channel I am beautiful soul and today I am coming to you with a really cheap jewelry haul so if you are interested okay so I remember a while ago maybe a couple of months ago and go forth and conquer she had done a jewelry haul from Walmart and that was on the hunt for a few new pieces I don't really have any necklace pieces so I just wanted to add a couple of pieces to my collection so yeah most of the time you guys see me in just a basic silver necklace in some areas so I wanted to add just a couple of different pieces maybe something with some color and some gold pieces to my collection so guys know me I don't want to spend a lot of money and I remembered Goforth the Crockers video I will link her video in the description box or the I cards or something like that so I remember she had gone to Walmart and Walmart had marked down a lot of their statement necklaces and some other type jewelry I said oh my gosh it's a few months later for me to decide that okay yeah let me go in and take a look and surprisingly my Walmart had quite a few pieces they're on clearance so I want to show you what I so the first necklace that I got was this beautiful turquoise necklace and I'm guessing today the majority of them were marked down to five dollars but this one was marked down to three dollars and I'm guessing it's because it's missing one of the earrings that supposed to go with it but I don't plan on wearing the earrings anyway I just wanted the necklace so I got this one for three dollars absolutely cute great for the spring and summertime can't ring wait to rock that already have an idea on how I'm going to rocket I also got this piece right here this one was marked down for three dollars it didn't come with earrings or anything but it was marked down to three dollars cute little piece that absolutely loved it got so much black that I thought you know where it is to changeably things like that also if this one was the most expensive one this one was five dollars and it kind of like has that big book and it's silver you guys know it I absolutely love silver so you know I had to pick this up and it came with a pair of earrings I don't know if I'm gonna rock the earrings I'll probably give the earrings are too small for me I'll probably give the earrings to my co-workers daughter who's in her preteen years and she's looking for jewelry and stuff like that so those are perfect size for her but isn't that big necklace gorgeous five dollars from Walmart love it love it love it then I saw this long chain necklace with the little tassel on the end try to figure out so this is how it goes this is what the little tassel looks like very very cute just a long necklace gold remember I said I'm trying to add some gold pieces this one was marked down to $5 it's also missing the hearing but I don't plan on wearing the earring I just wanted the necklace cute cute cute yes I also got this necklace which is also the same color as the other one I love this one so maybe this one or the other this was also absolutely so then I went into this huge wall full of make oh I'm sorry full of jewelry so I went on and I said there are few pieces that I can pick up to add to my collection and first thing I saw were these bamboo earrings I've been on a hunt for bamboo earrings for since Empire started because that very first episode a win cookie came home she was wearing these large beautiful gold bamboo earrings I said oh my god I want bamboo hearing so I didn't I saw him online but I didn't want to pay that much money for him I just wanted a few fashion pieces that I could have I don't want to invest in fashion jewelry so these were $1.00 in 66 so I picked them up they look a little bit brassy but I plan on wearing these with my long hair units so yeah I think these up for a dollar fifty nine cents I pick this pair up take it out of the taxi I pick this pair of just a pair of Hoops that has a different type shape to it I picked these up and they have some kind of bling bling going on but these were dollar down to a dollar another pair of silver boots these are just a nice plump pair of silver boobs and they also have that bling bling going down a little design so these are also a dollar these are marked down to a dollar and I remember seeing loads and moves and those are details on Instagram rocking these afro licious areas I don't know how much they were but at my jury at my beauty supply store they were a dollar and 59 cents so I snatch I love love love these earrings I love the shininess of them I love the design of them they are absolutely gorgeous these were $1 in 66 beautiful beautiful beautiful I can't wait to rock those and then I found the silver bamboo earrings can't get gold and not silver especially that I am a silver lover but I do write gold from time to time these are the ones these look watch a lot more nicer they don't look so faint you to me these were $1 are much larger than the other ones and I just picked up a second pair because I wear silver 80% of the time so that is my jury hall but I want to show you what I am going to be using to kind of like preserve these items I want them to last a little bit longer so I want to do something to preserve themselves so this is what I will be using to preserve these cute little cheapy fashion pieces to mine on accessory collection I learned about this from love kisses 99 I will put the link to her video also in the description box what it is is a fast-drying polyurethane and all you do is you get some newspaper and you just lay your pieces out on the newspaper and you just spray on with the polyurethane you leave them out to dry and they won't last forever but they will last you a good good while you will definitely get your money's worth so that's what I'm going to be using this is the clear gloss you want to make sure you get the clear gloss I picked this up at Home Depot and I think the the cam was less than ten dollars so worth the investment you know if you're like me and don't want to spend an on-demand on fashion jewelry and you know you can just spray up your pieces it's a clear gloss so when it dries you will never know that it was protected with this with this polyurethane it's going to be absolutely they will last you for a very long time so I saw my girl her name is Jamila and I think it's jameelah TV she was rocking her Forlani earrings and I was like oh my god I gotta pull out my Kalani earrings these are cheap I think these were I think I paid $30.00 for these areas because of the history and the statement that they bring if you don't know anything about Fulani earrings I will put a link in the description box that you can read up on the course um I do believe way back when when I purchased these earrings I did a Merv about it on my Instagram so if you want to scroll over to my Instagram and look for that my body earrings they are a statement piece and many African women wear these type of earrings to show their wealth so I am rich but I love the history surrounding them love the beauty of them if you remember back in coming to America the three roles bearers that was throwing the rose petals those divas was rocking for lining earrings because statement of wealth so yeah I'm wealthy I'm gonna be like I'm wealthy and healthy and loved I'm will be in friendships oh yeah well can have many different forms so yes I saw my girl rocking them I said I bought these a year ago I have only worn than once I'm pulling them out yeah so these weren't really cheap I didn't there's no need for me to spray them with a polyurethane because they are made out of bronze metal so this is bronze metal so I don't anticipate them turning any factor any type of other color and also yeah oh my god I sold that is my jury Hall arkwright capstone games Plaza College.

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