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Do my capstone books rewards

Do my capstone books rewards write for me vcu capstone expo news reporter goes ghetto in seconds ´╗┐This is the first time I've ever gotten to hold all those 4 things in my hand. You know, scaled down versions. It was very cool. [swoosh / music plays] You guys have been very curious in the comments about 3D printed stuff that represents large items that I would never be able to feel the whole things at once, right? Scott from Australia, he's a subscriber of the channel, he saw your comments and sent us a handful of 3D printed objects. Ben's going to hand me each object one at a time and I'm going to examine it and see if I can guess what it is. Now, if I guess incorrectly, Ben will give me a couple clues so I can have another chance to see if I can get it right. [bell rings] Alright, here we go. First object. [music plays] Alright, let's see. Ooh, this is tall. I didn't think this was going to be so tall. This is wild. Okay, so it's got a couple of long, sort of square columns that go all the way --- now they change about two inches up into slightly different columns, but they're still the same. And then right up here they do the same thing again. But there's only one top. There's only just this one top bit. Wow. What is that? Oh, but they seem to be connected too, don't they? They're not two separate columns. I'm thinking this might be like a building or a structure. I'm going to say... I'm going to say this is the, I don't why, but I'm going to just say it's the Empire State Building. I don't know why but I just feel like it could be like a building. You know, with the two sort of --- but the sides are kind of throwing me off here a little bit as well. And the bottom part here. And this top thing though. I can't... This is really difficult. I'm going to go with my original thought and say it's a like a giant, tall building. I'll say it's Empire State. And that might be a TV antenna up at the top. I don't know. I'll say that's Empire. New York City. Final answer. [bell rings / audience applauds] Hey, no foolin'! Hey, this is cool, man. I like this. [bell rings] Let's try another one. [music plays] Okay, let's see --- oh, jeez, what is this? I feel like that's a face of something so I'm going to say this is an animal. Oh, there's sort of feet. No, that's not really ---- well... Let me turn it around... That's like a shoe... but this bit with the face and the nose and stuff... I'm going to say... oh, this bit on the top makes me a little concerned... I was going to say a bird, but there's no real beak. It's got more of a mouth. But these things on the top of the head. These four things... so it can't be like a cow or anything because they don't have horns and stuff. But the bottom of him is real big. What kind of animal would this be? Tall, skinny --- is it a giraffe? I'll say it's a giraffe. I don't know why, but like this --- because I understand giraffes have really long necks but there's no other --- it doesn't have any body. It would be just like neck and face and then these deals on the top of the head. Yeah, I don't know. I'll say a giraffe. I don't know why but I just feel giraffe. Final answer. [bell rings / audience applauds] Go on! Is that right? Any why is there no like --- I guess those are the two feet right here and here. BEN: So the reason why the giraffe feels the way it does is because it's sitting down. TOMMY: Oh, he's sitting down, okay. Sure. I've never touch one of these before ever in my life. And I don't I ever will again either. [laughs] [bell rings] I'm two for two so let's try another one. [music plays] Okay, let's see. Oh, this is going to be tricky. Okay, this is flat. It's... like this part is like a triangle, right? Yeah, that's a triangle, sure. Right, with these two. And there's your vertex down there. But this guy on the top here is really throwing me. This sort of cylindrical bit on top of the base of the triangle. And then... [gasp] you know what? Wait a minute. Hold on a second. I think I got this. You know what I feel like this could be? I don't know why but I feel like this --- because I've seen paper ones. This has to be an airplane. This must be an airplane. But just a regular airplane, not like a jet. But I will say that this is an airplane. Final answer. [buzzer] BEN: The judges cannot accept that. TOMMY: No! Okay. Can I have a clue please? BEN: People can go inside it. TOMMY: People can go inside it... and it's flat like this, huh? And people can go inside. Boy, I don't know. No, I was thinking a train but that would have several parts. Right, because of all the different cars and stuff. [sigh] It's ridiculous but I'm going for it. I'm going to say... I'm going to say train. Final answer. [buzzer] No. What is it? BEN: Alright, last clue. TOMMY: Oh, one more clue. Okay, good. BEN: Another clue. BEN: Gravity. TOMMY: Okay, I have a guess. Is it the space shuttle. [bell rings / audience applauds] Oh! Nice. So, see... okay. Sure. But these are like wings I guess, right? And here's the whole --- wow wee. That's what the space shuttle looks like, huh? So I was close when I said an airplane. BEN: You were close but I coudn't accept it. TOMMY: I like the judges --- very good. BEN: It's not an airplane. TOMMY: Yep. TOMMY: It's not an airplane. BEN: You wouldn't call it an airplane. TOMMY: Noooo. No child. [bell rings] Here's the final one. [music plays] Oh, boy. Oh, man. This is --- okay, I'm very confused. Okay, so... There's this sort of bit here on the front that kind of rounded. But the bottom is a little different. And then there's the side, well the big sort of rectangle, right? Sideways. Then there's a little square bit on the back here. Oh, I have no idea what the heck this could be. The front feels --- alright so it's a half circle. But on the front of this sort of rectangle. And then there's this back piece here. Alright, so it's not an animal. Okay, because there's no sort of discernible face on it. It's not a car or a bus or anything like because there's no wheels. None of it moves. It doesn't do anything. And it lays flat like this. It's doesn't go up like that, it lays like this. Oh, wait a minute. Wait just a minute. Could this be like a US state maybe? Or a country? It's pretty giant. I'll say this the country of Australia. A 3D printing of what the country of Australia might look like on a map. Final answer. [buzzer] No. What is it? I have no clue. May I have a clue, please? BEN: It's a residence. TOMMY: It's a residence. Is this the White House? Final answer. Is that the White House? [bell rings / audience applauds] TOMMY: It is? Holy mackerel. It's giant. So, what's this part in the front? This sort of half circle thing? BEN: Those are pillars. Part of the building. TOMMY: Oh, pillars, sure. Of course. Yep. That makes all the sense in the world. So that's the front. Oh, this is neat. That's the White House. [music plays] That was fun. That was big, big fun. We have to do this again sometime. And I'll tell you what. Now we have a mailing address, so if you'd like to send us anything. Maybe have me guess what it is or who knows, but the mailing address is right there in the description for the video, so I can't wait to hear from you. Big thanks to Scott for getting these objects to us. And you know what he did. He put together a video about how he made all this stuff so check it out and let him know what you think. You can find the links for it right there on screen or in the description. Don't miss the next video when Ben brings a real giraffe in here for me to check out. [kaughs] [music plays] I realize you guys are going to be curious as to why my hands shake. Well, I'll tell you very quickly. I have tremors and I've had them for a very long time and there's really not much they can do about it, so what that's what the shaking is about. Listen, at least I don't work the camera. [laughs] do my capstone investments llc concord nc Monroe College.

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