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Do my capstone box company

Do my capstone box company capstone project environmental engineering for money 80s writing font styles [Applause] the YouTube today I'm going to show you a quick tutorial on how to install ring of the undead for call duty for and host your own dedicated server and play some single-player with it so first of all guys here is the mod itself there's a summary on it and all this good stuff y hosted the decay did survey you asked well one the server pings are awful like I was on a Russian server with around 50 people on it and it was just laggy and you couldn't get anything done because it wasn't really in this country so you can host a dedicate server with your friends and stuff also a lot of people like private service I can understand it because you know you go on anybody hogging the points anyway what this mod is basically it's basically like World War you just add a couple things like upgrades ranks and stuff there is a mystery box all that good stuff so first of all let's get on to tutorial 2 click on downloads and you can choose any one of these it doesn't matter just one is the one I recommend the 2.0 beta yeah running to any map areas because the map were old or etc just downgrade to one of these but this does use Ring of the Dead 2.0 beta click on download now is to take you to a game from page and this download it after that you're going to want to do add-ons and choose the map of your choosing Futurama is a good map there is a moon map that's pretty great it's like Dom it was just like supposed to get everybody pumped for the moon I remember it I played it when I was a long time ago but my favourite map is the Super Mario one so just yeah it's a large space map it's huge it's like Mario okay once you download those things they should be in your downloads folder your desktop what a coincidence minor in my desktop so how do you install the mod go into your computer and go and tell you your location of your call of duty 4 it should usually be in your C Drive in your Program Files and Activision folder if not it should be in your steam folder but - entities I installed mine I have the disk and the CD key and stuff but I hadn't thought to my other local disk so that's why I am going to this directory so how do you install the mod what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to make a new folder and name it mods and make another one called user map try to get it exactly the way that mine is right now so let's just move these so place you can actually see how to extract it just yo extract here and it should extract a folder onto your desktop extracted both of them but just do it for each one or you can just do bottom out at the same time but yeah so it distracted both of them so you should be forward it should have these files like just double check them like it's not to be confirmed perfect oh by the way I'll tell you about it later but you're going to want to go to your mods folder you recently made you shouldn't have any mods in here it says I already had mods so let's just delete my oops I'm running cod4 apparently let's Stella let's delete this and drag this in now it's copying it it because it's a nother Drive just delete this one and just leave off your desktop if you want so then go to your user Maps again you shouldn't have any maps it should be completely empty just delete it again and drag it in so that's that that's how you install a map maps and that's how you install the mod itself so let's get to hosting a dedicated server well first of all might show you how to play some single-player so you're going to want to open up your multiplayer of your cod4 okay now you're going to want to run the mod in our tu bay temple and i'm going to go over a couple of things you can't just go and press join in join a server that says ring of the undead these are team deathmatch servers it's just going to lead you into somewhere where you don't want to be guaranteed you can do it I don't care waste your time but it's going to put you into a server like C bring up the undead it's team deathmatch so just I'm just going to put that out there you I'm just going to just say that because I caught that too but it was a lie make sure on 1.7.5 6-8 by the way that's where you usually everybody has I don't weigh the update on tight I'm big some Chanel problems now you're going to want to go to your user Maps and go to the map and make sure you remember this name so let's you're going to want to open your console it's the scoobies button next to your one on your keyboard not the number pad the regular top but if it's nothing the opening just go to your options go to game options and enable the console open up the console type in map in the name of your map that you chose your map of map MP F and our P Super Mario so let's just double check it from our pecan that's right enter so then the map should load up pretty quickly if you have a good PC like I do so just by the way just classes and stuff let's do many line a mystery box well that's that guys that's how you play single-player and now we're going to get to the hard stuff and start publishing your dedicated server it works on land just to let you guys know but the best way to do it is to port forward your server using your router I'm not going to get into too much detail about that because that's like entire new thing so what you're going to want to do is you're going to want to have this open let's delete my current batch file so I'm going to have all this in the description so all like ignore this right now like nor dislike ignore everything else except for this entire highlighted code right here so you're going to want to copy it it will be in the link will be in the description not the link it will be in the description of the YouTube video and you're going to want to do new and a new text document and then you should get something like this double click on it and paste in this stuff and what you're going to want to do is you go to your user maps of the mat just to remember the name of the map and just copy it or just type it in either way paste it in and you save as you're going to go to all files or text files it doesn't matter but I prefer all files because that's the way I did it and go to where your cod4 folder is of games called 84 and boom your say on now what you have to do is name it whatever you want run server but in the very end make sure you put dot that so it's a bad file save it and it's media save if you want to change the map in any way just go to the bad file right click on it and do edit and then you can just change this to any map name any map folder name basically of the map make sure they're in the user map or just won't work okay now let's go back to this fold this text document this is the IP you're going to connect by every single time this is like the only one you can use to connect also it works by tunngle just make sure you change a couple things to like to the dedicated to LAN or something like that my mistake I'll put something in description I didn't really look it up I'm just making a tutorial so what you have to do now is you're going to want to go to the bat file right here you're going to want to double click it and then it should open up your cod4 but not entirely it should run a cog for console and it should be running all this stuff right here and then you should see warnings and errors notice because it's a mod that's why so it's alright just minimize it and go into your call of duty for just run it up again go to your mods and runs the are the ring of the dead mod it's the beta one by the way and do connect and type pressing enter it should set up the game you should get no errors whatsoever and then it's waiting for the players cases it's this is this is dedicated server so there it is guys just give me a comment rate and subscribe so that's that guys [Music] capstone project java online Alfred State College.

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